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Thus begins a story.

Deep within the Woods of Where, so deep that the trees grew to immeasurable height and you could mistake the leaves for the sky was a village.  The canopy of this forest was so thick that only a few slivers of light would ever enter from the sun or moon about the cloudy tree branches, casting the entire forest floor in a state of perpetual twilight.  Do not be mistaken, this wasn't a gloomy town or a village of shadows.  There was much merriment to be found and there would be joyous music playing all around and campfires and torches always lit to brighten the way of anyone who should ever stumble upon this village, which no one ever did anyway really.

It was in this village that a child by the name of Kit was raised with his friends.  Kit was an tinker of sorts, constantly fiddling with some gizmo or some gadget and found great joy in the mechanics of a gyro or a set of gears twirling.  When in school with his fellow pals, they were all taught the workings of the universe, how to read and write and though there is great good in this village, there is also great evil in this world. On this particular day though, they were excused from class early, for today was a holiday.

This village never had a name, but that didn't stop it's residents from being proud of their town and wanting to celebrate.  Some of the elders of the village tried to come up with a name for it once, but no one could decide, then they broke for lunch and changed the subject. 

Today was the 200th anniversary of the day the village was founded and thought it was unknown at the time, it was here that would set in motion the deciding fate of our world.

"Alright, Students that is it for today.  I know you all are excited about the holiday today, but don't forget about your homework, remember to read chapter 12 and be ready for a quiz."

There was an excited murmur from all the students as they packed up to go.

"Come on, Kit, but down that contraption and let's go, we don't want to be late for the feast," said one of his friends.

They both walked to the door together and out into the hall.

My experiment was a success. Video games and television have rot my brain. Rejoice!

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Re: Spun Yarn

Kit still had the contraption in his bag, but for the moment it didn't matter. Today celebrations were more important for Kit and his friends. The town celebrates in the form of a fair; Merry-Go-Rounds, Slides, Jumping Castles, Food, Cake, Trinkets, Music! It was all happening at the town that had no name! It was funny to have the banner say "Welcome to the town with no name 200 anniversary!"

About an hour later, Kit and his friends were all on the dodgem’s in which he noticed for a moment that his bag was glowing. It didn't mind him, he was out to get his friends, but once they were off the cars, all of them met and soon noticed Kits bag.

It then went all white...

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