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This a short tf story but finnaly I managed to keep it effectivly short. I won't tell what kind of tf it is but like the story titel suggests it isn't a happy happy story.


A short story

It was night and he stood on the roof of the hospital, and certainly he stood at the edge.
His life was going to end, this way is just the shortcut to the end. Cursed with cancer he stood at the edge thinking what his life had contained. As he craved in his memories he could not uphold a bitter smile.

His life hadn’t been long, he would never reach the magic number 16 what was but two days ahead. He had written a letter to his parents in the most honest way he could by telling them in what kind of hell he had left him. He felt no remorse of his writing. They hadn’t contacted him in a month and left him alone in the dark. He alone had cried all his pains, alone.

His friends turned their backs when he told them of his cancer. The didn't want to see him again; that he found unbearable. It was not the disease itself that brought him to this final act, no… It was the total isolation from the people he knew and trusted but they’ve left him alone as a thing they didn’t want to see with.

He felt no remorse as he stepped his left feet in the place were no floor was. He knew he would hurt ‘them’ more then himself with his passing away. They would pay the eternal price of guilt and that felt good.

He would not miss anything, his life was a rubbish pile of misery and he hoped hereafter something better was there. And even if nothing was there he would at least not feel the pain and misery he felt when living. 

Yet, as the wind struck at his bare skin he felt the golden necklace so long ago given with that kind old lady who had cared of him when he had run from home and roamed the night at the streets. But the old lady was dead already and soon he would accompany her. The necklace glowed a second

He felt the wind at his bleak and sick looking body as he fell, not frightened at all but more as a revelation. He closed his eyes and fell something he did not quite expect. A warmth contradicting with the wind’s chilling feeling spread through his body.

He felt himself becoming smaller until he was barely the size of a small bird. The clothing from the hospital flew off him leaving him as nature created him. Even the necklace left him He felt different but he was not afraid at all. As his nose and mouth became the short beak of a bird he realized he was already dead.

He knew what was going on and he let it happen. If this was it he welcomed it. His legs became shorter and thinner and his feet melted into what is normal for a bird. He felt new thoughts asking attention in his mind. Thought’s not of a human being. He tried to remember his name but failed miserably.

But he was fine with that. He felt free as his arms became nice dark blue wings. He opened his eyes and saw not the street coming closer to him but he saw his changing reflection. He was flying above a lake with trees surrounding it. He saw his body changing even more.

His tiny black eyes looked in amazement what was happening. His body began to look more elegant as the changes progressed. The white feathers covering his belly, long tail feathers in the same colour as his wings. He opened his beak and tried to speak. But he not could remember what language humans spoke.

Human, that word sounded meaningless now. He was thinking differently. In a language the humans did not master. As the final changes were complete the only thing remained of his former life was the hatred of the humans. He flew in the air.

He landed on at one of the windows of the hospital that felt eerie familiar, like you had ever been there before but can’t remember it. He saw a woman read a piece of paper with eyes full of tears. A strange feeling of satisfaction overwhelmed him as he watched the scene…

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Simply beautiful.

Dude! You've spontaneously transformed into an otter! This [u]must[/u] be the work of the Dharma Initiative!

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Awesome story, great job.

My experiment was a success. Video games and television have rot my brain. Rejoice!

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Its just awesome. ..
There is no words to say something. Really very nice.
After reading this story. I like it.

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