; Story: Ikkakumon



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It was a sunny day, no wind, warm, and it was a friday, but John was stuck in class, in one of the most boring classes. He was bored stiff, trying to entertain himself with doodling. Finally the bell rang and he flew out the door stopping at his locker for a brief second to throw his books in, then out of the school and on his way home. When he got home he decided he would get a bite to eat before he settled down for his favorite show, Digimon. Throwing some pizza pops in the microwave he hit start and began pouring a glass of pepsi. He loved Digimon and never missed an episode, his favorite digimon was Ikkakumon. He had posters and action figures of him all over his room.

*Ding* The pizza pops were done. John ran over and opened the microwave, taking them out and grabbing his pepsi, he then went to the couch and sat down. Turning on the tv he was greeted with the digimon theme, it was starting. When the title came up for the episode it said "Ikkakumon... Missing?" His eyes went wide and he almost choked on his pepsi. He continued to watch, worried about what they meant about Ikkakumon being missing.

Throughout the episode They were battling a powerful digimon, but they were without the help of Joe's digimon. The digidestined would never defeat this digimon without Ikkakumon. John was in a panic, "Where is Ikkakumon!?" He asked the TV. He scratched at his arm as white fur began to grow, but he didn't notice because he was too into the show.

Fur was now sprouting all over his body, giving him a very thick pelt of white fur. Suddenly he was torn from the show when he noticed something in his line of sight, he crossed his eyes to see it better. He ran to a mirror and what he saw shocked him even more than ikkakumon missing, He was covered in thick white fur and he was growing a short, wide muzzle with a black nose at the end. He brought a hand up to touch it, that's when he saw his hand.... or was it paw? His fingers were only three now and very short, with large red claws sprouting at the end, His other hand was suffereing the same, except not as far along. "What's Happening to me?!..." He yelled.

John looked down to see his feet becoming similar to his hands, becoming paws, only a bit bigger. He felt something hanging down his cheeks, when he looked into the mirror again he saw what it was, his ears were geting very long and skinny. He then noticed his eyes, they were bigger and very dark. A pain started assaulting his gums as his canines began to lengthen, at the same time he had another pain just above his forehead as a horn began to poke through, a few moments later he had long tusks coming out of his mouth and a large horn on top of his head, his clothes laying in a pile on the floor. Realization then hit him as the shock faded "I'm Ikkakumon!....Sort of" He said looking himself over. He looked like Ikkakumon, but with human proportions and still standing on two feet..paws.

No sooner had he realized this, he began to grow larger and he fell to all four paws, He moaned as he grew, his moans becoming deep growls. It ended with a crunching and cracking noise. He opened his eyes to see what made the noise, his horn had puntured the ceiling and his weight was cracking the floor boards. "...is it over?.." He eeped when he heard his deep voice. Then he heard voices from the TV, but they were getting louder, reality seemed to be shifting, then the whole room and everything around him began to melt and soon John was in the digital world, he could see the Destined, they were all fighting still. Joe then turned his head and noticed John. "Ikkakumon!! There you are! Hurry!" He shouted over to John.

John began to forget his past, suddenly feeling a bond with Joe, His new instincs and memories falling into place he ran to help his friends...

The End?