Mustelid Story Index:

You Can’t Weasel Your Way Out of This One!
TF Type: Adolesant male to least weasel
Word Count: 11,248
An adolesant disobeys his parent's orders and rumages through a chest in their attic. He soon learns just why they told him to stay away. A story I did as a sequel to Mungo's Thief.

Otter Lake
TF Type: man to otter kid
The original version Word Count: 1,538
The edited version Word Count: 4,920
A male who is taking a break at his cabin gets an extended stay.

The New Shampoo
TF Type: Young Male to Morphic Otter Kit
Word Count: 842
A new brand of shampoo, combined with a young boy's love of baths leads to an interesting situation.

The Attic
TF Type: Young Male to Otter
Word Count: 2,125
While visiting his parents cabin, a kid goes against their wishes to stay out of the attic.

The Shirts
TF Type: Man into female kid otter morph and male into male otter morph
Word Count: 1,968

2 college friends try on shirts that came in the mail with interesting results.

Lake Graceful
TF Type: Man and teen into female otter morphs
Word Count: 9,894
Done as a request. Two brothers have an unfortunate encounter with a fairy after an afternoon swim.


You Otter Been There
TF Type: Man and Woman into River Otters
Word Count: 5,076
A young man searches for his old swimming hole with his girlfriend. When they find it, they find out his fun memories involved far more then a relaxing swim.

Lutra Lotion
TF Type: Male to otter morph
Word Count: 2,152
A man goes for a walk, and encounters a woman who changes his life forever.

The Lake
TF Type: Females to mink
Word Count: 1,562
Two young woman go swimming in a lake and quickly find a way to never leave.

The Lesson
TF Type: Young female to Morphic Otter Kit
Word Count: 864
A swim instructor has a unique, but highly effective way of making her students learn to love swimming.

The Camping Trip
TF Type: Human family into otter family
Word Count: 1,662
A familiy goes on a camping trip and interesting results.

The Lutra Stone
TF Type: Man and his daughter into female kid otter morphs
The original version Word Count: 3,097
The edited version Word Count: 4,477
A girl makes a wish to spend more time with her father and with otters and it comes true.

The Pet
TF Type: Teen male to ferret
Word Count: 1,599
When your pet asks for attention, make sure to give it to her.