Misc. TF Story Index:

A Lesson writ in Water
TF Type: Teen to Sea Lion
Word Count: 4,334
A teen and his brother go for a walk in the woods. During the walk, the teen decides to swim in a lake his parents had always told him he shouldn't swim in but never said why. He soon learns the reason for their warnings.

Pokemon Apotheosize
TF Type: Ash to Lugia
Word Count: 5,732
A story I did for the Secret Santa story/art exchanges at [TFCentral].
In his dreams, Ash is alerted that Lugia is dying. The young man must make his way to the pokemon and make the ultimate sacrifice for the world.

Rated PG-13 for some suggestive dialog and names of private parts
TF Type: Man to female lion
Word Count: 5,743
A young man that loves lions is approached by a stranger asking if he'd be interested in seeing them up close. When he accepts the offer, he finds out the man has a rather unusual way for him to get up close with them.

Satisfaction Guarenteed
TF Type: Man to humanoid fox
Word Count: 3,379
Satisfaction Guaranteed: An out of work 18-year-old is desperatly seeking employment to earn money for college. He finds a job ad that seems promocing. Unfortunatly, he fails to read the fine print...

Condition Gray
TF Type: People to wolves
Word Count: 2,536
A young man and woman trying to cure a werewolf, encounter an unexpected problem.

Sealed With a Kiss
TF Type: Man into Sea Lion
Word Count: 5,192
A man in need of a day of relaxation encounters a playful sea lion at the beach. She shows him a method of relaxation that goes far beyond his expectations.

Looking Foxy
TF Type: Man to anthro fox
Word Count: 4,370
A young man preparing for his senior prom proclaims himself foxy. Unfortunately for him, that proclamation will soon be more then just a saying.
A story I did in exchange with KitsuneKit for this coontf pic.

Yer Lion to Me!
TF Type: Man and woman to lions
Word Count: 7,627
A man out of work accepts an interview. The job he's interviewing for however is not what he thinks...

The Lion Prince
TF Type: Man to lion cub
Word Count: 3,447
When a young man's all-terrain vehicle breaks in the savanna, he is forced to seek out shelter. What he finds is beyond the unexpected.

The Base
TF Type: Young men to squirrels
Word Count: 1,539
Two teens sneak onto a military base to confirm rumors of odd experiments and they discover the answer the hard way.

The Joint
TF Type: male to cat
Word Count: 857
A drug dealing teen tries out a new product new has created with rather interesting results.

A Dragon's Tale
TF Type: Man to Dragon
Word Count: 1,659
A man climbs a mountain in hopes of seeing a legendary castle and dragon. He soon finds out the dragon is more then legend.