Multi. TF Story Index:

The Spring of Rejuvenation
TF Type: Men to Snow Leopard and Otter kid
Word Count: 2,432
Two friends go in search of a mystical spring, but find out that there is a cost to its services.

Red, White and Blue
TF Type: Various people to Starfox Characters
Word Count: 10,980
A young man applies for an acting position where getting into the part means more then he thinks.

Lost and Found
Word Count: 10,189
Two teens on summer vacation go for a walk. When one of them reveals he's been stealing flowers from the house of a rumored witch, he defiantly does it again. Unfortunatlly he gets caught and the consequences will change both of their lives forever.

TF Type: Quite a few, don't wana spoil any of them.
Word Count: 6,818
The first in a series of stories taking place in the Winds of Change universe. The story of two police officers who undergo the change

The Petting Zoo
TF Type: Too many to count
Word Count: 2,470
When 3 friends are harassed by bullies at a petting zoo, a man finds a solution to the problem.

A Cooning together of Truths
TF Type:Various mammals.
Word Count: 15,234
A young man buys a mirror to replace one his brother broke. Unfortunately, unbeknownst to him, the mirror has the ability to make images it projects real. When he and his friend try on costumes in front of the mirror, they discover just how powerful it is.

Catapulted into a New Life
TF Type:Various anthro felines of diffrent genders and a raccoon
Word Count: 8,109
A trio of explorers working on a lead discover a portal to a new world and a new life.

TF Type: Don't wana spoil it
Word Count: 12,376
When a detectives pursuit of a suspect results in him following the suspect though a dimensional gateway, the other side of the gateway heralds more discoveries then just another Earth.

The Mephit Experiment
TF Type: Male to skunk morph, female to raccoon morph plus others
Word Count: 3,793
When a rouge organization abducts a large amount of people, they get far more results then they exptected.