Guests' Story Index:

By Mark:

Ancient Husky
TF Type: Male to Anthro Husky
Word Count: 1,979
A young man makes an discovery about his home town. The discovery will change his life forever.

Big Brown House
TF Type: Males to anthro raccoon kids
Word Count: 1,544
A young man and his younger brother enter a mysterious house and soon discover exactly what makes it mysterious.

By Fuzzy Fox [E-mail him]:

TF Type: Teen male to Ikkakumon
Word Count: 714
A teen watching Digimon watches an episode where Ikkakumon is missing. He soon finds out how they find him.

Ring Around the Gatoman
TF Type: Male to Gatoman
Word Count: 1,246
A young man goes on a walk and finds a special ring.

By Mungo

TF Type: Male to raccoon
Word Count: 809
An aromatherapy candle produces interesting results for a young man.

TF Type: Woman to weasel
Word Count: 693
A theif attempting to steal from a wizard is caught. But will his intended punishment work out the way he plans?

By Ryu the Weredragon:

For-Otter Yours
TF Type: Woman to Anthro Otter
Word Count: 829
Story Ryu did as part of a Secret Story exchange on TFCentral.

A Family Tradition
TF Type: Adolescent male to Werewolf
Word Count: 1,533
A youth discovers his werewolf heritage.

Youthful Mutant Ninja Turtle
TF Type: Boy to Anthro Turtle
Word Count: 1,616
Based on the original Ninja Turtles Cartoon. The turtles friend Zack ends up joining forces with the turtles, albeit in a way he didn't expect.

By BlindWolf [E-mail him]:

A Small Job
TF Type: Male to Mouse
Word Count: 2,334
A scum bag con man is hired by a sweet old lady whom he thinks he can con out of everything, but in the end he gets a lesson in respect.

Hairy Kind of Day
TF Type: Boy to Raccoon
Word Count: 4,130
A student experiences a rather hairy problem near the end of class.

On a Day like Today
TF Type: Female to Fox
Word Count: 1,461
On a sunny and pleasant day, a woman decides she rather be somewhere else then at work.

One Win Too Many
TF Type: Male to rat
Word Count: 2,474
A sleazy lawyer wins yet another victory, but this time the cost of winning isn't what he expects.