Roo Story Index:

TF Type: Man to kangaroo
Word Count: 7,901
A young man stressed out from school is turned into a kangaroo by his well meaning brother. While a roo, he experiences new ways of thinking and learns that sometimes, it's okay to let go and to do what he wants.

Experimental Trootment
TF Type: Man to kangaroo
Word Count: 3,756
A man wakes up in a hospital, having apparently been attacked by a kangaroo while on vacation in Austrailia. He's given medication in case of infection from his wounds. The medication ends up having interesting side effects.

The Forbidden Deck
TF Type: Cargo Vessel crew to Kangaroos
Word Count: 2,673
A young boy aboard a cargo vessel is told to stay away from 2 of its decks. Unfortunately, he disobeys and learns the price of violating orders.

Stay Out Of My Room!
TF Type: Teen Male to Roo Plush
Word Count: 429
An older brother learns what he should pay attention when his little brother tells him to keep out of his room.

The Tour
TF Type: Male to kangaroo
The original version: Word Count: 2,580
The edited version: Word Count: 4,076
A student goes in a trip to for school, and gets an education about kangaroo's he will never forget.

Not the Pouch I Was Asking For!
TF Type: Man to female kangaroo
Word Count: 16,323
A young mans peaceful walk in a meadow is interrupted when he discovers a fanny pack. Compelled to try it on, he is too late to discover that it is in fact magical; a mistake that will cost him dearly.

TF Type: Kangaroo plush to kangaroo, adult male to kangaroo, couple others but I'll leave them as a surprise
Word Count: 3,150
A man is awoken by a loud sound in his attic, when he investigates, he discovers something he never expected.

Dangerous Cargo
TF Type: Teen Male to female kangaroo morph, several other people to kangaroo
Word Count: 10,268
A young man takes a trip to his "swimming hole" and inadvertently gets involved in a conspiracy.

The Pouch
TF Type: Male to female roo, male to joey
Word Count: 1,121
A big brother who's taking poor care of his younger brother learns a lesson about babysitting the hard way.

The Shoes
TF Type: Male to kangaroo
The original version: Word Count: 3,991
The edited version: Word Count: 4,076
A student steals a pair of magical shoes for a basketball game and gets more then be bargained for.

The Abandoned Carnvial
TF Type: Males to kangaroos
Word Count: 4,016
Three friends go for a walk in a mysterious forest and find out what makes it so mysterious