Otter lake

It was finally Friday. It had been a long and tiring week of work. Jake was tried and felt the need to ‘get away’ for the weekend. His family had a cabin out in the wilderness and he couldn’t think of a better place to relax and ‘get away from it all’ for the weekend. After some preparation, he was off. He looked forward to a week of relaxation and being able to experience clean air and peace and quiet.

He arrived at the cabin late Friday evening and he was tired, so he decided to go to sleep. The next day when he awoke, he ate breakfast and decided to go for a walk along the beach. There was no one else there, so he felt he could have some peace and quiet too simply walk along the beach and enjoy the fresh air. As he walked along the beach, he heard something in the lake. When he turned his head to see what it was, he received the surprise of his life. Standing in the lake was a humanoid female otter! He had heard stories of such creatures but had never dreamed of seeing one. The otter appeared to be bathing or playing or possibly both. He stood there watching her for several minutes simply watching her in fascination.

Just as he turned to head back to his cabin, he heard a sound. It was the otter and she had seen him! He was worried that she would be scared and would run away or something. Much to his delight, instead of running she looked at him and giggled. She walked out of the water onto the beach and towards him. When she reached him, she reached out her hands to touch him. Her hands were webbed with small claws on the end of each finger. Her fur was still warm despite the fact that it was soaking wet. Her scent was an interesting fusion of honey and musk. With her right hand, she took his left hand and smiled at him as she held it.

“Who are you?” he asked. With her other hand, she made a ‘shhh’ motion over her muzzle. With his free hand, he reached out and touched the fur on her belly. She let go of his hand and giggled. With both hands she reached under his shirt and lifted it off and threw it onto the sand. Jake was surprised by this action and responded with a

“whoa!” She grinned and ran a claw up and down his chest.

“Your beautiful” he said.

“Thank you.” She said.

“So, where did you come from?” he asked.

“I’ve lived here for a long time, this forest is my home” She said.

“I’ve heard stories of your kind. I never thought I would actually meet one.” He said. She smiled and began to unbutton his pants.

“And now you have” she said as she pulled his pants down his legs. He felt slightly embarrassed, but stepped out of the pants anyway. She looked him up and down and smiled.

“You would be perfect,” she said.

“Perfect for what?” he asked.

“You’ll see.” She said. She took his hand and began to walk back towards the water.

“Lets go for a swim” she said.

Under normally circumstances he would think of going for a swim in his underwear as very strange, but these were far from normal circumstances. The water felt cold against his skin but he could tell that with her fur, it felt great. As they wade chest deep into the water, he playfully touched the fur on her back.

“The water is cold, I wish I had fur like yours to keep me warm” he said. She turned around and gave him a huge hug.

“I can make that wish come true,” she said.

“What do you mean?” he asked.

“You said you wished you had fur like mine, I can give it to you” she said. Jake contemplated this for several seconds, he thought she was crazy or joking or simply being playful. His curiosity made him want to know what she meant, so he went along with it.

“Sounds like fun” he said.

“Yes! I knew you were perfect!” she said. Jake looked at the otter and smiled.

“What do I need to do?” he asked.

“Follow me” she responded.

They walked back towards the beach until the water was only knee deep.

“It’s quite simple actually,” she said as she turned around.

“Simply grab onto my tail and watch the magic happen” she said.

“Your tail?” he asked. She nodded and he complied and grabbed onto her long, furry and strong tail with both of his hands.

“Ready?” she asked.

“Yes” he said.

“Close your eyes” she said. He did so and she began to chant what sounded like a spell or prayer or chant of some kind, he wasn’t sure which.

A strong feeling of warmth and itchiness immediately surrounded his entire body. Feelings of euphoria and anticipation overwhelmed him as she continued to chant. He suddenly felt a strange sinking sensation. The water that his legs were exposed to suddenly felt very different and warmer as a feeling of warmth surrounded them. The water seemed to creep up his body. His underwear felt very loose all of the sudden and started floating around him rather then being worn by him. A sudden pulling sensation at the base of his spine appeared which felt as if his spine was lengthening. He heard what sounded like a ripping sound and felt the underwear float away. His hands and feet felt strange and very warm. The air against his chest had felt cold, but that was alleviated when a sudden feeling of warmth covered everything on his body from the waist up. With a matter of seconds, he went from feeling cool to feeling warm and cozy. His face felt very strange, as if something were pulling on it and his ears felt odd. His sense of smell and hearing suddenly improved dramatically, and he could smell the female otter much stronger then before. Her scent smelled wonderful and oddly familiar. He then realized that he now had a similar scent. His enhanced hearing allowed him to hear the wind rustling the trees on the shore. The female otter stopped chanting and told him to open his eyes and to let go of her tail.

When he opened his eyes, he noticed that she was much taller then before, or so she seemed to be. When he looked down and saw the water level was now at his waist instead of his knees, he realized he had shrunk. The otter turned around and lifted him out of the water, holding him against her furry chest.

“You’re so cute,” she said.

“What did you do to me?” he asked, noticing that his voice sounded like a kid instead of an adult.

“I gave you what you wanted, fur just like mine.” she said.

“Can I see a mirror?” he asked.

“Sure, you have one in your cabin right?” she asked.

“Yes” he said. She went to put him down and he found himself suddenly feeling like playing.

“Come on” she said.

“Okay” he responded playfully. Together, they walked towards and into the cabin. Jake immediately ran to the hall mirror, which was a full body length mirror. He was finally able to get a good look at himself. His entire body was covered in fur which was dark brown on the upper half of his face, his arms, legs, sides and back and on the upper side of his tail and light brown on the lower half of his face, chest and lower half of his tail. He reached his hand back to feel the tail and discovered that it was indeed his. His face looked very different. He had a muzzle complete with whiskers! He looked down at his feet and saw that they were rounder and were webbed, with each toe having a small claw on the end of it. Instead of 4 fingers and a thumb on each hand, he now had 3 fingers and a thumb. The fingers on both hands were webbed and each finer had a small claw. He looked like a small version of her, except male.

She walked up to him and smiled.

“Do you like?” she asked. He knew that he should have been upset, she had taken his humanity away. When he had asked for fur like hers, this wasn’t exactly what he had in mind. Yet somehow, he couldn’t be mad at her. He felt so warm and good and he had to admit, he was very cute. He had one simple desire now, to play. He ran over to her and jumped up and gave her a huge hug saying

“I love it!” She hugged back and said

“Me too, I’ve always wanted a son”. He blushed and got down.

“So what do we do now?” he asked.

“Why we play of course!” she answered. With that, the two otters left the cabin and ran down to the lake where they played and swam for hours.