On a Day like Today

By BlindWolf

Maggie slapped the snooze button on the alarm clock about ten seconds after it had started to buzz. It was the start of another awful workday.

She yawned and stretched her way out of the bed and headed to the bathroom to do her morning business. All and all, it was pretty much the same routine that she did every morning before going to work. As she emerged from the bathroom, she headed towards her bedroom curtains and opened them.

It was a gorgeous day! The sun was out, the sky was cloudless, the birds were singing and the air had no hint of humidity. On a day like this one, there is only one thing she could do and that was to take the day off. There was no way that she was going to work today.

She picked up the phone and dialed up work. This early in the morning, there was only one person that she knew who would already be in. Jack the security guard.

As expected, it was Jack who answered. She made up an excuse of why she could not make it in today. Jack took note of it and told her that he was going to give the message to her boss when he came in. Then, as soon as he wrote down the message, he asked her the real reason why she was not coming in today. His question came to no surprise, she had been talking a lot with Jack lately and they had started to get to know each other quite well.

Giving only a moments thought, she told him to look outside and hung up. A warm feeling could be felt inside and that made her smile. She was getting to like him more and more with each passing day. If he didn't ask her out one of these days, she would have to ask for him.

Maggie took a quick shower and then dressed herself very lightly. With what she had in mind of doing today, clothing was only good to get her to the place where she was going to spend the day. She checked her apartment out to make sure that everything was locked properly and activated her answering machine while making sure there were no messages left on it. She was now ready to go. She locked her door and went down to her car.

She got into her Honda civic and drove off toward her destination. While driving down the highway with the windows opened, allowing the fresh air run all over her body, she looked at the other people going to work. She couldn't help but smile a little. It felt so good not to be stuck in the morning traffic as she was heading out of the city, against the rush hour traffic. And when the radio started to play one of her favorite song, she smiled even more. This day was really becoming more and more a beautiful.

After a 30-minute drive, she arrived the base of a mountain, which was used as a ski slope during the winter. Now that it was summer, it had a couple of trails going up the mountain for people to hike and take walks, and there was even a picnic area.

Maggie got out of the car and went to check the trunk. She made sure that she had brought some extra clothes like she always did just in case of an emergency. She also made sure that the extra keys were still hidden in the special magnetic box underneath the car. The last thing she needed was a bad surprise to ruin a day that had started off so well.

As everything was secure, she turned around to face the mountain, took a deep breath and started her nature walk. There were five trails to choose from. Trail number three was the one she wanted. That particular trail would take her into a very wooded territory.

After a fifteen-minute hike, she turned to her right and got off the path. It took a five-minute hike in the woods to arrive at her usual hiding place.

There was a large tree with some small bushes surrounding its base. Behind these bushes, a small hole could be found. She took a look around to make sure that nobody had followed her. Confident she was all alone, she took off her small backpack. In it, she put her I.D. papers and keys into the bag. That done, she proceeded to take off her shorts and shirt. Double-checking to make sure nobody was around, she then took off her bra and underwear. She put all her clothing in the bag and closed it. She then hid the bag in the hole and made sure that the bushes were back in their proper place.

Maggie stood around naked for a couple of seconds, then closed her eyes and concentrated. The ticklish feeling that she loved so well was beginning to be felt all over her body. Red fur could be seen growing all over her body. On her hands and feet, a blanket of black fur was growing.

Like always, she admired the fur growing on her body. It was so beautiful and comfortable. As the fur grew, she thought mockingly of how much people would spend to get a good fur coat, while she could grow one anytime she wanted. The only drawback was that she could not keep it and remain human at the same time.

Now that the fur was grown, the painful part was about to begin. Over the years, she had gotten used to the pain. But although she had learned that it would never go away, that was okay with her. The end result of going through this painful transformation was very gratifying.

Her legs started to change. The nails on her toes started to grow longer and pointed. Her toes got a little bit rounder and puffier as her feet started to lengthen. Maggie could feel the hair on her head starting to thin down into a furry mat.

She sat down on the ground before she lost her balance and fell down. Her knees made a cracking noise as they reversed to give her a more digitigrade form. The fur between her legs changed from red to white, as did the fur on her stomach. A small stub of fur appeared on the bottom of back. It was the beginning of her tail.

As her breast diminished, she looked down at her stomach and saw a row of nipples starting to show up from the fur. Her ears suddenly felt like someone was pulling at them. She raised her hand and touched them, they were getting longer and pointier at the tip. Then, with a loud snap, her hips painfully rearranged themselves.

Maggie leaned back on the tree for support. She looked between her legs and saw that her tail was growing longer. She then raised her hands to watch them change. The fingernails had grown longer and pointier, as those on her feet had done before. Her fingers were getting stubbier and her hands much smaller. Callused black pads appeared under her toes and fingers. Her neck started to stretch and thicken.

She gave the best grin she could on account of her mouth had started to push out. No matter how many times she underwent the change, it never happened twice the same way. Over the years, she could never fully predict what was going to happen next.

While all this was happening, she had diminished in size. The top of her head sank down while her mouth and nose pushed out. She could feel with her tongue that some of her teeth were shrinking and sharpening while others were changing to fit the lupine muzzle that was forming on her face.

Groaning, she slipped to the ground and laid on her side. Her vision made the gradual change from color to black and white. But as the quality of vision decreased, her nose and ears improved to a point were she wouldn't need to rely on her eyes as much. She felt her shoulders pop in as the rest of her body shrank to the normal size of a vixen.

Once the transformation completed, she got up on her four legs and stretched herself. She emerged from her hiding place and climbed up on a small hill to take a look around. She smiled inwardly while surveying her surrounding.

She was so glad she had taken the day off. It was days like this one that made her feel so alive. Maybe tonight she would ask Jack out. And with that thought, she ran off into the woods.