Skunk Story Index:

The Roommate
TF Type: Young adults to skunk kids
Word Count: 1,766

Casting a spell on his roommate to try to get him to be cleaner, a young man gets far more then he expected.

The Paint
TF Type: Adult male to male skunk morph kit
Word Count: 1,844
When a man buys some "special" paint for his son, he finds out what makes it so special.

Always Read the Directions
TF Type: Man to skunk
Word Count: 1,145
If you get sprayed by a skunk, always read for instructions on the bottle of skunk away before using it.

A Bath
TF Type: Teen male to male skunk morph kit
Word Count: 3,077
A teen who refuses to bathe refused to heed his mothers warnings, with unexpected results.