One win too many

By Blindwolf.

David was proud. He had won another tough case. Once again, he was stuck with an almost no-win situation, but with his fast mouth and quick mind, he turned defeat into victory like he did so many times before. He was surely not going to lose any sleep over it. Like the others in this firm, it was his job to win no matter what the cost.

"Right or wrong to hell, its survival of the fittest," he always said. People usually hated and despised lawyers like him, but he didn't mind. At the end of the day, he always took a peek at his bank account to help him put that winning smile on his face. So what if people never liked him, he had everything he ever wanted.

David had one terrific bank account, great apartment, amazing car and even a yacht. At this point in his life, he did not need a long lasting relationship with a girl. With all of his great success, he could have any girl he wanted. He had money and a great body that he took care of. With those two things, no girl could say no to him. Life could not be better.

When his boss, Jessica, had given him this case, she was sure that this time he would fail. She hated him with a passion. From the first day they met it was war. When she got promoted and became his boss, she tried everything in her power to get rid of him. But because of his great track record, she had failed at every attempt. Every time a no-win case came along, she made sure that David would get it. But somehow, he was able to turn the case around and win it. And every time he won, it pissed off Jessica even more.

He was going out to celebrate tonight a job well done. He was going to his usual club and let himself party away. On the way out of the office, he saw Jessica at the end of the hall looking at him. He looked back at her with his winning smile, annoying the hell out of her.

"Go ahead David, keep smiling. But one of these days, you won't be smiling. Just you wait..." she said to him before disappearing into an office.

"Talk all you want you bitch, but one of these days I'll have your job," he muttered to himself. He then told his secretary to take any message that came in and to leave free his schedule for the next morning. His secretary knew that every time David won such a tough case he went out to party at his usual club and that meant that he would come in late the next day. She didn't mind because she knew he worked hard and he deserved to go out and celebrate.

He left his briefcase in his office, went down to the indoor garage, climbed in his car and drove home to prepare himself for the night to come. When David arrived home, he checked his messages while taking his clothes off and grabbed himself a beer. When he saw that he didn't have to return any calls, he jumped in the shower. After a good refreshing shower, he put a towel around his waist and proceeded to shave himself. As he looked himself in the mirror, he saw that something under his nose didn't seem right. He took a closer look and saw that there were four long white hairs growing there. If he didn't know any better he might, he would have sworn that they were whiskers. But that was impossible and he dismissed that idea. He grabbed his razor and shaved himself.

After that he got himself ready for the big night out. He looked in his drawer to see if he still had any condoms left, for he was in the mood to fuck tonight. He had two left. Way more than enough. He was going to be drunk and it will take a miracle for him to stay awake after the first fuck.

He jumped back in his car and drove to his favorite club. When he arrived, he had no trouble getting in. The doorman knew that this was one of the most important people that came to this club and opened the way for him. David gave a ten dollar tip to the doorman and proceeded to his usual spot. The music was banging away and the place was jam packed. Just how he liked it. Michelle, one of his most favorite waitresses came over to him.

"Well hello there, Michelle," David told her. "How is my number one waitress tonight?" "Doing great as usual Dave. Heard you won another one. Congratulations." "No biggie really. Easiest case I got so far this year," he lied to her with a big smile on his face. "By the way Michelle, do you got new shoes on tonight, you seem taller." "Nope, same garbage I wear every night when I work. I keep my nice shoes for special occasions." "Must be the long day I just had. Bring me the usual, will ya. I'll be sitting at my usual table." "You got it. Be right back with your drink Dave."

Dave waved to some of the people he saw on a regular basis when he came here. He didn't really know them, but he saw their faces so often he thought as them as friends. His table was waiting for him. He had phoned earlier in the day to say he would be dropping by tonight. With the amount of money he spent here each time he came, they made sure that he had his table. Michelle brought his drink a few of minutes after and when he took a couple of sips of his drink, he let himself relax for the first time today.

As the night when on, there was a girl that kept looking at him. After a few drinks had settled in, he got up and went to talk to her. After exchanging words with her, he was pretty sure that this was going to be his fuck for the night. He brought her over to his table and made sure that she had enough to drink.

Later that night, he brought her back to his place and fucked her brains out. Best sex he had in months. Fell asleep like a baby after he finished with her. The next morning, as he woke up, he saw her finishing getting dressed. "Thanks for the night...err...David right?" she said while putting her shoes on. "Thanks for the night, it was a blast. We'll have to do that again sometime."

"Sure, why not." In reality, he had no intention of seeing her again unless he felt really horny. She got up and headed towards the door. Just as she opened it she said to him "By the way, kind of funny the way the skin is connected on your little David. Never saw anything like it before. See ya." And with that said she left. David wondered what the hell was she talking about. He grabbed the sheets and swung them over so he could have a better look. He let out a gasp when he saw his dick. Something was not right. At the base of his penis the skin had connected itself to his body. His balls looked more hairy. It almost looked like a small pouch but his penis was too big to fit all in. He pulled on the skin and was rewarded with a sharp pain. This was not good. He had to see a doctor or something.

"How could this have happened over night?" he muttered to himself. As an instinct, he brought his hand up to his face. That's something he always did when he was in deep thought. But as his hand connected with his face, he was brought out of his thinking. It felt like he had a week old beard on his face. That was impossible, he had shaved himself the night before. He got out of bed and headed to the mirror in the bathroom. Before he got in the bathroom, he felt something wrong. He just could not put his finger on it. Then when he saw himself in the mirror, he knew what was wrong. He was smaller. During the night he had shrunk.

"This is impossible," he told himself out loud. "It has to be a dream." He gave himself a pinch and when he felt the pain, he knew that this was all real. He ran over to the kitchen and took out a measuring tape. He had to check himself twice before he believes what he saw on the tape. David was now five feet tall.

He had lost just over a foot during the night. He felt weak in the knees and fell down on the floor. That was when he saw the nails on his fingers had gotten longer. He looked at his feet and saw that the nails there too had grown. He got back up and went to his room. He put a shirt on and the damn thing almost went down to his knees. He then went to his couch to think what could be his next move.

He needed to see a doctor, but how could he do it. He was afraid to go out in his present condition. He would have to find one that did house calls. David got lost in his thought trying to think what to say to the doctor and if someone was responsible for this.

Almost fifty minutes went by when he decided to check in the phone book for help. He let himself down from the couch and notice something was wrong. The shirt was more loose than before he had gotten on the couch and everything looked much bigger. Also, coming down from the couch was a lot higher than he had expected. He was still shrinking. It was just happening so slowly that he didn't even notice it.

He started back towards the kitchen to get the measuring tape when he felt something funny under his feet. He sat down and took a look. Small pads were forming on the soles of his feet. His nails were a little bit longer than the last time he looked at them and pointier. Same thing was happening to his hands. He got back up, took off his shirt and measured himself. He was now down to three feet. In about an hour, he had shrunk one foot and his body was changing.

When he had removed his shirt he was surprised to see how much hairier he was. His nose didn't look right. It was blacker somehow. Something behind him was bothering him and he turned his head around to see what it was. It looked like a piece of bone was growing out just on top of his ass. If he didn't know any better, he could have sworn that he was growing a tail. But it was impossible he kept telling himself.

Then another hour went by while he was thinking about what was happening to him. He was rich and powerful, this could not be happening to him. In that hour he shrunk another foot. During the shrinking, he saw his feet and hands take a more paw-like form. He saw the bony thing coming out of his ass grow longer. His face had also changed. His ears were now bigger and rounder. His face had pushed out and the whiskers he had shaved off the night before had re-grown. His front teeth had grown longer and his forehead had sunk down. Grey fur grew all over his body. He was more comfortable moving around on four legs than two now.

With all these changes, he knew that he was turning into a rat. David could only think of one person sick enough to pull this crap on him. It had to be Jessica. He didn't know how she did it, but he was going to make sure that she was going to pay for this humiliation.

It took another hour for him to complete the transformation into a rat. He watched his body change and there was nothing he could do about it. He still had some of his mind left, but the rat's instincts were in him now and slowly taking over. Everything was so big now. How could he survive in a world this big, he wondered?

His new ears and nose told him that someone was coming in his apartment. He hid beside the couch to observe who it was. He saw a woman's legs walking around. Her face was too high up for him to see it. David was sure that it had to be Jessica. She probably came over to make sure her work was done. The woman put down a big black suitcase style box on the floor and looked around. David was fixated on the black box. A very pleasant odor was coming out of that box. He didn't pay attention to the woman searching and paid the price.

A hand grabbed him by the back of the neck and brought him up. Now he could see her face and was shocked by who it was. It was the person he had won against the day before in court.

"I see you have now become what you were all along. It suits you," she told him, smiling. "You should have paid more attention to my name when you sued me. But that would have not mattered to you. Winning was everything and you didn't care who got hurt in the process. I told you yesterday when we got out of court that this was not over. As you can see, I always keep my word. Never go to court with someone called Circe because in the end, I always win."

She laughed at him and then with her free hand opened the box. David was put down in the box besides another rat. The smell he had before was coming from her. It was a female rat and she was in heat.

"I see you like my new rat Jessica. From what I heard, you two never got along. I'm sure things will change now." David tried to resist the urge to mate with her but the rat brain was taking control of him. He screamed in his head as he saw what his new future was going to be. Circe saw David get closer to Jessica and decided to give them their privacy. She closed the box laughing and went home with two new pets to play with.