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Pokémon: Apotheosize

The sun rose, brining day to the land of Kanto. Creatures of various species began stirring, going about their daily routines, oblivious of the momentous event that was soon to occur.

A gentle ripple in the ocean gave way to a shadow soaring underneath the water like a torpedo. As it neared the shores of Kanto, it rose from the water, soaring into the air as small droplets of the liquid dropped off its smooth skin. None other then Lugia, the Beast Of the Sea itself, the creature perched himself on an outcropping of rocks.

Normally, such a sight would be something to behold for human, Pokémon or animal alike. Today however, reasons far more solemn then anything anyone contemplated dictated his appearance. Large bruises covered his body. He had slain the attacker trying to harm his son and mate but the cost was extreme. His wounds were beyond treatment; his old wounds from previous brushes with death finally having caught up with him. His own regeneration had stopped the bleeding, but his fate was already written.

As he spread his wings to dry off, a stinging pain coursed through his body; white energy rippled though his form and he struggled to stay upright. He knew he didn’t have much time.

Gazing into the horizon before him, he knew he had to apotheosize his Chosen One before his time ran out. If he didn’t make it, all could be lost. His mate was still busy raising their son; should he fail in his mission, she’d be unable to watch over the seas and chaos would ensue.

The sun was rising, its warm comforting his weary body somewhat. Taking a deep breath, he raised up and began his final flight.

* * *

Ash rolled back and forth in bed, his covers were a terrible mess and he was talking in his sleep. Pikachu, his loyal companion and fighter had even tried shocking him awake, his efforts doing little more then to singe the boy’s hair. The yellow mouse was getting worried; he’d never see Ash behave in this manor. He knew something was wrong.

He ran out of Ash’s room and downstairs where Ash’s mother was busy making breakfast. Running into the kitchen, he started yelling at her.

"Pika-pi!" he yelled.

"What is it dear?" she asked smiling.


"You want something to eat?" she asked, oblivious to the mouse’s tone of voice.

Pikachu shook his head and jumped frantically while pointing towards Ash’s room. He needed to make her understand; Ash’s life could depend on getting help and his mother wasn’t responding.

"No, Ash is still sleeping silly. Come on, let me make you something for breakfast!"

Pikachu shook his head in frustration before running out of the kitchen and back upstairs into Ash’s room. He was stunned to find Ash sitting up in bed, looking terrified and upset at the same time. Still, Pikachu felt relieved, ran, and jumped onto his friend’s knees, looking into his brown eyes in wonderment.

"Pikachu … there’s something I need to do,"

The mouse cocked his head, looking at his friend. Something about Ash’s eyes told him something was wrong. They say the eyes are windows into the soul; Ash's eyes conveyed a troubled soul bearing the weight the world on his shoulders. Ash and he had been though far too much together over the past years for him to let Ash go through this alone. Pikachu had to know what was wrong.

"Pika-pi!" he yelled, determined to get Ash to reveal what the problem was.

"No time to explain, I have to go!" Ash said as he bolted out of bed, knocking poor Pikachu onto the floor with a thud. The mouse was ready to shock Ash when he realized the boy would never behave like this, not unless something serious was happening.

Pikachu picked himself up as Ash threw his clothes on. He wished he had some physic-type abilities, enough to read his friend’s mind so he knew what the heck was going on.

"Pika-pi!" he yelled, trying to get Ash to respond.

Dressed, Ash tore out of his room like a Zubat out of hell as Pikachu pursued. Running down the stairs, Ash hurried into the kitchen where his mother was still cheerfully preparing breakfast.

"Good morning honey, did you sleep well?"

"No … had a bad dream, I have to go meet," he started, waiting a long time to continue "destiny!"

"That’s nice dear. Can you pick me up some eggs on your way back?"

Destiny, what is he talking about? Pikachu wondered.

Before either the Pokémon or Ash’s mother could prod Ash for more information, the human was already running out the door with his mother waving and telling him to have fun.

The yellow mouse finally caught up to Ash as they neared the town limits of Pallet heading south towards the ocean. He desperately climbed onto Ash’s' right shoulder, holding on tight.

"Sorry … Pikachu," Ash huffed. "I wish my mother was more understanding; she just doesn’t appreciate all I’ve accomplished. Even when I told her about that time I got turned into a Pikachu, her only response was ‘that’s nice dear’."

I remember, the little monster thought. Ash’s mother never did seem too interested in his accomplishments. There were times both Pikachu and Ash had nearly died in their quests, yet his mother simply didn’t seem to understand the tests and trials by fire they’d been though.

"I could have been stuck like that forever … a trainer stuck as a Pokémon; I can’t think of anything more humiliating!"

"Pika!" the mouse yelled.

"You know what I mean; sure it was fun for a while but I wouldn’t want to live out my life like that!"

Pikachu understood what the boy meant; he’d never been human and couldn’t comprehend the embarrassment and terror of losing ones pokemones. Had Ash been stuck like that, Pikachu would have lost his trainer and all of the adventures they’d been on together since. Despite the joy of having another of his as a companion, it wasn’t worth the price.

"I still have nightmares where I wake up as a Pikachu, can’t find you or anyone, and don’t know where I am. That could have happened for real yet my Mom doesn’t seem to notice!"

Pikachu nodded in agreement.

"Well," he huffed, as he finally slowed, "She won’t be able to ignore this … no one will!"

Ignore what? What is going on?

"I guess I should tell you. In my dream, … Lugia contacted me. He said ‘his time on this world is … short’ that he needs a successor. He needs me Pikachu; I’m his Chosen One. I don’t know what he wants me to do but I have to find him before it’s too late. If he … dies before I meet him…"

He’s dying? No! He can’t die! If you succeed him, what’ll happen to -us-, to all of us, Bulbasaur, Bayleef, and the rest of the team? You can’t just abandon us!

But Pikachu knew that his friend had no choice. Without a protector for the sea, little to nothing could stop evil.

Having burned out his sprint Ash stopped to catch his breath. Sitting on a rock, he wiped his brow as Pikachu jumped off and stood in front of him.

Ash’s face seemed to go blank for several seconds, having a discussion only he could hear. Pikachu whispered his languages version of his name to rouse him. When the discussion stopped, Ash fell flat on his face.

"We’re close. He spoke to me mentally," Ash said, standing on his knees, looking rather dazed. "He’s almost out of time. Come on!"

Pikachu barley had enough time to get on the youth’s shoulders again before he stood up, running with determination to fuel his weary body.


* * *

Misty arose after spending the night dreaming of defeating challenger after challenger. It had only been a week since she’d repaired the gym enough to avoid a second decommissioning. She’d fought a few battles and unfortunately lost them all; she was growing disenchanted.

She climbed out of bed and stumbled into the bathroom to shower. She was almost there when her videophone chimed.

Stomping over to it, she picked up the receiver as she yawned widely. Shock, surprise and curiosity greeted her when Sabrina, seer, fellow gym leader, and former sociopath appeared on the monitor.

"Misty … I didn't sense if I would be able to talk to you in time!"

"In time for what?" Misty rather impatiently asked.

"I had a powerful vision an hour or so ago, it's taken me this long to make sense of it. I should have known this was going to happen, I could feel the forces of fate binding him … I should have said something earlier!"

"Him who? What are talking about?" Misty demanded.

"It’s Lugia, something’s terribly wrong. Someone, I don’t know who or what tried to harm his mate and son. He killed it, but his wounds…"

A short silence ensued.

"Are you saying he’s going to die?" The idea of a legendary dying did not compute in Misty's mind, sure, she had seen it once before, but Lugia?

"In a sense but not really death, more like returning to his realm … a place light and energy. His son was to be his successor but he’s not old enough. His mate cannot take care of their child and the world. He needs a successor before it’s too late."

"What’s this have to with me?" Misty asked, already upset enough about hearing the news.

"He needs … his Chosen One to take his place … to become the new guardian … and leave his old life behind," Sabrina answered.

"But he said Ash … where is he now? I can’t let him just leave without telling him…"

"Without telling him what?" Sabrina asked, totally for Misty's sake instead of her own.

The teary eyed expression on Misty’s face told volumes and didn’t require any further answers.

* * *

Ash had been running for what felt like hours. By now, the sun was high in the sky and it was getting warm. Beads of sweat covered his face and his cheeks were purple from running so hard.

He could feel that he was nearing his destination and friend. He wasn’t prepared for seeing Lugia lying on a beach, in pain and having difficulty breathing, in a position clearly from a crash landing and covered in battle scars. It was rather unnerving to see a beautiful Pokémon like Lugia in such a state. Lugia telling him he was dying had done little to prepare Ash for seeing it in person.

Pikachu jumped off the boy’s shoulder, landing gracefully on the sand below.

"Come closer … I don’t have much time," Lugia said. A ripple of energy ran though its body and for a second, it was crystal clear he wasn’t going to make it. "The time is here, you must decide."

Tears welled in the young man’s eyes at the gravity of what was happening.

"This … this is impossible! You’re Lugia, you can’t die … how could I ever take your place?"

"Don’t think of this as death; more like moving on. But this world still needs a protector … my successor."

Ash sniffled as he rubbed his eyes and nose; realizing the incredible reality of what Lugia was saying.

"Me," he said, taking a few minutes to consider his next words. "You said I could do it … but how? I’m just a kid, what can I do?" Ash asked.

"Your human form is," Lugia started, another ripple of energy flowing through him. "Insufficient … you must shed this form, this life, this self for something … suited to the task … become like me. You must be ready and accept this existence for it to work."

Turning into a Pikachu had been bad enough. Ash had a feeling this was for keeps; that he was going to become something much more.

"Wait," Ash started, backing up. "You want me to become a Lugia? What about my friends and family and my life; How will I ever be able to be a trainer? That time I became a Pikachu was frightening enough. This sounds like a permanent thing!"

Pikachu also chattered in protest.

"I know you’re frightened and that this is all so sudden. Normally I’d never make such a massive request of you … or anyone. Unfortunately, my son is your equal to a five year old and my mate is raising him; she’d never be able to do both tasks."

Ash knelt down and picked up Pikachu, holding the little monster tight.

"If I become one of you, what will happen to Pikachu? I can just abandon him!"

"You’ll still be able to take care of your friends, I assure you. However, as Guardian, you will have to think of everyone. You can not choose favorites. I ask … beg that you make this sacrifice for me … for the world. As a wise man once said … the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few … or the one. You are only one boy; the lives of everything in the sea need a protector. Without one, anything could happen to them!"

Ash watched another ripple of light flow through the Legendary’s body. He was in obvious pain, appeared to be fighting the inevitable ... and losing. Ash knew that he had to accept; perhaps this was his destiny after all.

"W… what do I need to do?" Ash stammered.

"Stand closer … I will do the rest." He smiled as he regarded Pikachu, sensing the mouse’s concerns. "Worry not little friend; you're relationship will grow far beyond that of friendship. You will share a bond even stronger then that which you already have." Indeed for the Guardian, all were to be precious.

Ash petted his friend before putting him on the ground. Shaking with fear, a million thoughts ran through his head as he contemplated Lugia's words. The existence Lugia offered him dwarfed his own. The thought of never participating in another competition seemed unfathomable to him … he was a trainer. He knew however that he couldn’t let his selfish needs take president over the world’s needs. Despite his fear, he knew he needed to do this … he’d never forgive himself if he backed out. Besides, his mother couldn’t possible ignore this.

"I’m ready," he said.

Lugia nodded before closing his eyes. A beam of brilliant purple light streamed from his body, striking Ash.

* * *

Riding atop a hastily borrowed fearow, Misty soared towards the shoreline Sabrina had instructed her to until she saw the brilliant display taking place below her. Lugia was lying on a beach, with a beam of energy transferring from him into Ash. Perhaps she was seeing things but Ash appeared to be growing; His arms were huge and covered in white feathers. They looked like those of a Lugia. His torso was also inflating while his neck seemed to be lengthening and something was poking out from his back and the seat of his pants.

"What are you doing to him?" Misty yelled, too off balance to think straight. The fearow she had ridden merely standing at attention for instructions as its owners had taught it.

She landed a short distance away to see Pikachu watching the transformation as well. The little monster was on the verge of tears as he watched his trainer and friend changing before his eyes.

Misty ran towards her changing friend, screaming his name. He appeared to be in a daze and wasn’t speaking. She ran up to his changing arm and tried to grab it, only to be flung back onto the sand rather undignified on her rear by an unseen force.

"What’s happening to him?" she yelled.

"It’s his destiny … he’s my Chosen One. He chose this fate because he knew it to be so," Lugia telepathically told her.

"Ash! No! I can’t let you do this … not without telling you!"

Ash couldn’t respond; Misty witnessed his swelling body tearing his clothes to shreds. A long white tail tipped with a pair of navy blue spikes was now a part of him. It swished wildly, just missing her. Two rows of similarly blue protrusions grew from his white back that they knew could fold back while underwater. His legs were moving to the sides of his body as his hips and feet changed, his feet changing into three toed white talons. His neck was much longer now and his eyes were moving to the sides of his head with again navy blue projections extending from his brows, his brown iris' now vertical slits. He barley looked like the lad she knew and now that it seemed she was going to lose him, she was starting to realize how she truly felt about him.

"Please … don’t let him do this alone … I want to join him! I care too much for him to leave him like this!" she begged.

Lugia looked at her, sensing her true feelings for Ash that even she didn’t realize until now.

"Beware what you say. Once this is done … it is done." Lugia words were unneeded however. He already knew the answer before the young lady nodded her head. "Very well then," he said simply.

A pink beam of energy streamed from him and surrounded Misty’s body. She could feel memories and knowledge flooding into her mind, information necessary to be a Guardian of the sea along side Ash in this new existence. She could see Ash through the cherry aura was almost finished as her torso began rounding and her neck elongating. Her arms grew longer as her fingers seem to fatten and turn a brilliant white as the energy released Ash and a newly created Lugia lay there, slowly becoming aware of his surroundings again. Everything went white as Misty went into a trance as Ash had. Lugia was sending her millennia of teachings over a matter of minutes. Her mind swelled and threatened to spiral down into madness from all that Lugia was placing upon her. Anything in her heart and soul that made Misty human was shattered under the tidal wave, leaving only that which made Misty -Misty- in it's place on which was built that of a Guardian. Her life long fixation on water monsters became a sincere love, Her children. Her phobia of insect monsters dwindled to nothing, what could they possible do to harm her, a Legendary? There were no concerns about being the best; the ocean was her gym. Self-doubts and judgements planted by her sisters' years of put downs fell from her like pebbles from water suspended in mid-air. Her heart and mind's eyes had no debate over her beauty now. She was an image of hope for all who beheld her, just as Ash knew he was now.

Ash lay there recovering when he saw what Misty’s transfiguration. He wanted to ask Lugia what was happening … but he didn’t need to. He already knew, he possessed a new knowledge. He could sense Pikachu standing by him and raised his new and massive right hand like wing to embrace the tiny mouse. He no longer needed to guess what Pikachu was trying to say; he could sense his very thoughts, as though their minds were one.

"Misty … why?" he said, his voice deeper and more confident sounding but still recognizable as his own.

He watched Misty’s body expanding, her clothes ripping away and falling unnoticed onto the sand as she grew to a size well beyond that of a human but slightly smaller then his own. Any human features that would have made the human Ash blush had already altered, and Ash now simply accepted what he saw. Her thick yet graceful tail sprouted and grew as her face shifted, appearing as though Lugia were molding it like clay. Her hips soon joined in as her legs moved to the sides of her torso. She was becoming one of his new species.

He slowly stood, waiting for Misty to be reborn with perfect calm, understanding what was happening and looking at the world through new eyes and perceiving it with far more knowledge then he even thought possible. Things that had been once all but invisible to him were now so obvious. Gary's childish insults and boast of his higher number of captures meant nothing now, they were the words of someone wanting to be superior to all those around him, and there was no such thing. Short-term material goals of becoming a Master had dissolved; he stood upon a new plateau. He noticed the Official Pokémon League hat he had sent in countless contest entries to win on the sand below him, the one he had nearly been beaten to a pulp retrieving once. Contests and countless quests, all human things that meant little in the grand scheme of life and the cosmos meant nothing to him now. In an action perhaps more symbolic then anything, he used a toe to flick it away into the surf without a second look. The Guardian didn’t need it anymore.

As Misty’s changes completed, Lugia released her. He smiled best as he could regarding the two new Lugia, a male and female. Like any Pokémon now he knew their names, Mother Guardian and Father Guardian. Her appearance was similar to his Ash’s, albeit a slightly smaller size and orange where Ash was navy blue. Ash had a strange new feeling while looking at her, he could sense her thoughts now; there were no longer any mysteries or pretenses. He knew how she felt about him and why she did what she did. Having to ask her why was more out of habit then anything.

"I thank you Ashura and Mistaria, Guardians. I must now . . . depart from this plane . . . we will meet . . . a-gain ... But not in this world!" he yelled, raising his body to end his time in grace, holding his head high and his wings wide. His body finally gave up the ghost turning into pure, brilliant blue and white energy before vanishing in a flash, leaving the new Lugia, a fearow and Pikachu standing there.

Around the world, and in the hiding places of various legendaries, sounds of sadness echoed. Especially for two silver winged beasts within the protection of the Whirl Islands, and a female ocarina player on an insignificant island in the Orange Archipelago. At nearly the same time, like a shock wave, the world felt two new presences fill in the sudden void, two new protectors for their duty bound domains.

Misty looked Ash over, Ash blushing when he felt her eyeing him and realizing he was naked. Of course, such matters seemed minute given the gravity and significance of what had happened to them.

"Why?" Ash asked, looking at his former traveling companion in her new form. He sensed that she too felt slightly embarrassed over her nudity though such thoughts about being shamed at her lack of attire soon fell apart as they forgot about them. They had nothing to be ashamed of. Each was a Legendary, a Guardian.

"I think you already know," she answered, standing, albeit wobbly, as she was still nervous of her new form. Her own voice now more graceful and powerful yet still hers.

"Why didn’t you ever say anything?"

"I didn’t think you felt the same way; if I told you and you didn’t, my pride wouldn't have let me stay near you!" She answered, hanging her head somewhat. She sensed something from Ash, although she was a few seconds behind Ash growing accustomed to their new abilities to interpret it.

"You didn’t hang out with me for so long because you felt I owed you a new bike; you had a crush on me almost from day one. At first it might have been the bike but it wasn’t long before you used it as an excuse; even going as far as to deny your feelings and make yourself believe the bike was what kept you with me!"

He felt her embarrassment, as though she were exposed. There was little point in her hiding it anymore.

"I guess I never wanted to admit it. Now … there’s no point in hiding it anymore," she said, walking over to her formally human companion and nuzzling his head.

Ash returned the gesture, raising his massive arm like wings over her and embracing her. He realized the feelings he had for her; he couldn’t deny it anymore.

"I guess I felt the same way about you … but didn’t want to admit them for the same reason. The truth is … it was never the same after you left."

For both, they had released a huge burden from each other.

"Well … now that this is all out in the open … what do we do now?" Misty asked.

"I think dating is out of the question … kind of hard to go out somewhere now; unless we go for a moonlight swim," Ash grinned, liking the idea.

"Think of it this way Ash, at least you’ll actually bathe regularly now," Misty joked.

They released each other and Ash looked at her, knowing these jibes were affectionate ones and not meant to hurt him.

"Hey, I bathed!"

"Well, yes there was that one time…" she started.

Ash simply rolled his eyes.

"I don’t think your sisters can treat you badly anymore," Ash started, changing the subject.

Misty suddenly raised up from the ground, creating a gust of air that nearly knocked Ash and Pikachu onto the ground.

"My sisters…" she started, raising her wings as to let the sun shine proudly on them "Wait’ll they get a load of me! They'll eat their bikinis!" she said as she took flight, already knowing how to fly. Indeed her sisters would have kittens; after which they would foolishly demand she become one of the gym's Pokémon; followed by them actually putting effort into their Pokémon training under their sister's great eyes. Finally, they'd try to cash in with males bragging that they had a goddess for a little sister. Lilly being so knocked off kilter that she converted on the spot and moved to the Orange Islands to aid in the upkeep of the Guardian's shrine.

The fearow flew behind with an attentive. "Coming my Goddess." Ash had no fears of Misty and him being apart, that was impossible now; their mental link was strong enough to bind them over even the greatest of distances. Verbal words were so crude and constricting, and so very often misunderstood. Meanings sent mind to mind had no chance of misunderstandings, both Lugia knew these were likely the last set of words either of them would ever bother saying.

Ash knew how Misty took praise, he laughed, hoping her head didn’t get so swelled that she lost her flying weight! As he watched her disappear over the horizon, he sensed the exhilaration she felt in flying. Misty's monsters were overwhelmed when they saw their former team leader. Merely looking upon her was akin to staring into the face of their own mother. Their single desire was to stay with her always. However, she sent to them that she had her duty to be mother to all that lay in the ocean depths; they had their duty to keep her sisters out of trouble.

Wanting to experience flight for himself, Ash jumped off the ground and hovered, regarding Pikachu. He felt a connection to the mouse unlike anything he’d felt before. He could sense Pikachu’s thoughts and could feel the little monsters pride for his trainer and feelings of affection and loyalty. With that, he telepathically summoned Pikachu to climb upon his back.

"First things first, I need to show this to my mother, she’ll never be able to ignore me now!"

Ash shook his head and laughed again before taking flight. Before he had even reached Misty's air level, he had lost himself to the elation of flying. It was a feeling unlike anything he’d ever imagined, let alone experienced. True he had flown on Charizard and Pigeot before, but to fly on his own . . . the freedom of it was total. The feeling of air streaming across his body, no longer burdened by the human need for clothing was incredible, like taking a bath in pure warmth.

Even as Pikachu hung on, Ash ensuring the mouse’s safety, the male guardian soared over the land, crossing distances in minutes that used to take him hours or days. He didn’t know if it was improved eyesight or the height, which he flew from, but he could see for what felt like hundreds of kilometers, he could feel the life of the forests, rivers and cities. Before, he knew there were people, Pokémon and others animals down there. Now, he could feel them as if he were one with them and the land. He was their protector, their guardian. He felt as though he were the father of the very land itself.

He truly felt free and one with the world. He was ready to embrace this is new existence and life. But first, he had to make peace with the old. He needed to visit his old Pokémon still with the professor before letting his mother know of his new … life. He came about, banking deeply and flew all of the way home and landed in front of Professor Oak’s house.

Even as the crowd gathered around him, wanting to know whom this new pocket monster was, clearly a Lugia but not the Beast of the Sea. Ash patiently knocked on Oak’s door with one of his toes. The wise old man opened it a few minutes later and looked up at the creature before him.

"Oh … my," he said, rubbing his eyes to make sure he was seeing things properly. "Lugia?"

"Not quite," Ash replied verbally for the sake of them knowing it was him.

The professor practically passed out, falling flat on his back. Slowly standing up, he dusted himself off as he absorbed the news.


Ash told the story to his former mentor as a crowd gathered. Among the crowd was his mother, who pushed her way through and stood beside her son. The human named Ash would have felt ashamed of people and his mom seeing him naked, but such things simply no longer mattered to the Lugia anymore. After all, when was the last time you saw a Guardian wearing anything?

"Ash honey, did you remember to get the eggs?"

Looking at his mother, Ash carefully spread his arms.

"Um, Mom … I think this is a little more important," he said.

"Of course honey, don’t worry, I can get them tomorrow. Now you be nice to everyone dear," his mother replied as she walked off.

Ash didn’t have to time to react before he sensed Bayleef sprinting from within Oak’s house. She was soon crawling all over Ash, the new Lugia sensing her affection for him. He blushed, knowing she probably thought she really had a chance at something with him now. Of course, he loved the monster, but as a Guardian and protector of her; Misty was his true soul mate now.

"I’m sorry girl but I already have a girlfriend," he said. He could sense her disappointment and did his best to cheer her up. "But, think of it this way; I can take you for a ride any time now and I can feel your presence wherever I go. We’ll never be separated again!"

The creature seemed to cheer up at that and returned to simply admiring this new Lugia as Pikachu climbed off his back. Any rivalry these two had was now passed; their connection to Ash now went far beyond any simple vying for his attention.

Sensing his ‘father’ having returned Phanpy ran out of the house, stopping in its tracks when it saw Ash in his new form. The effects of his ‘evolution’ were powerful and Ash felt a special bond with this monster. It considered Ash a father and while it at first didn’t recognize him, a quick hello from Ash had it climbing all over his back. Ash could feel its love for him, a feeling that brought him great joy; for, when one is telepathic, the emotions of happy people and creatures tend to have a similar effect one oneself.

His old friend and companion Bulbasaur was next to walk out. The little plant like creature regarded its trainer, friend and now deity with respect and admiration. Self-confidence wasn’t always Ash’s strong suit but now, he felt proud and as though he had a purpose in life that went far beyond mere competitions.

Finally, his dancing friend Totodile approached him. It knew from the others reactions what was going on and did a happy dance for Ash. Ash couldn’t help but smile its antics.

After paying visits to his others Pokémon, Ash finally took flight. He felt a small sense of sadness, as though he was saying goodbye to his old life and friends. He knew better though; it wasn’t goodbye; with his abilities, he’d always have a connection to his human friends, family and his Pokémon. They’d always be with him, even when physical differences were extreme. He could also visit anytime he wanted; he was Lugia after all, distances were of little consequence now.

He looked forward to the existence and responsibility he had ahead of him and to spending millennia with Misty in their new existence. Truly, the end of his current existence wasn’t truly an end, more like a beginning. With that, the names Ash and Misty were discarded, and two new Legendaries took their rightful place in the world.