Big Brown House

Once upon a time there was a Big Brown House in middle of a forest, called the Magic Forest. That

forest was full of raccoons, only raccoons. The towns around the Magic Forest lived in peace, but

people didn't wanted to enter the house because they believed that it would kill them: all people who

wanted to enter the Big Brown House and to investigate it never returned. The Big Brown House was very

huge, it was visible from the towns. It was brown and it had big yellow rings painted.

All people believed that in the Magic Forest lived a monster and no one tried to enter. But there was

one person that didn't believe that legend. He knew that it was a mystery, but not a monster. His name

was Max and he was 20.

One day, Max and his friends were chatting about the Big Brown House. Some said that there was a big

evil human-eater raccoon. Others said that they didn't believe the legend, but they didn't want to

enter the Big Brown House. Finally, Max said that he wanted to enter the house. At that moment, all his

friends were believing that he was joking. But Max said that it wasn't a joke, he wanted to see why

anyone returned from the house and to reveal the secret.

"Don't do it! You know that you will never return!" said a friend.

"No! I'm tired of hearing always the same stupid story of the monster..." said Max.

Finally, their friends saw that he wanted to enter really, so they stopped insisting. The next day,

when Max was saying "Goodbye!" to all his friends, his parents and his brother appeared.

"So the rumour is true! You are going to the forest without our permission!" said his mother.

"We can't let you go, Max. It's very dangerous." sais his father. His younger brother was behind him.

His name was Rock and he was 7. He always was marginalized, he never got any friends.

For some seconds, Max stayed in front of them in silence. He looked at his fathers and his brother and,

without thinking, he escaped running to the forest. He heard his mother shouting, but he ignored her.

Later, his mother was crying. But...

"Where's Rock?" said his father worried.

At that moment, Max was already inside the Magic Forest. He saw a lot of raccoons. He was very nervous,

and started to sweat. When suddenly a small creature touched his right leg. He jumped scared and


"Rock! What are you doing here?" said Max impressed.

"I won't let you go alone. I'll go with you, brother. I want to be with you all the time." answered


For a moment, Max looked at him. Later, he gave him a big hug. He accepted to take him.

They continued walking, looking at the raccoons, when, finally, they arrived to the front of the Big

Brown House. They were now more nervous than before. They stayed for some seconds in front of the door,

they looked around and, finally, both opened the big brown door at the same time. They only saw a black

spot. They both entered the black spot and started to see light. And suddenly... STOMP! The door

closed behind them. When they turned again after the scare of the door they saw, finally, the inside of

the Big Brown House.

They couldn't believe what they were viewing with their eyes. Instead of seeing a big monster they were

seeing... A paradise!? It was a perfect place to live: there was a big pool to swim, some interesting

natural palms and a lot of colours. Incredibly, there wasn't ceiling inside, they could see the sun, a

perfect sun. But the most interesting thing was that the inhabitants of the house weren't humans, they

were humanoid raccoon kids! They were very happy playing, eating coconuts, swimming... They seemed to

have the same age that Rock had.

A raccoon kid approached to them.

"Oh! We have visitors." said the raccoon, "Hey people! We have new friends!"

A lot of humanoid raccoons kids looked to the door where Max and Rock were staying fascinated. They

said a big "Hello!".

"What's... What's this place...?" asked Max wanting an answer.

"Oh, don't worry. Soon you will understand this." said the raccoon, at the same that he gave a hug to

Rock. After that, he gave another hug to Rock.

After a seconds, Max and Rock clothes disappeared. They were naked at the moment. Rock was fascinated.

But Max started to feel different. He started to see all bigger and bigger. He looked to Rock and

started to understand: he was shrinking! He was getting shorter and shorter until he reached the same

age that Rock had. Max looked incredibly equal to Rock, they even seemed twins.

"What happen..." Max stopped the question and put his hands in his mouth. His voice changed too. He had

a higher pitched voice, like a kid voice.

"Now you are a kid, like your brother, and like we." said the raccoon, "and now...".

When Max removed his hands of his mouth he looked to them. They were black! And his nails looked a

little longer. But this was only the start. A lot of brown fur started to grown in their arms followed

by the rest of their bodies. In a few seconds, Max and Rock were full of fur. Max looked to Rock, his

eyes changed to blue too, and his feet were turning into paws. Rock looked a little scared to Rock, but

then he smiled to him, he seemed to be enjoying the change. Max saw that his teeth was very sharper.

Later, a tail was sticking out from his back. In a few seconds, they had a very large tail (it was

bigger than them!). Rock's tail had three rings, but Max's tail had four different bigger rings. He

supposed that it was a way to identificate anyone for the future. When the tail reached an height

taller than their heads, their started to feel his mouth and nose pulling out. They had a muzzle now.
Their ears moved from their faces' sides to the upper part of his head and they took a different form.

The transformation finished. The raccoon guided them to a mirror. Max and Rock walked and looked to the

mirror. They saw two cute little kid raccoons. They seemed equal. Their knowledge and memories were

unaffected, but Max now had a mentality of a kid like Rock. They wanted to stay as raccoons forever.

Rock touched Max. He purred, and smiled to his younger brother, Rock purred too. Now they seemed twins.

The raccoon started to explain.

"Now I suppose you want to know what's this. Ok, I'll explain. This is the Big Brown House. Some humans

said that here lives a monster that eats persons. But it isn't true. Here, we live the humanoid raccoon

kids. We were humans that arrived to the Big Brown House, and, as a reward for our courage we were

turned into raccoon kids and we were given this paradise. Here we play, we eat, we sleep. The magic of

the Big Brown House gives infinite food. We can't leave the Big Brown House, we will be living here

forever. We will be happy forever." he smiled to Max and Rock who quickly understood the raccoon.

"Now you can start to play or eat. Decide yourself! But don't worry, you'll never be sad, you'll always

be happy!" finished the raccoon.

Max and Rock were excited. They both runned to the pool, jumped and started to play with the other


Although there was that artificial sun, the night came. A big yellow moon appeared and the raccoons

started to sleep. Max and Rock stayed awaken some time more.

"This is sooooo fuun!" said Rock.

"Yes, Max. We will be playing here forever without worrying about anything." said Max.

"Brother, I'm happy that I will be having you all the time. Being a raccoon it's very funny, but it's

funnier having you at the same age that I have." said Rock.

"Yes. I'm very happy being a raccoon kid, but I think it's funnier living again this age. And now it's

forever. We will always stay with this age." said Max.

"I love you bro!" said Rock.

And both curled up into a little ball, they felt very warm and very comfortable. They fell asleep at

the moment.

The next day Max awoke earlier. He wanted to swim before the others. But in the pool there was a cute

girl raccoon. She was very cute, her fur were a little pink than the raccoon kids and Max (without

thinking on it) caught in love by her tail.They started to chat.

"Oh! Are you new? I never saw you." said the girl.

"Yes, I arrived yesterday. My name's Max."

"Oh, they call me Crystal." said the girl purring.

"Let's play!" and Max purred too.

Later, the other raccoons awoke and started to play too. Max saw Rock playing with a lot of raccoon

kids and girls. He was purring with his friends, he was happy with his new friends. Max was happy too.