The abandoned carnival

Jerry, Dan and Paul had been best friends for as long as they could remember. It was the weekend and they had nothing to do. There was an older forest a short drive from their appartment; none of them had been in there before. Jerry mentioned the idea.

"I don't know, I have heard strange things about that forest.” Dan responded.

"What kind of strange things?" Paul asked.

"I have heard that people who go in there, don't come out, and no sign of them is ever found!” Dan said.

"What? That's crazy talk! Those are just rumors made to scare people away. They have no basis in reality", Jerry responded.

"Well, I think it would at least give us something to do, and it would give us a chance to prove that the woods are safe. Don't worry Dan, we will be fine" Jerry said.

"Well, okay" Dan said.

The 3 of them got into the car, and they were on their way. The trip took about 30 minutes. They found the old forest, there were no parking lots within 2 kilometer of it, so they had to park and walk to the forest. The walk to it took about 30 minutes, so they estimated that they had about 3 hours to explore it before they had to leave.

Despite it being light out, the forest was dark, and was dense. The three walked though it for an hour before finding something strange.

"Do you hear that? It sounds like music", Dan asked.

"What music?" Jerry asked. Dan pointed towards where he was hearing the music.

"Wait a second. I hear it to, it's sounds strange, almost cartooney", Paul said. The 3 of them started walking towards the source of the sound when Jerry finally started to hear it.

"Wait, I hear it now!" he said. It was very difficult to see what it was through the denseness of the trees. But after a few minutes they found the source of it. It was battery operated radio. As they found it, it stopped playing its music. Jerry and Dan were looking at it, trying to figure out where it came from when Paul saw something that surprised him even more.

"Um, guys. You'd better take a look at this." He said, as he pointed in front of them. Somehow, what looked like an old carnival stood in front of them, it looked abandoned.

"Where did it come from?" Paul asked.

"Your guess is as good as mine" Dan answered. Jerry started walking towards it,

"Well we might as well check it out,” he said.

"Tell you what, lets split up and each examine a different part", Dan suggested. Paul and Jerry agreed and they each headed for a different part of the carnival.

Paul had been exploring some of the rides. It was strange, they clearly hadn't have been used in years, possible much longer. Yet they were still working. Since there was no one there to operate them, he didn't want to risk trying them out, but he was fascinated by how well they worked. As he got up and moved onto the next section, he found something odd. There was a fruit stand loaded with fresh fruit, he examined the fruit and it smelled okay. He knew that it would probably be a bad idea to take and eat fruit like this, as he had no idea where it came from. But something was drawing him to the fruit. Grabbing an apple, he started to eat it as he continued to explore.

Dan had found several game stands. Each stand was fully stocked, and all of the games were fully operational, with the exception of their being no prizes. There simply wasn't anyone there to run them. He played a couple of them, but without anything to play for, it just wasn't very much fun. As he was about to move onto the next section, he noticed something. There was a vending machine in between 2 of the stands. It was fully loaded with chocolate bars and everything was free. He was a bit suspicious, as he had never heard of a vending machine with free food before. He was getting hungry and decided that it would have been almost impossible for someone to tamper with the food in there, so he decided to have a couple of the chocolate bars. Opening one of them, he decided to move on to the next section.

Jerry had found his favorite part of any fair or carnival, the food section. He wasn't surprised when he couldn't find any food at first. It looked like it hadn't has been used in years. He was surprised when he saw that all of the stands were operational. If someone had brought food in, they could have easily made an entire feast with all of this equipment. He couldn't quite understand how it all could be there, but was sure there was a logical explanation. As he was able to leave, something caught his attention. It was a wonderful smell. Walking over to the source of the smell, he saw a hotdog machine with 2 fresh hotdogs on it.

"Now where did that come from?" he asked himself. He was suddenly feeling very hungry, and although eating food from a strange carnival went against his better judgment, he quickly found that hunger outweighed common sense. There were buns right beside the hot dog maker, as well as tongs for removing the hotdogs from it. Carefully removing them and putting them into the buns, he saw that a table beside them had fresh condiments on it.

"This is all a bit too convenient for my taste." He said, considering not eating the hot dogs. His hunger again overrode his common sense, and he found himself putting mustard and ketchup on the dogs. Walking away he quickly ate them. He had to admit that they were they best hotdogs he had ever had.

Dan had found something interesting, an old style hall of mirrors. Each mirror was different. Some of them made him look bigger, some smaller, and some made his face look all weird. He felt strange, warm and a bit itchy. When he look at his reflection in the mirror, he noticed that it made his face and arms look all fury, like they had orange fur on them Laughing at how silly the image in the mirror made him look, he walked towards the next mirror. He still felt odd, but elected to ignore the feelings. His chest felt very warm, and very itchy. His head spun, he felt a strange feeling of euphoria, like he was intoxicated or something.

"What's going on?" he giggled. Suddenly feeling strangely happy.

"Who cares, this feels great. Whatever was in those apples, it was damn good stuff,” he said. Walking over to the next mirror, he saw that the orange fur on his arms looked even thicker,

"damn these mirror's are good, I wonder if they make the rest of my chest look furry?" he said, the euphoria slurring his speech and clouding his thoughts. The room seemed a lot warmer, so he gladly removed his shirt. He giggled at how different the mirror made his chest look. His nipples were gone, his chest covered in a furry pelt of orange fur. His legs felt somehow more powerful, petting the fur on his chest, he giggled as he said

"this feels so real, this place is incredible". His pants felt very tight, and he could swear that the seams were starting to rip, his face felt like someone was pulling on it. As he walked over to the next mirror, his pants ripped open. Not only were his thighs furry, but they were huge. He giggled at how silly the mirror made them look. The base of his spine tingled, and felt like something was pulling on it. His legs starting to feel very powerful and his shoes very tight, he kicked his shoes off and hopped over to the next mirror. The feeling of pulling on his face and at the base of his spine continued. The feeling of euphoria increased in intensity and he burst into laughter as he landed in front of a mirror. His reflection reminded him of a kangaroo. Laughing loudly he commented,

"this is awesome, it makes me look like a kangaroo. This is hilarious." His face continued to lengthen and he watched it in the mirror, his tail continued to lengthen as well. As it finished lengthening, it reached the floor with a thud. Its weight altered his center of gravity and he found himself slouching over.

"Like just a real roo", he giggled. His face seemed to have stopped being pulled forward and in the mirror it looked just like the face of a kangaroo.

'This is so cool!" he said. Suddenly having trouble talking. Feeling satisfied that he had seen all of the mirrors, he hopped out of the hall of mirrors. The fall air felt cold. His euphoria seemed to disappear. It when then that he realized that he wasn't wearing any clothes.

"What's going on?" he thought to himself. Hopping over to a mirror that he could tell was a normal mirror; he saw a kangaroo looking back at him. Looking himself over, he saw that it was not an illusion, he really was a kangaroo. He tried to speak but only animal sounds came out. Panicking he hopped away, trying to find his friends. A man dressed in a suit jumped in front of him.

"An excellent specimen." He said. Dan tried to turn around and hop away, but the man drew a rifle with a tranquilizer dart and shot him with it. Everything went fuzzy, and Dan passed out.

Paul has found something unexpected, a video arcade. All of the games were working, and to his surprise they were all free. He looked though the selection of games and found one of his favorites, 'Tekken Tag Tournament'. He was surprised that the arcade had so many newer games. For an abandoned fair, it's certainly had its fair share of newer things. Walking up to the game, he hit the single player button, and selected Roger and Jun as his team. His first battle was against Alex and Yoshimitsu. This was one of his favorite games, and he had a lot of practice. He was able to win the first battle easily. He laughed at how easy it was.

"They must have set this thing on easy! That was far too easy". He smiled when the game told him that he had set a new record for beating Alex and Yoshimitsu. As he laughed, the back of his pants were ripped open as a large, heavy, muscular tail grew its way out of his body. It hit the ground with a thud. He felt a bit dizzy and found himself being pushed forward by the new center of gravity his tail was creating. Somehow he wasn't bothered by this and didn't feel that he was now leaning forward as odd. Continuing to play, he moved onto his next opponents, Julia and Michelle. He was able to quickly defeat them, even quicker then he had defeated Alex and Yoshimitsu. Laughing at how easy victory was and smiling when the game told him that he had set a new record. His entire body began to feel very itchy, and he scratched it, apparently unaware that dark brown fur was growing all over his body, including on his new tail. Eagerly awaiting the next battle he cheered on as the game loaded the battle. His next opponents were Kazuya and Jin. They gave him a bit of trouble, and he kicked the machine a couple of times when it looked like he was going to lose. Fortune smiled on him once again though, he managed to make incredible come back and won the match. As he celebrated his victory, his feet started to feel strange, and his shoes suddenly seemed very tight. He didn't let this stop him and he simply kicked his shoes off, not even looking down at his feet. If he had, he would have noticed that his feet were now much longer, a bit skinner and furry, with only 3 dark toes with large claws on them into of 5 toes. His legs felt very strange, becoming much stronger. His hips increased in size, ripping his pants apart. Still, somehow he didn't notice that he now he the powerful and long legs of a kangaroo. Continuing onto the next match, he prepared for his next opponents, Jack-2 and Prototype Jack. This match went much better then the last one, he quickly defeated them, earning yet another record time. As he watched his characters celebrate this victory and the game announce that he had set yet another record, his vision seemed to go black for a couple of seconds. As it returned, he assumed that it was just his imagination and played on. He was quickly able to defeat his next opponents, Nina and Anna. He laughed at how easy the battle was. As he giggled his hands started feeling strange and twisted. Reshaping into a paw, with only 3 fingers that each had a long claw at the end. He didn't notice this as he was so into the game that nothing that happened to him would noticed at this point. His next opponents were Heihachi and Lee. This was another difficult battle; he was afraid at first that he wasn't going to make it, but he again made an incredible come back, and won. The game tallied his total points and awarded him for the most amounts of points ever scored in a single match. As he was celebrating his face started to feel strange, like something was pulling on it, his ears felt strange, as did his nose. But he still ignored the feeling and continued to play. He was getting close to finishing the game; his next and finial opponents before the 'boss' were Devil and Ogre. These two were very difficult to beat. The game seemed to have increased it's difficulty setting automatically, these two put up quite a fight, but they were no match for Paul's skills and after a long hard fought battle he was victorious. Raising his arms in enjoyment and celebration. His didn't notice the fact that his manhood was changing A large cocoon like sheath forced around them, pointing down towards the ground when he was in a standing position. The sheath grew to a large size and became furry, his manhood tucked away securely inside of it. Smiling, he began to fight the 'boss' of the game, known only as 'Unknown'. This is an incredibly hard fight; he cursed under his breath a few times, but again pulled off a rather stunning victory. His characters were both down to their last sliver of health, but he had managed to win. As he was able to yell the word 'victory!' his vocal chords suddenly felt very odd, and his voice started to sound strange. Instead of saying the word 'victory!' all that came out of his mouth was an animal like sound. It was then that the realization hit him. Looking down on his body, and feeling his face with his claws, he gasped at the realization that his human body had been changed. It didn't take him long to realize what it had been changed into, a kangaroo.

The man saw the panicked looking kangaroo hopping out of the arcade. Reaching for the tranquilizer gun, the approached him.

"An excellent specimen. I'm afraid you're going to have to come with me". Paul was very annoyed, it was bad enough being turned into a kangaroo, but for this guy to tell him that he had to come with him, that was too much. Reacting on a combination of fear and anger, Paul raised his fists and punched the man in the face and stomach, which caused him to fall back in pain. Using this opportunity to try to get away, Paul started to hop away. The man, despite being in pain and bleeding from his nose and lip, picked up the rifle and shot Paul with a tranquilizer dart.

"No!" Paul thought to himself as everything started to get fuzzy. As he watched Paul pass out, he said to himself

"2 down, one to go."

Jerry had found something that sounding promising, to him at least. A 'house of horror’s’, the sign advertising it said that it had entertainment that would scare even the most hardened horror movie fan. As someone who always liked scary things, such a prospect pleased Jerry, so he went inside. He looked around the room, it seemed empty.

"I don't get it. This is supposed to be a house of horror, where are the horrors?" he said. Suddenly, out of nowhere a very bright light appeared. The light started to flash a bunch of different colors, which made him feel dizzy.

"What’s going on?" he said, as he was overcome by the dizziness and passed out. When he awoke, he had no idea how long he had been unconscious for. Opening his eyes, he saw that he was in a room with wooden walls. It was the same room as before. Something was very wrong. He was hovering in mid air an unknown force held him in place and he was naked. A man, the same person that had caged the kangaroo's that Dan and Paul had become stood beside the table.

"Welcome to my house of horrors" he said.

"What are you going to do to me?" Jerry asked, very nervous.

"You wanted to experience a house of horror, what better way then to experience it first hand?” Pressing a few buttons on a PDA, he said, "Look!" as a large mirror appeared above the table, allowing Jerry to see what was happening to him. He gasped in horror when he saw his legs.

"What have you done to my legs?" he asked, shaking, partly because the room was cold, but mostly because out of fear for what he was witnessing. His legs looked different, they were longer, and his feet were very long, his toes were short and had been changed. Instead of 5 toes per foot, he only had 3, each with a dark claw on the end. His legs were furry and were very powerful. His hips were very large; one look at his legs told him that they were designed for hopping. He became very angry when the man did not respond to him.

"Answer me!" he said, the fear and anger evident in his voice. He suddenly felt a tingling feeling at the base of his spine and his manhood.

"What going on? What's happening to me?" he asked. He watched himself in the mirror, and saw what was happened. A long tail starting growing from the base of his spine.

"No! It can't be, not a tail!" he said, as he cringed in pain while watching the long, furry and very strong tail grow until it as nearly a meter long.

"No! Not my…." He said, being cut off as his manhood started to change. He watched, tears streaming down his face as a large furry cocoon that he quickly realized was a sheath surrounded his manhood. Fur started to grow up his torso,

"NO!" he loudly said. The man walked up to him, laughing

"but you wanted a house or horrors".

"This isn't what I had in mind!" Jerry said, now very angry with the man and very upset over what was happening to him. The fur continued to spread up his torso, feeling warm and itchy as it grew in. His insides started to ache and feel oddly warm, and he could hear and feel them changing.

"Now what's going on" he said.

"Human organs will hardly work in your new body,” the man said.

"New body?" Jerry asked, trembling.

"Why of course, in fact you're coming along quite well!” the man said. The fur on Jerry's torso had reached his neck and had started to grow down his arms and his torso had started to 'fill out'. His arms decreased in length slightly as the fur grew down them. When the fur reached his hands they quivered and reshaped his fingers absorbing into his hands, and new shorter fingers growing in, 3 on each hand. Long black claws grew from the tip of each finger.

"Noooo!" Jerry said, as he watched in the mirror, seeing that everything below his neck was now animal.

The fur started growing up his neck, and his face started to feel as if something was pulling on it. His human hair all fell out while his ears absorbed into his head. He watched in horror as his mouth and nose grew out and merged, growing into a long snout. 2 new large and furry ears grew on top of his head. Fur covered his face as his snout finished growing; his nose was now small and black, located at the end of his snout. His tried to speak but only made animal sounds. The force holding him up slowly let him down on his new feet. Quick self examination showed him that had become of him, his humanity was gone, his body changed. He was now a kangaroo. He looked towards the man, as if to ask "why" when the man pulled out his rifle. Panicked, Jerry tried to hop away, but was quickly struck by a tranquilizer dart that the man quickly shot from the rifle. Everything went fuzzy, and he quickly passed out.

He woke up in a cage, 2 other kangaroo's stood over him and helped him up. He still felt a bit dizzy, but his head cleared after a few minutes. He looked at the 2 other roo's; one of them had boxing gloves on, which seemed odd. His sense of them told him that the other 2 roo's were Dan and Paul. Both of them made kangaroo sounds and he was surprised by how he understood them. The 3 of them were trying to figure out what to do next when the man walked up to the cage. Walking up to the cage, he explained everything. "Welcome to your new lives. You're probably all wonder just what is going on, let me explain. I run this carnival, and every so often I make it appear in this location to attract visitors." Walking over Paul, he continued.

"You put up quite a fight. I see you have boxing gloves on, you'll be excellent as an additional attraction when this carnival appears again, and a lot of people would pay well to see a boxing kangaroo. But as for the rest of the time you will join your two friends." Reaching into his pocked he pulled out a PDA, and pressed several buttons, the entire carnival disappeared, leaving behind no evidence it ever existed, except for the cage with the 3 formerly human kangaroo's standing in it.

"You see, I have been needing to expand my kangaroo population for quite some time." Looking all of them over he continued.

"The 3 of you will make excellent breeders". All three of them started yelling in protest.

"You can complain all you want, but it won't do any good." He said. Pressing several more buttons on the PDA, the entire world seemed to fade away. The cage was gone and they were in some kid of desert range, surrounded by a very tall fence, but there was plenty of room for hopping. The 3 of them saw a large number of kangaroo's hope towards them, all were female.

"Enjoy" the man, said, again pressing some buttons and vanishing. The 3 of them stood there surrounded by 12 females. Their human lives were over, and their new lives were about to begin, on a very interesting note.