For-Otter Yours

Disclaimer: I do not own Resident Evil, Yoko Suzuki, Umbrella Incorporated, HCF, William Birkin, Albert Wesker, STARS, or the rest. Capcom does. I also do not own Rusty Raccoon - that’s owned by-- well, himself. I DO own my own character, Ryu Bahamut Jr., his father Ryu Bahamut Sr., and the company ATU (Animal Transformations Unlimited).

Notes: I’ve heard from a reliable source that there is a real Raccoon City in Illinois. Because of this, and the fact that Chicago was mentioned in the storyline of the series, I an guessing that this is indeed, the same Raccoon City. Also, because of the storyline, think of this as an AU.


Location: The Lair of Time

In the Lair of Time, a place only Kami are allowed to walk, Ryu Bahamut Jr. (formerly Timothy Tristan Jones of Lunar High School), was bewildered. He saw the world of the Resident Evil reality, which called Bio-Terra, but something was wrong. Someone had been turned into an Anthro-Raccoon. Nobody who existed within the main Bio-Terra either.

He didn’t mess around to create this change in a universe-- someone must be time traveling, "This does not bode well…", he muttered.

His platinum wings were shimmering in the small amount of light that the Time Stream gave off. His eyes were illuminated, as they usually were in the darkness of this place. He was so lost in thought, he didn’t hear his father, Ryu Bahamut Sr., better known as just Bahamut, land behind him.

"Another wrinkle in time, son?", the Large Dragon Boomed, surprising his charge.

"Father, don’t scare me like that," the Time God said as he caught his breath. Even though he was indeed Bahamut’s ‘Scales & Blood’, as he put it - despite growing up as a human, mind you - he was still not used to his father’s silent entrances.

Bahamut chuckled, "Sorry son. I sensed it too. You haven’t had to deal with this before, so I should tell you. You need to wait, and see who’s behind this, and deal with it accordingly. You may be a Kami, my son, but your only a beginning one, and therefore susceptible to being captured or used by humans or other beings."

The Toki no Kami nodded. He knew his father was right. He just hoped that his friends he made on Bio-Terra would forgive him.

* * *

Location: ATU HQ - Raccoon City, Illinois

Date: January 3, 1998

It was a normal day in Raccoon City. Albert Wesker & William Birkin were plotting, Umbrella was planning their next Biological Weapon, HCF was behind the scenes somewhere, and James Marcus was fertilizer. All seemed normal for the Midwestern Town. Except in the new corporation’s building…

"How could he have escaped!?", the boss yelled, "I thought you were all on duty!!"

"You were the one who said to let him out to move around everyday. He escaped in that time, sir.", a female accountant said.

The boss blushed, just remembering that, "Well then, it’s of little consequence. There’s not really many places he could go anyway. We need to get a new subject. Namely… This one," he said, showing his agents the picture of a young Asian girl.

The Male agent whistled, "Wow, she’s cute," he said, but immediately regretted it as his teammate clobbered him.

"Don’t worry boss, I know her. I’ll be able to capture her easily," the female agent said.

The Boss smiled as they left, and now, my revenge on Umbrella. Starting with their living experiment… Yoko Suzuki.

* * *

Location: Yoko’s House

Yoko had returned home from the university, smiling to herself, Today’s been a great day. I’ve actually passed my classes early, and don’t have much else planned - I can pursue my career in computers. She thought.

What she didn’t notice was that someone had been following her home. Taking out a strange mask, the girl who was following Yoko clamped it over her face, causing her to pass out. "That was too easy."

* * *

Location: ATU Laboratory

When Yoko had awaken, she found herself in some kind of tube. She felt weird. That’s when she realized she was stripped down to just her underclothes. She noticed something between her fingers…

"Skin?", she wondered idly. Suddenly, she felt warmer, and looked at her body as she was covered with brown fur of some sort. She looked at all of her body she could look at. She was entirely covered with the fur, and was sprouting a long tail, and her nose was starting to change… "What’s happening to me?"

"You’re just becoming another one of our experiments, miss Suzuki."

Yoko couldn’t see very well, as the person was outside the tube, and her vision was distorted. She moaned as two more pairs of breasts grew under her original pair. She now recognized what she had become. An otter. Not knowing much else to do, she hit her tail on the back of the tube-- eventually she hit it with enough force to jar it into opening.

"You get back here," Shouted the scientists.

"Try and stop me!", Yoko shouted back, as she took an inopportune escape route. Finding herself out of town boundaries, she wonders what she can do…

"Why not stay with me, cutie?", a slightly hi-pitched male voice said.

Turning around, she saw a Raccoon man. "Who--Who are you?", she asked.

"My name is Rusty Raccoon. You just escaped from them too, huh? We should stay together until we can find out what happened."

"…Yeah. Alright. But no funny stuff."

This would be the start of a long journey…