Looking Foxy

Ryan Palmer proudly stood before the full-length bathroom mirror. It was the afternoon of his senior prom. Shaved, showered and clad in an expensive tuxedo, the eighteen-year-old was enamoured by his appearance. He felt the four months salary the tuxedo had cost him was more then worth it.

He was a bit nervous, he didn’t have a date, he had wanted to ask Lana Lessing, but every time he got near her, he found himself growing nervous to the point of sweating and shaking. Rumour had it she was dateless as well, something Ryan found particularly hard to believe given how attractive he found her.

He planned to ask her out tonight and hoped he'd get to dance with her. Looking at himself, he felt he looked great and wondered how anyone could resist him. Slyly smiling at his reflection, he winked at himself.

"Well foxy, tonight’s the night. There is no way you’re freaking out around Lana this time," he said, his voice brimming with confidence.

"Hey Ryan, who are you talking to?" a voice from his left said; it was his older brother Stan.

Blushing, Ryan looked to his left at the 24-year-old. Stan was staying home while saving up money before he and his finance got married and moved into their own place.

"Sorry, I guess I got a little caught up in this," Ryan said, hanging his head a bit.

Stan looked his younger brother up and down, nodding happily.

"No need to apologise bro; you look great. That thing must have cost you a fortune!"

"No kidding, it cost me four months salary!"

"Why didn’t you just rent one? Much more affordable that way."

"Well, I kind of want to impress this girl I’ve been wanting to ask out for a long time. I keep getting nervous but this time I know I’m going to do it, I mean," he said, bending down slightly as he smiled and pointed to himself. "How can she resist me when I look this foxy?"

Stan giggled, finding his brothers confidence amusing. He did have to agree Ryan looked great. A tuxedo was a major improvement over his usual worn jeans and a tee shirt.

"What’s so funny?"

"Sorry, you just remind me of how I was on my senior prom. That’s when I finally managed to gather the courage to ask Karen out. Well, good luck bro, who knows, maybe this will lead to something special."

Ryan nodded and gave Stan a thumb up motion with his right hand before heading downstairs to catch the limousine.

He shared the cost of it with his best friend Chris, who was also without a date as well as their friend, Billy who was dating a redhead named Louis. The four talked as the Limousine Driver drove them to an expensive downtown hotel. The drive took nearly an hour, the limousine coming to a halt in front of the entrance to the hotel.

The group departed as the driver held open the door for them, Ryan tipping the driver. Balloons, streamers and banners adorned the entrance of the Hotel and classic music projected a classy atmosphere. A large sign just inside the lobby directed the group to the ballroom where they were holding the prom.

Several students mulled about the lobby, many of them with dates and talking. Ryan felt a bit embarrassed for being without a date and scanned the crowd in search of Lana. Unfortunately, she wasn’t there. Chris and Billy were walking towards the ballroom to sit down for supper so Ryan followed in hopes of finding Lana there.

A few students lined the hallway towards it and you could hear music and people talking through the walls. The group walked towards and through the doors into the room, greeting friends as they walked by them.

Ryan looked around the room as they walked towards their table, finally catching sight of Lana sitting with a couple at a table. She looked lost in thought and seemed bored.

"You guys go on ahead," Ryan said, motioning for Chris and others to sit down so he could walk over to Lana.

"Good luck Ryan. Just remember, don’t try to impress her, just be yourself and don’t give up if she seems uninterested after your first try," Chris said.

Ryan absentmindedly nodded and walked towards Lana’s table. He was nervous as heck; little beads of sweat were forming on his brow as he tried to figure out what to say. In the thirty seconds it took to get to Lana’s table, he must have gone though three dozen scenarios of what he would say or do depending on her actions and reactions.

When he found himself standing directly behind her, her reminded himself of how foxy he knew he looked and that she’d be crazy to turn him down. Slowly walking to her right, he cleared his throat to get her attention.

Lana looked up at him, her blue eyes meeting his brown eyes. Brushing a small strand of red hair that had come lose away from her eyes, she cocked her head slightly as she pondered the young man standing before her.

Ryan looked down at her red dress, it was the perfect length, long enough to cover everything but short enough to keep him interested. A sparkling blue pendant hung from her neck. Ryan had never seen one like that and had a feeling it cost a lot of money. Ryan fumbled as he thought of what to say.

"Hi … I’m Ryan," he said, flubbing slightly. Well, at least it’s a start. Come on Ryan hold it together. You look great and she hasn’t run away or screamed, just relax. Oh man, she's gorgeous, then again so am I. His cheeks were getting red and his necktie felt tight. He fidgeted with it in a desperate attempt to loosen the thing as Lana looked on. Eventually, he gave up and continued. "Sorry, I’m just a bit nervous. I’ve been wanting to talk to you for so long but I always get so nervous." That’s it, you’re doing it. Come on compliment her looks, but do it nicely. "You look great"

"Thank you," the young woman said with a pretty smile. Her perfect pearly white teeth projected a smile that would melt the heart of any guy. "I’ve actually been wanting to talk to you too," Lana answered.

She’s wanted to talk to me. This is amazing! If I’m dreaming, don’t pinch me, as I don’t want to wake up! "Would you like to um, come and sit at my table? I think I can convince my friend to sit here. That’s if you want to and all, I don’t want to force you." More confidence Ryan, you’ve gotten this far, don’t blow it now.

"Sure, I’d love to come and sit at your table," she said. Looking at the couple sitting at her table, she asked them if it was okay with them and the said it was.

Ryan happily led Lana back to the table, holding her left hand in his right. Her hand was smooth and cool, her grip strong yet at the same time delicate. Much to Ryan’s elation, Chris agreed to sit in Lana’s place. As Chris departed, Ryan held his chair for Lana, pushing it in as she sat down.

They talked for a while as they waited for the staff to serve dinner. Ryan got a chicken dinner with rice while Lana got salmon with a side of Caesar salad. Both had coke to drink.

Ryan, always one to love the sweets, orders cheery cheesecake for desert while Lana ordered strawberry pie. They rested for twenty minutes before a DJ started playing dance music and turned on various lights to get a dance going on the ballroom floor.

"Want to dance?" Ryan asked.

"Sure, although I should warn you; I’ve never really danced before so I might step on your feet," Lana answered, blushing slightly.

She said yes, she actually said yes! "That’s okay."

They both stood up and walked towards the floor. Music was playing loudly and it was very bright with a wide assortment of blue, red and yellow lights all over the place. They stood facing each other, holding their arms around each other’s waists. Ryan felt very nervous, as he looked Lana in the eyes. The moment he had dreamed off for months was finally happening!

"You know," Lana started. Ryan noticed her pendant appeared to glow for a second but he dismissed it as one of the lights reflecting off it. "You really do look quite foxy. I wish we had asked each other out sooner," she said.

"Better late then never," Ryan beamed.

As he finished that sentence, Ryan felt a strange cold chill coarse though his body. It quickly faded, although his chest felt itchy. Lana looked on with a smile on her face, her expression reassuring.

"You okay?" she asked.

"Yeah, I’m fine," Ryan answered as he continued dancing; the last thing he wanted was to allow a simple itching to stop this.

For the next ten minutes, he danced with her. His chest was still itchy and he felt warm. He thought it was just the lights but he was sweating a fair bit and the itchiness was spreading. Lana looked at him with concern, although there seemed to be a strange anticipation in her eyes, as though she were expecting something and very much looked forward to it.

Could she be responsible for this? Is she planning to take this to another level? Man this itching is bad and it’s spreading! What is wrong with me? I can’t ignore it anymore!

"Are you okay Ryan? You seem distracted," Lana asked.

"Hun? Yeah, sorry, I’m just feeling a bit funny; maybe I was allergic to something in the food or something. I’m just gonna go to the bathroom for a minute," Ryan said.

"Okay, I’ll wait here," Lana said. The concerned sound of her voice projected compassion and warmth towards Ryan.

Ryan quickly departed, making his way through the sea of people and into the hallway. It was cooler and quieter there, which was somewhat of a relief. Ryan quickly headed towards the bathroom, trying to avoid the curious looks of people in the hallway. By now, he was sweating quite a bit and the itchiness had spread to his upper arms.

He quickly walked into the bathroom, pretending to go to the bathroom until he was alone in there. Once the last guy left, he walked over to the door and locked it, hanging his jacket on a hangar. Quickly running over to the mirror, he unbuttoned his shirt. He nearly gasped at what he saw. A pelt of white fur had engulfed his chest from his shoulders down to his belly. If that weren’t alarming enough, red fur was spreading down his arms!

He rubbed his eyes to make sure he wasn’t seeing things.

Is that fur? Is it real? He nervously touched the fur with his right hand. When his hand met warm, soft fur, he knew it was definitely real! Fear quickly gripped him as the reality of his situation sank in. There was fur on his chest and it was spreading! Man what’s going on? Why is this happening? He considering summoning help but wondered what would happen to him should anyone see this. They’d probably think me a freak and lock me up or worse!

The fur was spreading, making the rest of his arms itch like crazy. Ryan quickly removed his shirt, hanging it up over the jacket. With extreme trepidation, he watched the fur crawl its way down his arms. A close look showed strands of the fur pulling through his skin as the line of fur rapidly progressed. Oh man, it’s spreading! What am I supposed to do. I don’t want this!

Putting his arms at the sides of his head above his ears, his looked at his refection with desperation and confusion in his eyes. The fur was spreading to his hands, turning a dark black colour. Light pads developed on the bottom of his hands as the fur reached his fingers. His fingers thickened slightly and he felt the prick of claws as his fingernails changed.

Having had enough, he rushed over to the door to retrieve and put his clothes back on. He knew he couldn’t stay there with his hands looking like that, so quickly made the decision to leave.

As soon as he was dressed, he heard a knocking on the door. Looking towards the door, he wasn’t sure whether to open it.

"You okay in there Ryan?" It was Lana’s voice. Yeah, I’m fine, if you ignore the fact I’m turning into an animal! This isn’t fair, I finally get the courage to talk to her and this happens to me. When I said I looked foxy, this wasn’t what I had in mind! "Ryan?" her voice called, sounding increasingly concerned. I’m going to have to tell her, I can’t hide this! Oh man what are my parents going to say? Gee Mom and Dad, I don’t mean to alarm you but by this time tomorrow I’m gonna be the family pet instead of getting ready to graduate high school! "Ryan, what’s wrong?"

The fur was spreading down his legs and his tailbone was aching. He had a bad feeling he’d soon have a tail and knew he had to get out of there. Unlocking the door, he opened it before quickly putting his hands in the pockets of the jacket. Lana was standing there, her expression confusing and concern. She looked at his pockets and then at his face, obviously wondering what was happening.

"Sorry, I’m not feeling well, I need to go outside and get some air," he answered. He quickly started walking towards the exit. Lana followed him, quickly catching up. "Ryan, what’s wrong?" Lana pleaded. Looking down at her pendant, and realising what she said to him, she quickly gasped. She didn’t actually think it would do anything, maybe at most give her some luck. When she saw the back of his pants protruding somewhat, she had a very bad feeling of what was going on.

They walked outside and into the cool night. Ryan sat down on a bench a short distance from the door, looking around to see if anyone was watching. The lights and sounds of the city were making him increasingly nervous. His heart rapidly beat and he was on the verge of hyperventilating. There were a few people smoking to his left and knowing they were going to witness him turning into an animal scared the hell out of him.

Lana sat down to his left, putting her cool right hand on his left shoulder.

"Ryan," she asked, looking back and forth before lowering her voice. "What’s wrong? It’s okay, you can tell me."

"Well," Ryan answered; making sure no one was looking before he took his hands out of his pockets. Lana’s eyes went wide when she saw the black furred hands. The bulge at the back of Ryan’s pants was growing increasingly pronounced.

"Ryan, I’m sorry, this is my fault! Come on, let’s go to the room I got and I can explain it," Lana said.

Ryan carefully tucked his hands back into the pockets before they got up. Lana quickly led him to her 12th floor room. Ryan was in considerable pain by the time Lana closed the door behind them. As though demanding freedom from the captivity of his pants, his growing tail pushed against seat of them. Lana quickly closed the blinds.

"It’s okay, you can take off your clothes. I promise I’ll be polite and not stare," Lana said.

Ryan quickly nodded his head and took the jacket, shirt and pants off. By now, he was roasting from the fur. His chest and the rest of his torso were barley recognisable as his own. With his pants off, his long busy white tipped red tail swished freely as it continued it growth.

I have a tail! This is unreal! How am I supposed to explain this? I didn’t ask for this! "Ah man, how far is this gonna go?" he asked, seeing the fur progressing down his legs, white on his inner thighs and red elsewhere. He touched the fur on his chest finding it was very soft and warm. Gently stroking his tail, the strange sensation this new appendage provided temporarily stunned him. It was like having another arm or leg, albeit a fuzzy one. Wait a second, she said this is her fault? Why and how would she do this to me? "Why did you say this is your fault?"

As the fur started spreading up his neck and onto his face, Ryan waited for the answer. He couldn’t believe what was happening. Here he was alone in a hotel room with the girl of his dreams, completely undressed and he was turning into an animal. What should have been his dream was quickly becoming a nightmare.

"You see this pendant of mine?" Lana asked.

White fur was sprouting on Ryan’s jaw and it seemed to be lengthening as red fur sprouted on the upper half of his face. Black hair sprouted on his ears, and he quickly noticed his hearing was getting better. Strange thoughts and instincts were flowing into his mind, furthering his fear.

"Yes, what about it?" he nervously asked.

"Well, it was supposed to give me good luck. It’s my grandmothers and well, I guess it does more then that. I think when I called you foxy, it interpreted it literally!"

Ryan’s jaw was getting longer, his teeth becoming sharp canine teeth as he developed a muzzle. His ears changed into a pointed shape as they moved up his head. He moaned in terror and sadness for the loss of his humanity as his brown eyes turned a golden yellow. His short red hair started growing into long black hair, brushing against his nape as it reached his shoulders. Ryan felt his changing face with his hands, tears forming in his eyes.

"Can you change me back?"

"I’m not sure. I’ll try," Lana answered. Grasping the pendant, she looked at Ryan. "You look very many, like a young human male." Nothing happening, no glow, chill, or anything that would indicate something was working.

"Nothing’s happening! I’m stuck like this! I’m a monster, a freak!" he moaned, looking at the ground.

Lana looked at him with compassion and regret for having caused this. Kneeling down, she gently ran her right index finger down his furry chest before rubbing the bottom of his muzzle to get him to look at her.

"No, Ryan, you’re not," she took his hands into hers and leaned over to him. "Maybe we can still find a way to reverse this. Even if we can’t, we’ll get through this somehow. But you shouldn’t be alone like this," she said. Realising her hands, she reached over her neck and handed the pendant to Ryan. "If you say I’m foxy, it should do the same to me. We can be like this together," she said.

Ryan looked up at his reflection in the mirror across from the bed. The fox man looking back at him seemed like a stranger, as though it weren’t really he. It was difficult to believe that really was him. Now Lana was telling him to do the same thing to her; something he felt even mere mention of unconscionable.

"Lana, look at me, I’m an animal!"

"Ryan, humans are animals too; just a different type of animal."

"Why would you want this? Just because I have to live like this doesn’t mean you do to!"

"My parents have been saying now that I’m 18 and technically an adult, I need to start taking more responsibility. I should have been more careful; it’s not fair you should have to live like this because of my carelessness."

"Well, I kept saying I was foxy, it’s not like you did it all by yourself. I was also the one that asked you to dance and approached you in the first place."

"True, but I brought the pendant. Anyway, think about it this way, you’ll have a female of your new species. That could be a lot of fun."

A female of my new species sounds like fun. However, if she’s willing to be that responsible, I need to be too. I can’t let her do this to herself, no matter how I feel or what my body thinks.

Ryan didn’t realise it but his busy tail was swishing back and forth at the thought of Lana changing herself.

"But Lana, I can’t let you do this to yourself. You’re so beautiful as you are. How could I let you spoil your beauty like this?"

Lana giggled, "I think your body thinks differently," she said, pointing to Ryan’s tail. He looked rather embarrassed and tried to stop it but had little luck.

"Sorry, I guess the idea of a female is exciting but how can I let someone as beautiful as you do this to yourself?"

"I appreciate the comment Ryan. However, you still look great like this. It’s as if the animal aspects of you meld perfectly with the human aspects. I think you look even better now. You deserve someone to be with, to share this experience and learn what it means to be this way. At least this way, it’ll be someone that accepts it willingly."

Ryan pictured her as a fox woman, smiling at how beautiful he imagined she’d look. His tail rapidly beat back and forth. Lana grinned wildly at the action, finding it both cute and amusing.

"Well, okay but before you change, could you do one more thing?" he sheepishly asked.

"What’s that?"

"Could you rub my shoulders and down my back? I know it sounds silly but I want to know how it feels."

"Sure, why not?" she said.

Ryan lay down on his stomach and Lana kneeled over him. Gently, she massaged his shoulders, admiring the softness and warmth of his fur. Ryan, most definitely enjoying the massage closed his eyes and hummed to himself as she slowly massaged down his back. The experience was as amazing for her as it was for him and made her look forward to the form he would soon bestow upon her. The experience was enough to make Ryan enjoy his new form and he quickly found his upset over it fading.

When she finally finished, she stood up before Ryan sat up at the end of the bed to face her.

"Thank you, that was amazing; I had no idea it would feel that great," he said, smiling.

"You’re welcome Ryan. Now, it’s time for me to join you. I’m ready when you are," Lana said.

Holding the pendant, Ryan looked into Lana’s eyes and nodded his furry head.

I’m really going to do this. I’m going to turn her into a fox woman and she wants it! This is going to be weird but fun at the same time. "Okay then … you really are a foxy lady," he said.

The pendant glowed and Lana felt same chill Ryan had. Ryan noticed that his changes had stopped, so it seemed he’d be a fox man rather then a complete animal. He wasn’t sure that was a good thing or a bad thing but was happy he at least had some humanity left.

He helped Lana undo her dress and she removed it, sitting there in her bra and panties. Looking her up and down, he found her beautiful, but something felt missing. He had a strange feeling that something wouldn’t be missing for long.

"You really are beautiful. If this weren’t happening to me and wasn’t about to happen to you … this might be a night we’d be bragging about for years to come," Ryan said.

Lana giggled as white fur sprouted around her navel. Looking down at it, she lowered her right hand, gently stroking the fur as it quickly spread. Tufts of it poked through the space between her fingers as it spread.

"Somehow, I have a feeling we’ll remember this night for years to come," she said.

Ryan watched as the silky cream fur quickly spread up her chest and around her torso, where it turned a brilliant shade of red. It soon spread down her arms, giving her the same black gloved look he had. A long bushy white tipped red tail soon rippled through the seat of her panties. Lana blushed as the undergarments fell to the ground with her tail happily swishing behind her. Ryan couldn’t help but reach over and stroke her tail, much to Lana’s enjoyment.

Red fur soon encompassed her legs, quickly spreading down like a warm blanket to her feet where they formed a pair of cute black socks. As with his, her feet remained plantigrade. Soon, it spread to her face, giving her a muzzle, fox ears, luscious long yellow hair and baby blue eyes.

Her own changes complete, Lana stood there, looking Ryan over. He quickly reciprocated the action. Her tail beat back and forth, as did Ryan’s.

"You’re still beautiful," Ryan sheepishly said.

"And you’re still foxy," she playfully responded.

"How are we gonna explain this to our friends, not to mention our families? I just can imagine that call. Mom, Dad, we’re on our way home but before we get there, you need to know that we’re fox people now."

Lana put her hands on Ryan’s shoulders, gently lowering her muzzle behind his right ear.

"Oh," Lana started, sitting next to Ryan, "I’m sure we’ll think of something."

Ryan took her right hand with his, turning around and kissing her, the two soon putting their arms around each other’s backs and embracing each other in a deep kiss, adoring the feeling of their fur against each other.

While they didn’t know what the future would hold for them, somehow, they knew this was the beginning of a long and interesting relationship.