The Lutra stone

"Can we go to the zoo tomorrow daddy?"

He turned toward her, disappointment on his face.

"I'm sorry dear, but I have to work tomorrow, they just called."

"But daddy, you promised!" she said, her eyes starting to fill with tears.

It upset Sandra to no end that Jim was always too busy with work to spend time with her. While she had friends, it just wasnít the same.

She knew that Jim wasn't happy about it. He always seemed to put off doing something with her. His work however, always gave him so much work to do that he couldnít keep his promises.

This week was not an exception. Jim had told her that he was going to be able to spend time with her on Saturday. Jimís work had dashed those plans again.

"I'm sorry honey, maybe next week," he said. "I called Mr. Smith, he said he could take you with his kids, I know it wont be the same, but at least you'd get to go."

While Sandra was happy that sheíd get to go to the Zoo, going this way wasnít as good.

"I guess so. I wish we could spend more time together, your work is mean, they never let you have fun," Sandra said.


"I know, but I need to work so we can have this house, and so we can eat."

"But can't you ask them to be nicer to you, itís not fair how much work they give you. How do they expect you to have fun when youíre always working?" she asked.

Sandra knew that Jimís job was sort of like schoolwork. She hated getting homework. Everyone told her to work hard now so she wouldnít have to work as hard later. However, Sandra preferred playing to school. She didnít want to be boring when she grew up.

Whatís the point of working if all it does is get you more work?

Jim petted Sandra on the head before he continued. "It's hard to explain, I'm doing the work of several people. Itís like working alone on a school project where you need three or four people."

"Why canít they someone to help you?" Sandra asked.

There were games Sandra couldnít play alone or with just one or two friends. She saw the solution as simple. If you needed more people then just, get more people.

"They can't afford to hire more people," Jim said.

Sandra had an allowance and Jim had told her that he couldnít afford some things in life. However, Sandra always heard that places where grownups went to do work had much more money then she or her father did. If they didnít have enough money, Sandra wondered why the people that made the money didnít just make more and asked Jim about it.

"Itís because the more of something there is, the less valuable it is. Having something is cooler if itís hard to get it. If everyone had more money, people would buy more stuff. If there wasnít more stuff, a few people would get it all and there wouldnít be stuff for anyone else."

"Yeah, I guess so. But why do you have to do some much work?" Sandra asked.

"Itís like doing a project when youíre alone but the teacher still wants you to do as much work as you would if you had three or four people in a group," Jim said.

"It still isn't fair, you never get to have any fun! Theyíre mean!" she said.

"I know, but there is nothing anyone can do about it", he responded.

Sandra wasn't mad at her father. She knew his job kept him from spending more time with her. She wished that she could think of a solution.

* * *

The next day Sandra had breakfast with Jim. He apologized for not being able to come with her and wished that he could. She said she understood that it wasn't his fault, but in her mind wished that there were a way for him to come.

The Zoo was quiet. There were few people there and there was an eerie silence. Sandra felt as though someone were watching her. She kept thinking about the fun that Jim's job denied him.

Her favorite animals at the Zoo were the otters. She wasted them swim and play in their habitat for almost 30 minutes before Mr. Smith told her that it was time to see the other animals. While Sandra wanted to stay and watch the otters, she didn't want to make a scene.

As she walked away, she saw something sparkling on the ground by the tank. She walked up to it, and picked it up, finding it a stone with odd markings that she couldn't identify.

"What did you find?" Mr. Smith asked.

"I donít know, it's some kind of stone. Look at the writing on it," Sandra responded.

As she looked at the markings on the stone, it started to glow and felt warm in her hands.

"Somethingís happening," she said.

The stone shined and it started humming. Sandra dropped it. Its glow intensified, cycling between blue, red and green before repeating. Sandra stood there in awe of what was happening before her. The stone spun like a top out of control before it disintegrated in a bright flash of light.

That was cool!

It wasn't over. The dust from the stone settled on the ground where it formed the expression make a wish. Sandra felt beckoned by this. She wasnít sure what to think of it but didnít want to waste the chance at getting a wish.

"I wish that my dad had more free time so that we could spend more time with the otters. "When she finished speaking, the dust glowed and re-shaped itself. Before Sandra's amazed eyes, the dust formed the expression your wish is granted before it blew away in a gust of wind.

That was cool.

Mr. Smith stood there trying to figure out what happened, "I think we'd better go home, this isn't right".

"Oh, okay", she said.

* * *

Jim typed away at the computer. He couldn't stop thinking of how disappointed Sandra was.

His face felt itchy so he scratched it. He almost fell out of his chair when he felt soft and thick fur. He didn't want to alarm anyone, so he made his way to the bathroom to get a look in the mirror to see what was going on. As he walked, he heard his co-workers speaking.

"This is amazing. I canít believe we missed this in the budget," one man said.

"We should be able to hire several new people now. This is great, it will take a lot of the work load off of everyone," another man said.

Jim was too preoccupied with the pressure in his jaw to think much about what the guys were saying.

What the hell is wrong with my face? Did I just think a curse word? Jim blinked his eyes and shook his head, something he hadnít of done in years. Cursing was something he knew was wrong. He was happy that heíd managed to avoid saying the word aloud.

As he arrived in the bathroom, his co-workers, David and Fred were washing their hands. They looked at Jim, panicked and ran out.

What's their problem?

When Jim looked in the mirror, he had to grab his mouth to prevent himself from screaming. Brown fur had covered his entire face! Worse, he had a muzzle, complete with small and black nose.

As he touched it as though to confirm its reality, whiskers emerged from it.

This isnít happening; the stress is just getting to me.

His hair starting to grow and change color. Years of stress relating balding corrected itself, albeit not how Jim would have planned on. His hair became full, longer, and to his surprise (yet, as strange as it seemed, not shock), blonde!

Since when am I blonde? Yet, why does it look and feel so ... right? In fact, it looks perfect. Wait a second, what am I thinking?

Indeed, Jim didnít know where those thoughts came from. He however, didnít find them offensive. If anything, they seemed to comfort him.

His ears twitched. Jim grabbed them as he shook from the confusion over what was happening to him. His ears however, seemed to have mind of their own. Jim felt them reshape into a round fur covered form before they moved to the top of his head.

Jim saw something in his eyes as he released his ears and gazed into the mirror. Something about them displayed innocence, something Jim hadnít felt in a while. For a few brief seconds, Jim seemed to have found something heíd lost. It was a wonderful feeling.

As it faded, Jim stood looking at his face. It showed little sign of its former form and shape. He did notice one benefit; his new nose seemed to have a much better sense of smell. Perhaps though, being in a bathroom perhaps did more harm them good. His new ears seemed to be able to hear much better, allowing him to pick up conversations in the office.

"This is a miracle. Weíll be able to get the job done much quicker now," one man said.

"Just wait until Jim sees this. He wonít have to put in all this overtime anymore. Heck, he can even take a vacation," Jimís boss said.

"Sir, speaking of Jim, Fred and I saw Jim in the bathroom and something was going on," David said.

Okay, they know. So what am I supposed to do now?

Jim had been admiring the changes, and trying to figure out what do to next when they started to spread.

Light brown fur started growing down his neck. His chest itched and felt warm and his clothes seemed to be getting loose on him.

The mirror and counter were getting higher. It didnít take Jim long to realize that it wasn't the room or his clothes that were growing, but he that was shrinking!

His shoes were now several sized too big for him. Jim felt like a child wearing his parentís shoes. He stepped out of his shoes and found that his socks were hanging off his feet.

Fur proceeded to grow down his arms, reaching his hands. He kept shrinking to the point where his pants fell down around his ankles. He would have been worried about modesty, but he had shrunk so much that his shirt covered him anyway.

The fur continued down his chest, eventually reaching his belly. As it reached his manhood, Jim felt strange.

Oh no, not that. Of all things to mess with, don't mess with that!

It however, was too late; any sign of his being male were gone. Jim felt dizzy for a few seconds before finding that being a girl was somehow normal. While he knew how it felt to be a man, his current gender seemed natural.

Iím a girl. It feels normal to be a girl. Wearing pink doesnít seem so bad. Why am I in the menís restroom? Iíll get into trouble if they catch me!

The fur growth proceeded down his legs. He felt a pulling over his rear, as he reached back to feel what was going on, a large, streamlined and furry tail grew out from him. It ended up being nearly as long as his torso before it stopped growing.

Oh my Gosh, I have a tail! Jimís mind again reeled. When the sensation cleared, having a tail felt natural. He wondered how heíd ever managed without one.

The fur continued down his legs. When it reached his feet, Jim felt them reshaping them. He stepped out of his pants and pulled his socks off to get a look at his feet. When he saw furry 3-toed feet, with pads on the bottom, Jim gasped.

How am I going to deal with all of this fur? Taking a shower will take forever! Jim shook his head. He started wonder how he ever managed with just having some body hair. Fur was so much prettier and would keep him warm on winter nights. Iím thinking like the person Iím becoming. Yet, it feels right.

Jim realized that, while he perhaps was thinking a bit different, the thoughts didnít seem alien to him. They felt like the thoughts he'd have had if heíd been born this way. Jim was still Jim, just a girl version.

He seemed to have stopped shrinking. He stood there, standing on top of his pants before climbing up onto the counter and looking at himself in the mirror. His reflection was that of a female otter person. Jim wasnít sure how he knew, but his mind told him that he had regressed to a ten-year-old.

"Okay, so I'm a little furry girl, what am I supposed to do now?" she said to herself as she observed her reflection.

Jim realized that her voice sounded different. It was similar to Sandraís but also different. Again, the voice didnít sound odd to Jim. She knew how she used to sound but her current voice felt right for her body.

She climbed of the counter and walked over to the door to the bathroom, peering out. The idea of someone catching her in the menís room was not pleasant.

Jim tried to figure out how she was going to explain this not just to her co-workers but to Sandra. Looking herself over, she reached under her shirt and petted the fur on her chest, giggling at how warm and nice it felt. She knew that she had to get home. An idea struck her; she walked over to her pants, and reached into the pocket, picking out her wallet. Her shirt had pockets in it, so she stuck the wallet into one of them.

Several people were standing by the bathroom when Jim walked into the hall.

Oh no, they caught me in the menís room! No, itís okay; I was a man when I entered it, so itís okay.

"What, who are you?" Jimís boss asked.

"Donít Ďya recognize me?" Jim asked.

"Young lady, I donít know how you got in here but this isnít a place for kids," Jimís boss said.

"I wasnít a kid until a few minutes ago. I know that was the boys room but I was a boy when I went in," Jim said with a giggle.

"Jim? What happened to you?"

Jim ran over to her boss and hugged his leg. "I dunno, but I like it!"

"Okay Jim, if that really is you and not some kid in a costume, then letís just sit down," Jimís boss said.

"Na, I gotta go anyway," Jim said.

Before anyone else could react, Jim realized her boss and ran out of the office. She didnít wanted to get home to Sandra

When she got outside, the sun felt warm. She could smell things that she never had smelled before. As well, she could hear a lot better. She walked down the street towards the bus stop. The bus home had a route that stopped close to her house.

As she walked up to the stop, she noticed everyone was staring at her. Given that it's not every day you see an otter girl, she couldn't blame them. She wasn't the only one at the bus stop; there was an old lady and little girl there. They were both fascinated by her, the little girl kept petting her head and the old lady commented on her cute costume. Jim didnít want to tell them the truth, so decided to go along with what they thought she was.

When the bus arrived, the bus driver took one look at her, and almost passed out.

"Itís for a costume party. Do ya like it Mister?" Jim asked.

Talking like that seemed to come naturally. Jim knew sheíd changed but it didnít bother her.

"It looks real. Where did you get it?" The driver asked.

Jim grinned. "Itís a secret."

Jim paid the fare, a childís fare, and took a seat.

The bus ride was uneventful with the occasional kid wanting to pet her, which she allowed. The bus arrived at her stop and she got off. She walked up to her house, and she saw that Mr. Smithís car was there.

The moment of truth.

Sandra was sitting on the couch watching TV with Mr. Smith when Jim walked in.

"Who Ö what is that?" Mr. Smith asked.

"David, it's me Jim!" he said.

"Jim?" he responded. He was about to say that was impossible when he remembered Sandra's wish. Sandra stepped off the couch and ran over to the otter girl.

"Daddy?" she said.

"Yes Sandra it's me," Jim said before grinning. "Ainít it neat! Iím an otter girl!"

"Cool! My wish came true!" Sandra said as hugging Jim.

"Sandra, what do ya mean by 'our wish came true," Jim asked.

Sandra told Jim about the stone and her wish.

"Well, now we can play with each other and ya can see an otter. So, it did come true. The work guys even said they can get more help so Iím not leaving and making them do all the work," Jim said.

Sandra kept smiling. Jim appreciated the girlís innocence. Such an event should have driven him insane from the impossibility of it. Yet, Jim felt different now. Perhaps it had driven her insane and this new way of thinking was a result. Jim didnít seem to care though.

"So what am I supposed to wear now? I can wear this huge shirt or be naked!" Jim asked.

Jim realized that he could wear a dress and for a second, considered it. However, it just didnít seem suitable for play. Jim was a little nervous at the idea of his being able to dress like a girl but the idea didnít offend him.

She wasn't sure she had anything in her room that would fit, but decided to look anyway. She walked upstairs to her room, and when she got there, she got another surprise. Her entire room had changed. Someone or perhaps the same something that had changed Jim had decorated his room like a girlís.

"That is so cool!" Jim said.

Jim wouldnít have felt right in her old room. That was a room for a grownup boy, not an otter girl.

Someone or something had loaded her clothes drawer with clothes suited for her new body. She looked through the pants drawer, finding that all of the pants even had tails holes. Not knowing what else to do, she tried on a pair of the pants as well as one of the shirts, finding that they fit.

She walked downstairs, and Sandra hugged. "Thatís perfect Ö Ďsis".

Jimís eyes went wide. "ísis?"

"Well ya, youíre a girl now, so weíre like sisters. Um, of thatís okay?" Sandra asked.

Jim thought about it. She realized that the idea made her happy. While sheíd lost her humanity and masculinity, if it meant she could play with Sandra and make up for those times sheíd been away, Jim felt that it was worth it.

Any worry over how this would effect Jimís future evaporated in favor of spending time with Sandra. It was something that Jim hadn't done in a long time and had wanted to do. Having an excuse made Jim feel a happiness that she hadnít in a long time.

Jim and Sandra headed for the playground where they played for four hours.

Jim realized a problem. She couldn't go to work anymore like this, so how was she going to pay the bills. And who was going to look after her and Sandra? On their way home she expressed this concern.

Sandra hugged her, "donít worry we'll be fine." Jim wondered if Sandra had a plan.

When they got home, Jim received another surprise. Nora, his ex wife, Sandra's mother greeted them at the door. She seemed to understand what was going on.

"Jim, is that you?" Nora asked.

"Yes it is, but how did you know," Jim responded.

"I was the one that placed the stone that Sandra found and made the wish on. I knew that you wanted to spend more time more time with her, and I felt guilty for leaving you alone to raise a child. So I found a perfect solution. You see the spell still has yet to complete".

"What's left?" Jim responded.

Nora looked at Sandra who was now itching herself. Jim could see fur that looked just like hers did growing all over Sandra's body. Sandra at first seemed scared. Once she saw that she was becoming an otter girl like Jim now was, she beamed.

"Cool," Sandra said.

Jim watched as Sandra grew increasingly excited as her features became more like Jimís. Her face pulled out into a muzzle, with her ears moving to the top of her head and becoming round. Her pants ripped as she sprouted a tail. Her nose became small and black as her muzzle completed forming. Long whiskers grew out from the side of her muzzle. As her changes completed, Jim couldn't help but run over to her and give her a hug, which she happily returned. Jim realized something. She was about to express her concerns when she saw that Nora had changed. Standing before Jim and Sandra was a beautiful otter woman.

"Now you and Sandra can play all of the time. Although, since you're a girl, we canít go calling you Jim. How does Jane sound?" Nora asked as she walked up to and hugged them.

Jim rubbed her chin and smiled. "Jane the otter. I like it."

"Great. The spellís just about complete, just one more part," she said.

The world around them started to get fuzzy, and seemed to fade out. For a few short seconds, darkness surrounded them. A new world formed around them. The three of them appeared in the back yard of a big house. Another adult otter morph, a male walked up to the three of them and kissed Nora before hugging Jim and Sandra.

"Welcome home," he said.

Jane felt odd thinking of Nora as a mother rather then a wife. That feeling faded when she realized that Nora and Sandra had solved her problem. A sense of liberation came over her.

A final reeling went through Janeís mind. She now saw the male otter as her father and Nora as her mother. She knew the way things were but the way things had become felt right.

She felt at peace, and could now spend lots of time with Sandra. The magic that changed everyone had reunited her with Nora, even if in an unusual form.

The world they had been transported to was one where humanoid animals where normal.

In the next yard over, Jane saw two gray furred raccoon boys that seemed to be around eight and ten years old playing catch.

Theyíre cute. Wait, did I just think of boys as cute?

Seeing boys as cute was little disconcerting to Jane. She however, realized that as a girl, her liking boys was normal.

I know how boys think. Theyíre gonna love me!

When the raccoon kids saw the Jane and Sandra, they climbed the fence to greet them. Sandra jumped back a bit as the two raccoons approached them. Jane giggled.

"Itís okay, theyíre just boys, they donít bite," Jane said.

Jane looked at the two, feeling a little nervous when she was almost nose to nose with them.

"Um, you donít bite Ö right?" Jane asked.

"Do you want us to bite?" The younger (and closest) one asked.

The older one stepped in front of the younger. Jane considered kissing him just to freak him out but didnít want to alarm Sandra.

"No, thatís okay," Jane said.

"Hi, Iím Quinn and this is my brother Sammy. Youíre kinda cute," Quinn said.

"Er um Ö thanks," Jane said.

Jane felt the blood rushing to her face. She started to realize the attention girls received that boys often didnít. She wasnít used to being on the other side of the fence. However, if it meant she could spend time with Sandra, Jane felt it was worth it.

Besides, she realized that hearing a boy say she was cute felt good. If nothing else, it did wonders for her self-confidence. Acting on impulse, she hugged both Quinn and Sammy at once.

She was about to ask them if they wanted to play when Sandra pulled on her tail.

"Jane what are you doing? Theyíre boys! Boys are weird and they got cooties!"

"Oops, my bad, sorry," Jane said.

She backed off, but winked at the raccoon kids. They could play baseball or video games together some day once Sandra was ready to be around boys. Jane looked forward to that. She realized that her paternal instinct to protect her daughter was still there. It however, had changed perspective. Jane still wanted to protect Sandra, but now she saw Sandra as a younger sister that Jane wouldnít let anyone hurt or come between. Even if Jane wanted to play with Quinn and Sammy, sheíd never do it if it would upset Sandra.

Together Jane and Sandra ran into the house giggling.

"Boys are fun? Youíre weird," Sandra said.

"Yeah, I know. But, theyíre not so bad once you get to know Ďem," Jane said. Jane worried that Sandra was growing concerned. "Donít worry Ďsis, Iíd never let a boy come between us."

Sandra nodded. "I know. Just checking."

As Jim and Sandra walked into the house, their parents told them that it was bath time. Both of them felt a love for water. For Jane and Sandra, there would be no resistance to taking a bath.

After taking their clothes off and running upstairs, Sandra realized that she had gotten her wish. Jane now had all the time in the world to spend with Sandra. At the same time, she could time be with an otter.

In many ways, Jane had also gotten her wish. She now had all the time in the world to spend with Sandra as well as her youth back. She did however, remember lessons sheíd learned growing up as a human male, which she felt would make things easier. If having all of this meant being a girl this time around, Jane knew sheíd get used to it.

Right now however, Jane had but one plan, to enjoy every moment of her new life.