Lutra Lotion

It was a warm, hot and very dry day. To make matters worse, the power was out and had been out for the past 2 hours. Zack was lying in his backyard on a lawn chair in the shade trying to cool off. With the power off the stuff in his refrigerator wasn’t cool anymore and it was so hot out that the water from the tap was warm. He lay there for what felt like hours trying to cool off, but it was to no avail.

Hoping to help relieve the heat, he decided to drive down to a nearby-forested area and take a walk in it. The forest was very thick in parts, so he figured it would be a perfect place to get some shade.


While he drove down, he had the air conditioning in the car on. He was thankful that at least the cars air conditioning still worked. After 15 minutes he finally arrived at the forest. He found a good parking place and got out of the car, locked it up and walked into the forest. The tree’s provided plenty of shade, which cooled him down considerably.

After a couple of hours of walking, he was getting tired. He lay down in front of a tree, using its trunk for support and was just about to close his eyes when something caught his eye. In the distance, someone or something was watching him. He got up and looked at whoever it was and saw that they appeared to be waving at him. Worried that there was an emergency or something, he ran towards the person in hopes of finding out what they wanted. The person stood their ground and continued to wave at him. When he was close enough to see them clearly, he stopped dead in his tracks. It wasn’t a person at all, but it wasn’t an animal. He rubbed his eyes to make sure he wasn’t hallucinating and sure enough he wasn’t. Standing only a few meters before him was what appeared to be a humanoid otter, a female humanoid otter. She was the size of a human, and walked on two feet like a human. Her entire body was covered in fur, which was dark brown on his arms back, legs and sides and light brown on her chest and inner thighs. She had the muzzle and whiskers of an otter and her ears looked more otter then human. She had an interesting odor that was like a combination of a mild musk and honey, which actually formed a very interesting and pleasing smell. To top of it off, she wasn’t wearing any clothes. Zack knew he should have ran, seeing a humanoid otter standing before him apparently summoning him was not exactly something you expected to happen outside of a fairy tale. But the site of her mesmerized him. She looked him over, giggled and then motioned for him to follow her before she ran towards what appeared to be a clearing, giggling the entire way.

Zack stood motionless for several seconds.

“Should I follow her?” he thought. He had seemingly nothing to lose, so he decided to do just that and walked in the direction she had run. After 30 seconds or so, he came to what appeared to be a clearing, but what was in actuality a small lake with a small beach surrounding it. He could hear splashing in the water and saw that it was the otter swimming. He looked around and saw a lawn chair on the beech with an umbrella over it. He was still pretty tried, so he figured

“why not?” and walked over to the chair. When he got to the chair, he sat down on it then lay back and completely relaxed. The otter walked out of the water towards him and giggled.

“Who are you?” Zack asked.

“You look tired why don’t you take a nap and I’ll explain then.” She said.

“Okay” Zack said before closing his eyes and drifting off to sleep.


He awoke what seemed to be an hour or two later. Although it had cooled down a bit, it was still very warm. He opened his eyes and sat up. The female otter immediately ran up to him and very enthusiastically said

“hi!” Zack looked at his watch and saw that he had been sleeping for about 90 minutes.

“So you weren’t just a dream,” he said.

“Nope, I’m real.” She responded.

“If only you knew how happy that makes me.” Zack said. The female otter smiled and gently petted his chest. Zack relaxed and lay back down with his hands behind his head.

“So who are you and where did you come from?” he asked.

“My name is Samantha. I’ve lived in these woods for years” she responded.

“Were you always like this?” Zack asked.

“I used to be a human like you, then one day I was taking a walk in these woods and saw a pair of otters swimming in this very lake. They ran up to me and let me pet them. Something was strange; one of them was carrying something that was glowing. I wasn’t sure what it was. One of them gave it to me. As soon as I touched it, I started to change and ended up like this. I knew I couldn’t return to society looking like this, so I decided to ‘go wild’. It’s actually not too bad; there are plenty of rivers with fish that keep me fed and my fur protects me against the weather. But it does get kind of lonely” Samantha responded.

“You really are very beautiful. I know this may be a strange question, but can I pet you?” Zack asked. Samantha giggled and knelt down.

“Thank you. To answer you question, yes can pet me” she responded. Zack did so. Her fur was very soft and warm. He could tell just how much she enjoyed it and he realized something. He didn’t want to leave her alone there.

He had been petting her for several minutes when he realized he needed to get home. He stood up and gently petted her on the head and scritched her behind the ears.

“Samantha, I need to get home. But I can’t just leave you here like this. Come home with me.” Zack said.

“I appetite the offer Zack, but this is my home now.” Samantha said.

“I have a question then. Can you make me like you so I can stay here with you?” he asked.

“It is possible, but are you sure that’s what you want Zack? If I make you like me you’ll never be able to go home, this will be your home.” Samantha said.

“I know. Please I want to be like you, you’re so beautiful and I could never live with myself if I left you here alone.” Zack said.

“Okay” Samantha said.

“So what do I need to do?” Zack asked.

“It’s actually quite simple. I have a lotion that if I spread it all over your body then let you drink some of my milk, you will be changed just like me.” Samantha said.

“Cool!” Zack said.

“I just need to get the lotion and a cup for the milk. I have both in a bag. I’ll be back in a few minutes.” She said.

“Okay” Zack said. As she walked away he lay back and smiled. This was going to be great, she wouldn’t have to be alone anymore and he would get to live with her. She was gorgeous and he looked forward to having children with her.

“What am I thinking? Children? I’ve never thought of that before.” He thought.

A few minutes later, she came back with a bottle and small cup in hand.

“Welcome back. So what do I need to do?” Zack said.

“First thing you need to do is to take off your clothes and lay on your stomach. I will massage this lotion all over your body. It will absorb in pretty quickly. Once that’s done, simply drink a cup full of my milk and it will begin.” She said. Zack nodded his head and immediately stripped and lay on his stomach on the chair he had been laying on.

“This will feel a bit warm, but don’t worry. It’s not burning your skin, and the warmth will pass quickly.” Samantha said.

“Okay” Zack said.

She squirted some of the lotion onto his back and began to massage it in. She was right, it did feel warm. The feel of her paws against his skin was incredible. Once she had covered his back with the lotion, she began to massage it onto his arms and hands, massaging it around each finger carefully. His arms and back felt very warm and tingly. She began to massage the lotion up his neck and into the hair on the top and back on his head and onto his ears. She the squirted more of it onto his lower back and massages it onto his buttocks and down his legs and onto his feet, making sure to cover each toe. He lay there, enjoying the feeling of the warmth and tingling the lotion generated.

“Excellent! It’s absorbed into your skin, turn around onto your back” Samantha said. Zack blushed slightly and turned around onto his back.

“Excellent.” She said as she squirted the lotion onto his stomach. She gently began to rub it into his chest. His chest felt warm and tingly as she did do. She rubbed the lotion onto the front side of his arms and hands, covering each finger carefully. Squirting more lotion onto his neck, she rubbed it in and began to rub it onto his face. She covered his nose, mouth and the rest of the front of his face. Finally, she squirted more onto the bottom of his chest and rubbed it into the front of his legs and down them, covering the front of his feet before massaging it onto his manhood. Zack lay there and smiled.

“That felt great!” he said.

“The best parts about to happen” she said as she squirted some of her milk into the cup. The lotion on his front had absorbed itself into his skin, so she handed the cup to him.

“Drink this and it will begin” she said. He took the cup and said

“thank you” before drinking down the milk. The milk was warm and very rich and tasted incredible.

“It should begin any second now,” she said.

He felt a wave of dizziness followed by a sudden hot flash and wave of euphoria.

“Whoa. I feel incredible,” he said. Samantha smiled and rubbed his chest, noticing that light brown fur was beginning to grow on it. The fur grew quickly and in a matter of 20 seconds, his chest was covered in a pelt of light brown fur. Dark brown fur began growing on his legs, arms, face, feet, back, sides and hands.

“I feel so warm,” he said. She petted the fur on his chest.

“That feels amazing,” he said. As the dark brown fur on his legs, arms, face, feet, back, sides and hands thickened into a pelt, he face began to feel funny and started pushing out into a muzzle. His ears felt strange and shifted position to the top of his head, becoming small and round. When his muzzle had finished forming, whiskers grew out from the side of it and his teeth changed shape, becoming much sharper. Small claws began grow on the tips of his fingers as a webbing developed between each finger. His feet underwent similar changes as webbing grew between each toe. His sense of smell and hearing increased in strength by a factor of 10. Sounds that were only whispers could be heard clearly and smells that were only minor were now fully robust. He felt a tingling at the base of his spine as a long, furry and strong tail with dark brown fur on top and light on the bottom grew in. His changes seemed complete and Samantha looked him over and smiled. With his new enhanced sense of smell, he breached deeply and took in the smells of the forest, including Samantha’s scent.

“You look incredible,” she said.

“Thank you” he said as he walked over to her and hugged her.

“Welcome to my world” she said.

“Thank you for making me like you” he said as he gently ran a claw up and down the small of her back.

The two of them turned towards the lake and walked into it holding hands. Samantha had finally found a mate and Zack had found a way to cool down in the heat and keep Samantha company. Just before they submerged into the water to swim, they hugged eachother and kissed.