The Lutra stone

Sandra's father always seemed to busy with work, he never had time to spend with her. It always upset her. She had friends, but was always annoyed that her father never had time to spend with her. He wasn't happy about it, he always said "tomorrow", but always was annoyed by how his workload prevented him from being able to spend time with her. This week he told her that he was going to be able to spend time with her on Saturday. Friday came and she was excited.

"So can we go to the zoo tomorrow daddy?" she asked him that evening. He turned to her, with a very disappointed look on his face.

"I'm sorry dear, but I have to work tomorrow, they just called!".

"But daddy! Your promised!" she said, her eyes starting to fill with tears.

"I'm sorry honey, maybe next week", he said, trying to console her. It helped a bit, but she was still upset.

"I called Mr. Smith, he said he could take you with his kids, I know it wont be the same, but at least you'd get to go.".

"I guess so", she responded.

"I wish we could spend more time together, your work is mean, they never let you have fun." He couldn't help but agree with her, but at the same time had to make sure not to show contempt for his job, it did put a roof over his head and put food on the table.

"I know, I know, but unfortunately I need to work so we can have this house, and so we can eat.".

"But can't you ask them to be nicer to you, it’s not fair how much homework they give you, how do they expect you to relax when your always working?", she asked. Petting her on the head, he continued.

"It's hard to explain, I'm doing the work of several people, they can't afford to hire more people, normally I should only have half the work load I do. It would be like a class with only 1/5 the normal amount of students, but the teacher still expecting the class to do as much work as a normal amount of students combined so everyone would end up with 5 times the normal work.".

"It still isn't fair, you never get to have any fun! Their mean!" she said. "I know, but there is nothing anyone can do about it", he responded.

Sandra wasn't mad at her father, she could tell that he wanted to spend time with her, and could tell how stressed out his job made him, but she couldn't think of a solution.

The next day she had breakfast with her father. He again said that he was sorry he could not come with her and wished that he could. She said she understood that it wasn't his fault, but in her mind she wished that there was a way for him to come with her. The zoo was unusually quiet, there were very few people there and there was an errie silence. Sandra felt as if she was being watched somehow. She kept thinking about how much her dad would enjoy this, and wished he were there. Her favorite animals at the zoo were the otters, when she arrived at the otter habitat, she stood there watching them in fascination for nearly 30 minutes. Mr. Smith told her that it was time to see the other animals. She wanted to stay and watch the otters some more, but didn't want to make a scene. As she started to walk away, she saw something sparkling on the ground by the tank. She walked up to it, and picked it up, it was a stone. It has odd markings on it's, markings that she couldn't identify.

"What did you find?" Mr. Smith asked.

"I don’t know, it's some kind of stone, and look at the markings on it." Sandra responded. As she looked at the markings on the stone, it started to glow oddly, and felt warm in her hands.

"Something happening!", she said. The stone glowed brightly, she tried to drop it, as she let go of it, it started humming. It’s glow increased in intensity, glowing several different colors, blue then red then green then repeating. Sandra stood there in awe of what was happening before her. The stone started to spin wildly and disintegrated in a bright flash of light.

"Wow, that was cool!", Sandra said, but it wasn't over. The dust from the stone settled on the ground, forming the words 'make a wish'. Sandra didn't know what to think of this, so she went ahead and made her wish.

"I wish that my dad had more free time, and that I could spend more time with the otters". As she finished speaking, the dust glowed brightly, then re-shaped itself, forming the words

"Your wish is granted", before vanishing.

"That was cool!" Sandra said. Mr. Smith stood there, trying to figure out what had just happened,

"I think we'd better go home, this isn't right".

"Well, okay", she said.

Sandra's father typed away at the machine, he couldn't stop thinking of how disappointed Sandra must have been that he wasn't with her. His face was starting to feel itchy so he reached up to scratch it. He nearly fell out of his chair when he felt soft and thick fur. He didn't want to alarm anyone, so he slowly made his way to the bathroom so he could get a look in the mirror to see what was going on. As he walked there he could hear his co-workers ramblings, and could feel his face contorting and pushing itself it.

"What the hell is going on?" he said to himself. As he arrived at the bathroom, two people were washing their hands. They took one look at him, panicked and ran out.

"What's their problem?" he said to himself as he walked into the bathroom, and towards the mirror. What he saw in the mirror shocked him so much he had to grab his mouth to prevent himself from screaming. His entire face was covered in brown fur, and his nose and mouth looked almost animal like. He had a muzzle, and his nose was small and black, as he felt it and examined it, whiskers grew out from it. His hair starting to grow and change color. He didn't have much hair, but that was certainly being rectified, his hair became much more full and longer, and blonde!

"blonde? Um okay", he said to himself as it watched it grow. His ears started to twitch and almost shaking, he grabbed them, but they seemed to have mind of their own, reshaping, becoming large, round and furry before moving to the top of his head. Even his eyes seemed bigger, almost cartoon character like. He stood there looking at his face, it showed little sign of its former form and shape. He did notice one benefit, his new nose seemed to have a much better sense of smelling and his new large ears seemed to be able to hear much better.

"So what am I supposed to do now?", he said to himself, his voice sounding very different, almost like Sandra's.

He had been standing there, admiring the changes, and trying to figure out what do to next when they started to spread. Light brown fur started to grow down his neck, his chest began to get very itchy and warm, and his clothes seemed to be getting loose on him. The mirror seemed to be getting higher, it didn’t take him long to realize that it wasn't the room or his clothes that were growing, but he that was shrinking! The fur proceeded to grow down his arms, reaching his hands, reforming them into almost cartoon character like shape of 3 fingers and a thumb. He continued getting shorter, and his pants got so loose that they fell down. He would have been worried about modesty, but he had shrunk so much that his shirt covered him anyway. The fur grown continued down his chest, eventually reaching his belly. As it reached his manhood he could feel it changing it.

"oh no, not that, of all things to do to me don't mess with that!" he said, but it was too late, any signs of his being male were gone. The fur growth proceeding down his legs. He started to feel a pulling in his rear, as he reached back to feel what was going on, a large, streamlined and furry tail grew out from him. It ended up being nearly as long as his torso before it stopped growing. The fur continued down his legs. When it reached his feet, it reshaped them, changing them into a furry 3-toed shape, with pads on the bottom. He seemed to have stopped shrinking. He stood there, standing on top of his pants, he climbed up onto the counter and looked at himself in the mirror, his reflection was that of a humanoid otter, a female humanoid otter, and a child to be exact.

"Okay, so I'm a little furry girl, what am I supposed to do now?" she said to herself as she observed his reflection.

Slowly she opened the door to the bathroom, peering out. She tried to figure out how she was going to explain this. She also wondered how she was going to explain this to Sandra. Looking himself over, she reached under his shirt and petted the fur on her chest, giggling at how warm and nice it felt. She knew that she had to get home. An idea struck her, she walked over to her pants, and reached into the pocket, picking out her wallet. Her shirt had pockets in it, so she stuck the wallet into one of them, then proceeded to sneak out of her office. She heard several people ask

"what is that?", but she walked quickly, trying to ignore them. When she got outside, the sun felt warm. She could smell things that she never had smelled before, and could hear things much clearer then she had been able to before. She walked down the street towards the bus stop, so she could take the bus home, as it had a route that stopped fairly close to his house. As she walked up to the stop, she noticed everyone was staring at her, she couldn't blame them, and it's not every day you see an otter girl. She wasn't the only one at the bus stop, there was an old lady and little girl there. They were both fascinated by her, the little girl kept petting her head and the old lady commented on how cute she was. Strangely, this didn't bother her at all.

When the bus arrived, the bus driver took one look at her, and almost passed out. Walking onto the bus, she winked at him and asked if she could get child fare. He responded that yes she could, fascinated by her. The bus ride was fairly uneventful, except for the occasional kid who wanted to pet her, which she responded by letting them. The bus arrived at her stop and she got off. She walked up to her house, and she saw that Mr. Smiths car was there. "The moment of truth", she said to herself.

Sandra was sitting on the couch watching TV with Mr. Smith when she walked in. The front door opened and a female otter kid walked in.

"What is that?" Mr. Smith said.

"David, it's me Jim!", he said. "Jim?", he responded. He was about to say that was impossible when he remembered Sandra's wish. Sandra stepped off of the couch and ran over to the otter girl.

"Daddy?" she said.

"Yes Sandra it's Me.".

"Cool! My wish came true!" She said as she ran over to the otter girl, picking her up and hugging her.

"Sandra, what do you mean by 'your wish came true'?", she asked.

"Well, I found this special stone and it let me make a wish, and I wished I could have an otter and you could spend more time with me!". Jim looked at herself in the mirror,

"Yes, I'd say it did come true. So what am I supposed to wear now? And What am I supposed to do?", he asked her. "Oh we'll think of something", she said. Looking at herself in the mirror, Jim saw that first and foremost, she needed a change of clothes, her shirt was far too long for her and it didn't look right on her. She wasn't sure she's had anything in her room that would fit, but decided to look anyway. She walked upstairs to her room, and when she got there, she got another surprise. Her entire room had changed, it was now decorated like a girls room. Her clothes drawer was now fully loaded with clothes perfectly suited for her new body. She looked through the pants drawer and all of the pants even had tails holes. Not knowing exactly what else to do, she tried on a pair of the pants as well as one of the shirts, and they fit perfectly. She walked downstairs, and Sandra hugged her saying

"you look so cute! Lets go play!". Jim was still unsure what she was going to do about this. For the time being she decided she'd worry about that later and decided that for now, she'd spend time with Sandra. It was something that she hadn't done in a long time and had been wanting to do, and she finally had a valid excuse.

Jim and Sandra headed for the playground. They had been there for nearly 4 hours, playing when Jim realized she had a problem. She couldn't exactly go to work anymore like this, so how was she going to pay the bills? And who was going to look after her and Sandra? On their way home she expressed this concern. Sandra hugged her, and said

"don’t worry we'll be fine". It was as if she already had a plan. When they got home, Jim got another surprise. His ex wife, Sandra's mother greeted them at the door. She almost seemed to understand what was going on. And she looked different somehow.

"Jim, is that you?", she asked.

"Yes it is, but how did you know", the otter girl responded.

"I was the one that placed the stone that Sandra found and made the wish on. I knew that you wanted to spend more time more time with her, and I felt guilty for leaving you alone to raise a child. So I found a perfect solution. You see the spell still has yet to complete".

"What's left?", Jim responded. His ex wife looked at Sandra who was now itching herself. He could see fur growing all over Sandra's body, fur that looked just like her own did. Sandra at first seemed scared, but once she saw that she was become an otter girl like Jim now was, she summed up her reaction in one word ;

"Cool!". Jim watched as Sandra grew more and more excited as her features became more like her own. Her face pulled out into a muzzle, with her ears moving to the top of her head and becoming round. Her pants ripped as she sprouted a tail. Her nose became small and black as her muzzle completed forming, long whiskers grew out from the side of her muzzle. As her changes completed, Jim couldn't help but run over to her and give her a huge hug, which she happily returned. Jim realized something and was about to express his concerns when he saw his ex wife had changed like she and Sandra had, but was still an adult.

"Now you and Sandra can play all of the time", she said as she walked up to them and hugged them.

"The spells just about complete, just one more part", she said. The world around them started to get fuzzy, and seemed to fade out. For a few short seconds they were surrounded by darkness. A New World quickly formed around them, a world that seemed almost cartoon like. The three of them appeared in the back yard of a big house. Another adult otter morph, a male walked up to three of them. Kissing Jim's ex wife, and hugging Jim and Sandra, he said

"welcome home". Jim and Sandra felt a bit strange for a second, they saw the male otter as their father, and Jim's ex as their mother.

Jim felt a sense of liberation, he felt at peace, she was finally able to spend lots of time with Sandra, she was reunited with her ex, the form was a bit strange, but it felt somehow comforting. The world they had been transported to was one where humanoid animals where the norm. In the next yard over, 2 cute raccoon boys saw the 2 otters girls, and climbed the fence to say hi to them. Sandra jumped back a bit as the two coons approached them, with their arms open wanting to hug and play with them. Jim blushed when the two of them said they were 'perdy', she actually didn't mind the attention. She was still thinking a bit like an adult and immediately walked up to and hugged both of the coons at once. She was about to ask them if they wanted to play when Sandra pulled on her tail.

"Jim what are you doing? Their boys! Boys are weird and they got cooties!".

"Oh yea!", Jim said and started giggling. Together him and Sandra ran into the house giggling. The two raccoons kids giggled, and one of them proudly said

"She doesn't think I have cooties I know she likes me" and as they climbed back into their yard and resumed playing.

As Jim and Sandra walked into the house, their parents told them that it was bath time. Both of them suddenly felt a love for water, and said

"cool!" as they took their clothes off and ran upstairs. Sandra had gotten her wish, Jim now had all the time in the world to spend with her and at the same time she could at the same time be with an otter. In many ways Jim had gotten his wish as well, he now had all the time in the world to spend with her and planed on enjoying every moment of it.