The petting Zoo

Mark, Clint and Ricky were good friends. They were neighbors and had been friends for years. They had always liked animals, and had decided to go to a petting zoo on the weekend. They were each about 12 years old.

Jessie Tommy Freddie, Bill and Danny were bullies. They always teased other kids at their school. Like most bullies, they were cowards. It was common for them to pick on a single person that was smaller then any of them all at the same time. Billy and Danny often acted as the

“ring leaders”, unless they were around Jessie, Tommy and Freddie would usually leave people alone. They were all 13 years old. They often would seek out places to go and pick on kids, and today they decided to go to the petting zoo.

Mark, Clint and Ricky were enjoying their time at the Zoo, they were each feeding and petting various animals when they saw Jessie, Tommy, Freddie, Bill and Danny.

“Oh great, look whose over there!” Mark said.

“Maybe we can to avoid them”, Clint responded.

“It’s too late, they’ve seen us” Ricky said. The 5 of them walked over and immediately started giving the 3 problems.

“So what are you losers doing here?” Billy started, as the others started shoving them around.

“Don’t you guys have anything better to do?” Mark asked.

“Shutup Loser!” Danny said. The other 3 continued to push Mark, Clint and Ricky around.

Standing in a bush nearby, the man watched. Sighing to himself he said

“If there has always been a constant in our society, it’s bullies.” Observing how Billy and Danny would act as the leaders of the group, he thought;

“And as always there are always the ringleaders. Such a young age and already acting like that. I think it’s time to do something about that”. Brushing himself off the man walked towards the group.

Billy and Danny continued to shout insults at Mark, Clint and Ricky, They had dealt with these 5 before and knew that walking away or ignoring them didn’t work. But the 5 of them were a lot bigger then they were, so fighting them was not an option. They were unsure exactly what to do when the man approached. He was very tall, at least 2 meters (6 feet 6 inches), and wore sunglasses. He had on a uniform like a zoo keeper so they assumed he worked there.

“Please everyone, there is no need to fight. Tell you what, how would you all like a tour of our facilities that people normally don’t get to see?”. Mark, Clint and Ricky all said yes. The 5, acted smug, but seeing that someone so much bigger then them had intervened they decided to say yes, hopping they could get more material to make fun of the 3 with.

The man showed all of them a lot of interesting things on the tour, including how they make the food, and how they raise baby animals to young to be ‘outside’. Stopping near a room, he asked the 3 a question.

“So what are all of your favorite animals?”. Mark responded raccoons, Clint Otters and Ricky skunks. The other 5 didn’t respond all saying

“who cares?”. The man thought to himself

“you will care very much very soon”. Leading them all into the room, he told them to sit down and they would be shown a video. He said he would get some refreshments and would be back shortly. As soon as the man left the bullies immediately began to pick on Mark, Clint and Ricky. The man watched from a camera as he prepared the food for each person.

“The seconds I leave, it begins. It makes what they have in store for them even more enjoyable”. Finishing the meals he placed them on a tray and walked it into the room. As he stepped into the room, as expected the bullies stopped.

Handing each person a small plate with several different things on it, they all commented

“How’d you know I like this so much?”.

“Just a lucky guess. Please enjoy it while you watch the movie. You’ll find it will make the movie much more entertaining”, the man said. All 8 of them very quickly ate, then settled back and started to watch the movie.

About 10 minutes into the movie everyone started to feel strange. It started with Mark. He stood up and suddenly sprouted gray fur all over his arms and legs. As he watched Mark, Clint started feeling funny, and suddenly he too sprouted fur, brown fur all over his arms and legs. Ricky too felt a wave of change go through him, and saw black fur sprout on his arms and legs, which went white at his hands, feet and inner thighs. By now, having seen what was happening to them, the 5 were laughing. The changes hit Billy and Danny first, whose voices changed from saying

“What’s wrong losers? HA HA HA HE HAW HE HAW” both looking panicked they tried to talk, but only brays would come out. Trying to grab their mouths with their hands, they saw their hands shake wildly, and form into hooves. Jessie, Tommy and Freddie had stopped laughing, and wondering what was going to happening to them. Danny and Billy were banging on the door trying to get out, but all of the doors were locked. . Jessie, Tommy and Freddie started feeling their bodies change. They watched as their pants and underwear literally vanished and was replaced by training pants, all three of them started to shrink, until they were no bigger then toddlers. They tried to say something, but suddenly found it hard to talk properly and found themselves talking like toddlers do. All standing they’re starting at each other, they thought that maybe this was a hallucination, and decided to continue watching the movie until it wore off.

10 minutes later, it started again. The fur on Mark’s arms and legs spread to his chest, back feet and hands, and he seemed shrink a bit. Scratching the fur, he noticed his voice's pitch raised as he shrunk and his clothes appeared to shrink with him. Clint’s fur growth also spread to his chest, sides, feet and hands. The color turned beige on his chest. His hands became webbed, and small claws grew from each finger. Ricky’s fur growth did the same, growing in white on his chest, on his back it was black, except for a white stripe down the middle. Like Mark, they seemed to get smaller, and their clothes changed to accommodate. Billy and Danny’s ears grew fur, and grew much longer, looking much like the ears of a donkey, brown fur began to grow over their entire bodies, and to their embarrassment, their clothes vanished. Jessie, Tommy and Freddie, began to experience more changes, as gray fur grew on their arms and legs, and white fur grew on their chests. Jessie, Tommy and Freddie seemed a bit upset by what was going on , they were mad at the man, who they hadn’t seen since the movie started. Billy and Danny brayed in protest of their continued changes, and in embarrassment over their clothes disappearing. Mark, Clint and Ricky thought what was going on was cool. It was satisfying to see the bullies reduced to that they had been reduced to. Having nothing else to do, and no apparent way to stop all of this, everyone decided to simply continue to watch the movie.

Another 10 minutes later, another wave of changes went though everyone. This time the changes were much more pronounced. Marks hands and feet changed, became nimble and grew fur. Fur grew all over his face, and his ears moved to the top of his head and become pointed. His face pulled out into a muzzle. Feeling a pushing in his back, he watched a tail grow out from just over his butt. It was long and furry, with several rings on it. Clint commented that he reminded him of a raccoon, with his tail, and how the fur on his face was like a mask. Clint’s changes started to spread. Fur grew on the rest of his body and onto his face, his face too pushed out into a muzzle, his ears moved to the top of his head and became rounded. A large furry brown tail grew out from over his butt. Mark commented that he looked like an otter. Anticipating Ricky’s changes, they weren’t disappointed. Ricky fur quickly spread to the rest of his body, and as Mark and Clint had, he grew a tail, his was black with 2 stripes running down it. His face pushed out into a muzzle, and his ears changed positions and shape slightly. Mark and Clint commented that he looked like a skunk. They all realized why the man had asked them what their favorite animal was. This time, neither of them seemed to lose any height. Turning towards the bullies they watched as their changes continued.

Jessie, Tommy and Freddie’s fur quickly spread to the rest of their bodies, and they all gray bushy tails. They remained the same size. Billy and Danny’s changes spread rapidly. Brown fur grew all over the rest of their bodies, their feet turned into hooves. Long tails with tufts at the end of them grew out. Tears rolled down their checks as their faces pushed out into long snouts. Standing there, each on two legs they looking pretty silly and almost like donkeys.

Everyone felt that their changes were complete and was ready to leave. Sitting down, they waited for the man to come back, as the movie had ended.

10 minutes later he had still not returned, but the changes did. Billy and Danny’s bone structure started to change, and they were quickly forced onto all fours. Standing there, there was no sign they had ever been humans, tears streamed down the sides of their faces, as they realized what had happened to them and how they had brought this on themselves. Jessie, Tommy and Freddie’s faces started to pull out into small muzzles, and whiskers grew from the sides of them. Quickly, they looked like small humanoid squirrels. Giggling at each other and at Billy and Danny, they actually didn’t seem to mind their new forms, that was until they wet themselves. Mark, Clint and Rickey started shrinking, until they were about the size of 8 year olds, their clothes quickly responded to this and shrunk as well. Mark, Clint and Rickey all were happy with their changes, looking at the former bullies, now being reduced to 2 freaked out braying donkeys, and 3 toddler squirrels, who still needed training pants, they felt a sense of justice. The three of them all hugged each other.

The door opening, the man walked in. Explaining to them why he had done this he summed it up in one short sentence.

“I saw something that needed to be and did it”. As they were lead out of the room, they all wondered what the future held for them.

Zoo officials were waiting close to the room. Seeing Billy and Danny, they quickly put halters on them and lead them though several corridors Billy and Danny brayed the entire time embarrassed at their situation. Soon they were at a series of pens. Each was lead to a different one. As they stood there, they both brayed meekly at the fate they had brought onto themselves. Hearing talking, they heard the words

“examination”. Both were quickly examined by a vet, having someone poking at prodding at every part of their body was very humiliating for them, but the ultimate humiliation came when they each heard the expression

“First thing we should do is get him gelded” considering where the Vet was poking at when they heard that word, they both knew exactly what it meant.

Walking outside, Mark became aware his much more powerful sense of smell, the sun felt great on his fur. Clint and Rickey had similar experiences.

Seeing several trees’ Mark decided to climb them and to play in them, something he now found much easier in his new body. He spent the next several hours just climbing around the trees and admiring the view.

Clint walked around for a bit, and seeing a small man made lake he couldn’t help but take all of his clothes off and jump in. The water felt great on his fur, and it seemed he suddenly was an expert swimmer, he played in the lake for hours.

Ricky found himself wanting to play in the lake with Clint, but stayed in the shallow area, splashing and playing. Looking around in the dirt close to the lake, he started digging in it and grabbing some bugs and eating him. It made him giggle when he realized this was something that should have been disgusting to him, yet being all muddy and eating bugs was liberating in a strange way.

Jessie, Tommy and Freddie were very embarrassed by not only having training pants on, but apparently needing them. Seeing the same tree’s Mark had seen they wanted to climb them, but were quickly distracted by people wanting to give them peanuts and cashews, they ended up spending several hours sitting there munching on them.

So what eventually became of everyone? Well;

Mark decided to get in touch with his raccoon side, he and his spend several months living at his parents cabin. He used the time relax and just have fun.

Clint suddenly found that he was an excellent swimmer. Despite his young age, he got a job at a local marine life park, where he entertained people with his newfound abilities and helped to train and play with some of the animals, especially the otters.

Rickey helped to campaign against all of the misinformation there is out there on skunks, and even made his own brand of cologne based on part of his special ‘scent’.

Jessie, Tommy and Freddie each got a new start on life, being toddler taught them a lot of humility. They learned to never be bullies again.

Soon after being Gelded, Billy and Danny became part of the zoo, the zoo was very happy to get new young new donkeys. It was a humiliating experience for them too not only be stuck in the body of a beast, but to be refereed to as one. Having all those kids touching them was very embarrassing. The entire experience taught them a lot of humility, eventually they realized that they had brought the fate upon themselves and accepted it.

Moving onto to his next job, the man was happy that he was helped to right a wrong.