Tony lay in bed wide-awake. It was storming out and he just couldn’t seem to get to sleep. The power had been out for the past 20 minutes and it was very arm in his bedroom. He couldn’t open his window because of the storm and neither his fan nor the air conditioning would work.

He tried thinking of an imagine of a peaceful forest to try to relax himself and it seemed to be working, that was until a very bright lightning flash followed by a very loud thunder clash scared the heck out of him and trust him back into full awakens. He sat up half scared to death for several minutes simply trying to catch his breath. He was worried that lightning had hit the house, but remember that his house had a lighting rod so they should be all right. As he finally started recovering from the lighting and thunder and lay back door, he was alerted by the sound of something in the attic. It sounded like something was up there and was walking around.

Fearing an intruder, he went for the phone to call the police. Unfortunately, the line wasn’t working.

“Just great, it’s like something out of a horror movie,” he said to himself, his voice trembling. He opened his closet and felt around in the dark for a flashlight. When he found it, he tested it and seeing that it worked, he slowly walked out of his bedroom and into the hallway to access the door to the closet.

He reached up and grabbed the string to pull down the stairs to the attic and cautiously climbed up them into the attic. It was very dark in there and he couldn’t see anything. He turned his flashlight on and ran the light around the perimeter of the attic. Suddenly hearing a sound in the far right corner, and hurriedly moved it to there and saw something hiding in the corner.

“Hello? Who is that? Come out slowly!” he demanded, not that he really had any thing to threaten who or whatever it was with. The figure slowly walked out of the darkness and into his light. It was then that he saw what it was; it was a kangaroo!

“What the hell?” he exclaimed, obviously very surprised by the sight of it. He climbed the rest of the way into the attic and noticed an odd smell. With one eye cautiously on the roo, he walked over to the source of the sound and moved the light to it. It was coming from a trunk he used to store plush’s he had gathered over the years. It was wide open and there were plushes all over the ground. He surveyed the mess and noticed that one of the plush’s appeared to be missing, a kangaroo! He looked up and saw a small burn mark leading from the wall, going across the floor and ending at the trunk. He could only guess that lightning had indeed hit but somehow it had traveled into the attic.

“This is messed up, how could a lightning strike turn a plush into a full sized live animal?” he asked himself. It was then that he heard a sound approaching him; it was the roo! He quickly turned the flashlight towards it, but didn’t have time to react before it hopped up to him, struck the flash light out of its hands and kicked him onto the floor and into unconsciousness.


When he awoke, he had no idea how long he had been unconscious for. He was still in his attic and could hear the rain pounding on the roof with occasional clashes of thunder. It was still very dark out, he could see his flashlight on the ground and it was still working, providing at least some light for the room. He immediately noticed that something was very wrong. First of all, he was naked and he was standing against the wall and something appeared to be holding him in place. It was difficult to see in the dark, but his arms and torso appeared to be held in place by straps.

As he tried to loosen them, he heard something approaching him. It was the kangaroo!

“Now Tony, why would you want to leave now? The best part’s about to happen!”

“What do you mean best part?” he asked. She smiled, hopped over to him and gently felt his face with her right paw. As she did she face began to tingle and feel warm. She looked him in the eye and nodded her head before lowering her paw to his chest and rubbing his chest with both her left and right paw. As she did so, his chest began to itch like mad. She looked him up and down and nodded her head.

“Yes, most excellent” she said.

“What is so excellent? What are you doing to me?” he asked, becoming increasingly terrified by the second. She didn’t respond and simply continued to massage his chest before moving down to his legs. As she did so, he felt a sharp pushing feeling that formed behind his entire face. Even as the kangaroo continues to massage his legs, he closed his eyes. His face almost felt as if it was expanding and his ears felt as if they were moving up his skull. The itching on his chest spread to his legs, seeming to follow where the roo touched him!

The expanding in his face seemed to have stopped and he opened his eyes. It was dark and hard to see much but he could definitely see something in his field of vision. It seemed to move with him as he moved his head and it didn’t take him long to realize that he had a snout. He wanted to feel it, but his arms were still restrained. The kangaroo seemed happy that this was happening to him and rubbed up his legs and onto his hips, massaging back and forth. As she did so, they began to expand at an extraordinary rate! She again, began massaging his chest. He noticed that her paws seemed softer on it and it didn’t take him long to realize that he had fur on his chest! She rubbed; his entire torso seemed to expand at a rate similar that his hips were. The restraints holding his chest his place were quickly strained, which made him feel very uncomfortable. She could sense his discomfort and quickly removed them.

He breathed a sigh of relief as she did and she started massaging up his arms. His hips continued to expand until they were nearly twice as wide as they had been! As she massaged up his arms, he felt them getting shorter and somehow weaker and less useful. They too began to itch and feel warm. When she reached his hands, she released the rest of his restraints, allowing him to lower his arms to his side. As he did so, she lay down and began to feel his legs, massaging down leg gently. His arms free, he was able to feel the fur on his chest and his now massive hips. He then reached up and felt his face. It didn’t feel human at all; in fact it felt like her face, ears and all. There was little doubt about it; her massaging was turning him into a kangaroo!

He could feel his legs straightening and changing into a shape more befitting for his hips and more importantly, more fitting for hopping and was beginning to get very upset.

“Please stop! I don’t want to be a kangaroo! I want to be my normal human self! Please stop and reverse what you’ve already done!” he begged. Unfortunately she simply ignored him and finished working on his now furry legs before moving to his feet. He tried to back up but with his new legs, such movement was next to impossible; his body was now built for hopping, not walking! As he felt his feet elongating, a million thoughts and emotions ran though his mind. He pictured himself hopping in the wild then in a zoo and then hopping in a panic through his neighborhood. He did not want to live as an animal but it seemed he would have little choice. He kept hoping that he would wake up in bed in a matter of seconds, discovering that this was all a nightmare. But somehow, this seemed far too coherent and felt too real to be a dream!

As the roo finished with his feet, he looked down to see kangaroo feet in place of his human feet. The roo, which his sense of smell told him was female, stood up and looked him over before hugging him tightly and reaching around to his back.

“What are you doing now?” he desperately inquired.

“Why, I almost forgot the most important part silly!” she answered as she began massaging the base of his spine. He felt a bit dizzy for a few seconds before a massive tail began emerging from the base of his spine. It grew and grew, becoming furry and very powerful until he possessed a full-length kangaroo tail. The female seemed happy and made one final maneuver, hugging him before missing the end of his snout. As she did so, his organs felt very strange as they re-arranged and reshaped from human organs into kangaroo organs. As they did so, he experienced waves of dizziness, nausea and blacked out for several seconds a couple of times. As they completed, she turned around, hopped back a couple of meters and picked up the flashlight to get a goof look at him. He felt his center of gravity change as his torso moved into a position of leaning forward and as his hips moved to the sides of his torso. As those final changes completed he stood there in awe and terror, he was a kangaroo!

As he stood there terrified at what had just happened to him, he could hear the thunder in the distance. The changes had distracted him from the storm and he noticed that the storm seemed to be dissipating. Several seconds later, he heard the sound of his air conditioner turning back on as the power came back. Also hearing this, the female roo carefully hopped over the light switch and tapped it. The light to the attic immediately came on, illuminating the entire room brightly. Tony had no idea how this kangaroo understood how to operate a light switch, but he had other problems to think about at the moment.

When his eyes adjusted to the light, he was able to get a better look at himself. Chills ran though his spine as she saw that he was indeed a kangaroo, a red kangaroo by the looks of it. His fur was light red on his chest and dark red elsewhere. It appeared a bit disheveled and dirty. The female hopped back over too him and looked him up and down.

“Not bad if I do say so myself” she said, chuckling. She had taken his humanity away and turned him into an animal and her only reaction was not bad? He felt rage at what she had done to him and put his hands on his huge furry hips in a demanding position and faced her.

“What gives you the right to do this to me? I don’t want to be a kangaroo! I want to be a human again! I demand that you change me back! By the way, how is it we can talk?” he yelled. The female shook her head and stared at him.

“Come now Tony, I’d think you’d be a little more grateful. I know you were looking to start a family, now you can. You’re a male; I’m a female and we are the same species. As for how we can talk, we’ll were not just ordinary kangaroos.” She said in a suggestive tone. Tony looked surprised and raised his arms in a ‘stop’ position before continuing.

“Hold it right there, I am NOT mating with you. You may have made me a kangaroo in body, but in my mind I’m still a man as a human and I’m not about to do it with an animal! I want a family but as a human.” Tony insisted. The female seemed genuinely confused and hurt and stood they’re starting at Tony several minutes. Sensing her despair, he hopped a little closer to her and gently petted the fur on her chest.

“Look, I’m sorry if I upset you. It’s just that, I don’t want to be a kangaroo. I have a life as a human and I don’t want to abandon it, not like this. I know you had my best interests in mind and this body does feel find neat but it’s not what I ‘really’ am. I’m not really a kangaroo, not in mind at least. A human mind simply isn’t meant to exist in a kangaroo body. This isn’t what I want to live out my life as. Can you understand that?” Tony asked. The female looked at him sadly and nodded her head.

“I’m sorry for forcing something on you that you didn’t want, I should have asked you. As per your request, I will change you back.” She said, the sadness in her voice evident.

“Wait, could you make yourself human too? That way, we could still be together. It could be better then us being both all alone” he suggested. The female roo thought about it for a few minutes.

“That’s an interesting idea, sounds like fun,” she said in a very accepting tone.

“Of course, I don’t want to force you to become human if you enjoy being a roo. It would be very unfair of me to do that,” he said.

“Don’t worry about. I would rather be human and be with you then stay a roo and be alone.” She said.

“So what is involved in changing me back and making you human?” Tony asked. The female smiled.

“It’s quite simple actually. Once I change you back, all you need to do is hug and kiss me as a human and I will become human, you see until sunrise both of our forms and malleable. But we must hurry” she said. Tony nodded his head and told her that he was ready.

She hopped over to him and kissed him and instructed him to lie down, as it would make it easier on him. He did so and she began massaging his feet and then his legs. As she did so, he feet formed back into human feet and his legs back into human legs as the fur fell off. She moved up to his waist, gently massaging it and asking him to turn over. As he did so, she massaged his other side and up and down his huge tail. His waist began to shrink as the fur surrounding it fell off. His tail gently withdrew into his body and she began massaging his back before asking him to turn over. Again, he complied and she began massaging his chest. Fur began to fall off of his entire torso as it started to thin into a more human shape. As it did so, he felt his organs reshaping and again he felt waves of dizziness and nausea before blacking out a couple of times. As the feelings passed, his torso had been returned to a human shape. She moved up his arms, gently massaging them before massing his hands. The fur on his arms fell of and they both lengthen to a normal human length as their strength returned. Finally, she moved up to his neck and head. As she massaged his head he felt a pressure on his snout. He closed his eyes from it as he felt his face getting shorted and his head returning to its previous human shape. When the feelings passed, he opened his eyes to see that his field of view was back to normal. When he reached up a hand to feel his face, he was relieved to see that it felt human again. She made the final changes as she massaged his scalp and his hair grew back and his changes seemed complete, he was human again.

He slowly stood up and looked himself over and smiled and looked at the roo.

“Thank you for changing me back. You said all I have to do is to hug and kiss you and you’ll change? It sounds too easy though, how come you had to massage me like that to change me?” he asked.

“It’s part of the magic, its difficult to explain” she answered. Tony nodded and asked her if she was ready, she took a deep breath and nodded her head. He slowly walked over to her and wrapped his arms around her before closing his eyes and kissing her on the snout. He could feel her changing and continued to kiss. Her fur all fell out as her torso and hips thinned out. Her tail withdrew into her body and her legs became shorter and less powerful. Her feet shrunk into a human shape and form. Her arms grew longer as her paws became hands. She returned his hug and awaited the final stages of her change. A few seconds later, her snout shortened as his head grew into a human head and new snout shrunk into a human face. In place of her fur, long flowing red hair grew out and became shoulder length. Her changed seemed completed and he released his hug, opened his eyes and took a few steps. Standing there in front of him was a very beautiful young woman with a gorgeous head of red hair and a wonderful figure. Tony looked her up and down and smiled suggestively.

“You make a very cute and very attractive human woman,” he slyly said.

“Thank you Tony. So how are you going to explain me? And where will I stay?” she asked.

“Well, first things first, you need a name and some clothes. We can’t walk around naked, not all of the time at least. I can always say you’re a friend from out of state that will work for now at least. As for where you can stay, my bed is plenty big enough for two. It would be very nice to have someone to share it with” he responded

“Well, we can worry about all of that in the morning, for now I’m tired, let’s get to bed.” She said. Tony smiled and walked over and hugged her before and together they walked out of the attic and back into his bedroom where they climbed into bed and quickly fell asleep.