Ring around the gatoman

By: Fuzzy Fox

It had been a boring day for Tom, a typical Sunday of sitting on the couch watching reruns of digimon.

“man, if I don’t get some excitement real soon, I’m going to freak out.” He said shutting off the television. He got up and stretched, his bones cracking from no use.

“I’ve got to go out and take a walk or something, I feel so stiff, a little fresh air would be good too.” With that he dropped the remote on the couch and slipped on his Nikes, grabbing his coat on the way out the door.

When he got outside the crisp fresh air tickled his nose, he took in a deep breath and let out a big sigh

“Perfect” Tom started walking down an old dirt road behind his house, which led to a forest. As he walked he could hear birds chirping and other animals as they moved through the woods around him. The day was perfect for walking fresh air, birds chirping, and the light was just right not too bright not too dark.

As he was walking he noticed something catching the light, when he got to it he picked it up

“wow, this is nice, looks like a gold bracelet, it’s so shiny.” He decided to take it to lost and found, then an idea came to him

“I should wear it, just until I get to lost and found at least.” He then proceeded to put it on his wrist

“hey, a perfect fit” Tom started to walk back towards town when he felt a tight feeling on his wrist, it was the ring

“Hey, get off” suddenly the ring started to melt into his wrist

“W..What’s going on!” he felt his wrist, but it was gone. He started running home not noticing the little white hairs starting to grow where the ring had been.

When Tom reached the house he had fur all over his arms and chest, he hadn’t noticed yet but he did feel very warm. He ran to the bathroom and looked in the mirror

“I’m all furry!!, what’s going on!” he pulled some of the fur

“Ouch! Yep it’s mine” he took off his shirt and shook in fear at what he saw

“I…I have six nipples!” then he felt his manhood taking on a change “No! Not that!!” he felt a sucking sensation and then a pop, there was nothing left of what was once there.

Fur was now covering his whole body except for his head, then a pain hit him in his spine as it elongated into a long tail. Next his ears began to lengthen and move to the top of his head, fur sprouting on them. Tom could now hear little noises that he couldn’t hear before. His sense of smell was starting to get a lot better as well. He knew what was next, he yelped in pain as his jaw cracked and protruded, his nose shrinking while turning wet and black. He now had a short muzzle

“ears, muzzle, tail, fur? I’m becoming a cat”

His vision started changing from colour to black and white, as his eyes changed colour and got larger. Tom looked in the mirror and noticed something different

“Oh no, I’m shrinking.” He had shrunk about a foot and was still shrinking. He got smaller and smaller until he was about a foot and a half tall, Tom climbed up onto the sink and looked in the mirror

“I’m a little female kitten.” A tear trickled down his little muzzle when he heard his own voice

“but, why can I speak…and why am I standing on two paws?” he looked at his little white paws which used to be his hands and feet.

As Tom was starring in the mirror he noticed the changes weren’t done, the tips of his cat ears grew longer and turned purple, the same thing happened to the tip of his tail.

“oh no it can’t be…I’m becoming gatomon…but..digimon don’t exist…it’s…it’s not possible.” Tom climbed down to the floor

“what am I going to do?” maybe I can find a clue back where I found the ring, yeah, that’s all I can think of.” Tom left the bathroom and walked over to the stairs

“wow, these are a lot bigger, here goes nothing.” He got to the bottom, tripping a couple of times, he was relieved to see that in his rush to get to the bathroom he left the door open.

He began his journey back down the dirt road.

“hey, what was that noise?” A little girl jumps out of the bushes “oh how cute! A little kitten.” Tom didn’t know if he should say anything. The girl ran over to him and bent down

“you’re so cute, I’m going to take you home.” She grabbed Tom and gave him a big hug. Tom couldn’t take it anymore

“Let me go!”

“you, can talk?”

“Yes, now could you please put me down?”

“No! This is so cool, I have a talking kitty.”

“I hate to do this.” Tom used his claws to scratch the girl’s arm.

“Ouch! Bad kitty” she said dropping him. As soon as Tom hit the ground he started running as fast as he could until he reached the spot where he found the ring. Tired and out of breath, he collapsed on the dirt, when he woke up he was freezing, the fur kept him a little warm but it was very cold out. Something caught his eye

“Gloves! Yes! They will keep my han…paws warm.” He ran over to the odd-looking yellow paw gloves, and without giving it a second thought he put them on.

A tingling feeling went through his body and the gloves got tighter, Tom tried to take them off but they wouldn’t budge.

“This can’t be good, I feel different, almost like…a cat.” There was a feeling in his tail, he looked at it and saw the ring emerging from his tail, and then the tingling stopped.

“What does this mean?”

“It means dear brother, that you are now my pet digimon.” Came a voice from the bushes.

“huh?” Tom looked in the direction of the voice. A figure stepped out of the bushes.

“Mary! What are you doing here?” said Tom with a surprised look on his face.

“I am here to collect what is mine”

“You are doing this!?!”

“Yes, for all the times you never played with me. I went to a wizard, and he kindly granted my request to make a magic ring, but he said it wasn’t permanent and I wanted it to be. So he gave me the gloves to seal the transformation.”


“That’s right, those gloves were what ended it, now you are going to be my cute little digimon.” She laughed a little girly laugh.

“No!! Change me back!” tom runs at her full speed claws ready. She then takes something from her pocket, a ball of string, and drops it to the ground. Tom spots it and stops.

“I…I feel like I’m…happy…But I’m mad…but I…. want to…play.” Tom walks over to the string.

“Mmm…string fun…me like…mroow.”

“Oops, did I forget to mention the complete control I have over you.” Mary laughs evilly as her brother, or is it sister? Or would it be pet? Well, I’m not sure, but I do know it is a girl, so, Mary watched as SHE played with the ball of string.

~ The End