A Family Tradition

By: Ryu the Weredragon (AKA Ryu-kun) and Schmen.

Note that I use a tad bit of Japanese because of a lack of nouns & verbs to describe some things.

‘tousan/Otousan and ‘kaasan/Okaasan mean Dad and Mom, respectively.


It was a particularly cold night, the snow was deep,

there was a cold breeze, and heading to his birth
parent's house was Timothy,He was wearing

just about every winter protective gear he could to

keep warm, despite having a good amount of body fat

around his waist (even though he didn’t weigh much).

He had Brown hair and Gray eyes, was extremly

tall (about 7’) and he had a less-than spectacular

build. If he wanted to, he could probably be a

Pro-Basketball Player, but he didn’t ever find any

point in sports. Even with his extra protective gear,

he was beginning to get cold.

"Brr.. It’s freezing... But, they have to be

here," Timothy said to himself. He decided he’d

wait a bit longer, before heading back to the cabin

where he and his fiancée were staying.

Timothy waited in the cold wind as his surroundings

started to get slightly darker from overpassing clouds.

The full moon was out, but all it did was put

everything into an eriee glow, dark shadows appearing

everywhere. He glanced at his watch again, and started

to look around.

"Where could they be," he asked rhetorically, "For

that matter, why do I feel like I’m being watched?"

From out of the corner of his eye, he thought he

saw movement, and turning to that direction, the two

people he was waiting for walked out of the shadows.

For some reason though, they looked.. well, odd,

as far as he could tell. "M-mom? D-dad?", he asked,

somewhat unsure. When they nodded, he smiled and

ran up to them.

They smiled back, and hugged Timothy, who was

overcome with tears of happiness. Timothy’s Mother

turned to Timothy and handed him small amulet,

a gift, for being reunited together.

"We’ve been searching for you for a long time son,

now we can finally be a family again," his mother told


It was a beautiful, solid gold amulet, with a wolf,

Timothy’s favorite [real] animal, and in it’s eyes was

a Sapphire. Timothy wondered how they knew that

Blue was his favorite color. But, rather than asking,

he simply put it on.

The parents smiled, and took a step back

from Timothy. "Finally, we can be

together...", his mother repeated, just as

Timothy started to feel a little sick in his stomach.

Timothy clutched his stomach, and fell to his knees.

"Do not worry m’boy, the changes wont take

long, and it isn't painful...", Timothy’s Father told


As soon as he finished saying that, Timothy began

to feel hot under all his clothes, despite the fact it was

about -10 Celcius, and the burning sensation made him


"Wh--What’s happening to me?", Timothy asked,

as he knew good and well that it should NOT be this

hot in Alaska, when there’s snow around.

"You see son, we wanted you to have a proper life,

to learn things outside, but thanks to our.. state, we

couldn't, so we gave you something that stopped you from

being what you really are, allowing you a life without

changes. But now your of age, we can be a family again...

We didn’t know it would cause you to be weakened

as well," Timothy’s Mother tried to explain.

The Silver-Eyed young man had a blank look on his

face, "Umm... Layman’s terms, please."

Timothy’s Father Smiled at his son’s sense of humor,

which he obviously inherited from him, "Alright. In

Layman’s terms... We’re werewolves..."

The Brown haired boy, feeling his insides change

somehow, remained silent for a while, before

speaking up, "I--I’m a werewolf?"

"We all are, dear," his mother supplied.

Quickly the heat became to much for Timothy, and

he felt that he HAD to take off his clothes to avoid

what he thought would be heat stroke. As his heavy,

thick jacket, scarf, sweater, sweatshirt, undershirt,

and Ski Mask all fell to the ground, the bitter wind

struck him, but, for some reason, it was not as bad

as it should have been. The sick feeling had long since

passed Timothy by, but he felt his skin tingling all over,

and his hair blew in the wind a little more than it should.

Running his still gloved hand over his shoulders, he gave

a gasp in shock as he touched the greyish fur growing

from his shoulders.

"Don't worry m’boy, you'll be okay..." ‘tousan said to

Timothy as he stared back in confusion.

"I’m-- I’m not worried, dad, I’m just overwhelmed...

and quite a bit confused," Timothy responded.

"We assumed you would be, but we think it's for your own

good, humanity isn't the best of places to be in these trying times."

"Yeah, I know, pops... I know all too well."

The fur then spread down your back and over his chest,

the fur becoming white down his front and a light grey-brown

on his back.

The fur continued to spread, and for the first time all night

the wind no longer bothered Timothy, as his newly grown

[,and still growing,] fur stopped it in it's tracks. As it spread

down his arms, he pulled off one of his gloves, and ran his

hand over it, and feel the weird sensation of fur against his

hand. Quickly it spread up to his cheeks on his face, down

to the end of his hands, and also further down his back and

chest. His hands felt a little stange, and he stared in awe as

his fingernails lengthened slightly into claws, the palm of his

hand turning softer into pads, but otherwise stopping there --

his other hand hand ripped straight out of his glove. The whole

time, Timothy was smiling, as if he was enjoying the feeling

of transformation.

"Well, at least your enjoying it, we were afraid you might

hate us for our decision," his mother said.

Timothy’s fur continues to spread down his body, and it also

covered the rest of his face. To Timothy, the feeling was as if

bread grew in a matter of seconds. His face then started to tug

outwards, and Timothy gritted his teeth, not from pain, but from

the sheer force being used, as it pulled out into a muzzle. His

ears lenghtened, pulling outwards and also sliding up his head,

thus causing his hearing to intensifiy. He could now hear things

he never even knew had a sound! His nose turned black quickly,

becoming wet and also enhancing the smells all around him.

"Son? Are you alright?," ‘kasaan asked her son with genuine


Timothy nodded and smiled, "I’m fine, mother. No need to


She smiled back, as does her husband, and the changes

continued, as if taking that as a sign. Timothy closed his eyes

quickly as they started to water, and upon opening them, he

realized he now saw the night in a whole new perspective, the

whole area being lit in a strange way. As he smiled again, his

teeth quickly lengthened into canines as well, and while not

painful, it was very strange for a moment there.

Timothy looked down with his new eyes to feel and see the fur

spread down under his pantss, where the tingly feeling was

probably a little better than it should’ve been. In fact, he started

to pant in ectacy. A few seconds later, he felt the fur emerge from

his ankles and cover his feet.

Tim’s ankle bones lengthened and he heard a faint crack, thanks

to his new hearing, but oddly he felt no pain, as his legs shifted from

the human position, plantigrade, into the position of a wolves hind legs,

Digigrade. He tried to stand up, but felt his tail bone lengthen,

and out from the back of your pants, with a loud rip, a fluffy tail

emerged, slowly getting longer and thicker, until he finally had a tail

swishing back and forth.

Finally, the werewolf smiled happily as his body fat around his waist

dwindled away, he had to grab his pants before they fell off. Then

his muscles felt slightly warm again, and he ran his hand over his furry

stomach as the abdomials became more dominate and toned, along with

his bisceps growing, and his whole body becoming much more. He was

no longer the puny wimp he was teased about being in High School (which

he ignored anyway), in fact, if he was in human form and had these muscles

everyone he knew would be jealous.

Timothy’s parents had changed during the whole process, and

hugged their son, "Finally were together again son. How about

we go back to where we live so we can talk?", his father asked.

"Okay. However, I need to go out to--- expand the family later,

mainly because I brought my Fiancée Along."

Timothy’s Mother Smiled, "Of course, but let's talk first,

I’m sure you’re interested in where we've been all these years,

and I want to learn how you've been going too.."

Timothy slowly walked away with them, the feeling

of snow under his feet giving him a strange sensation.

Meanwhile, in a cabin quite a few miles away,

A woman named Tabitha waited for her Fiancée,

Timothy, to return from meeting his birth parents...

To Be Continued...