The Shirts

The package had arrived in the mail a few hours earlier. Raphael hadn't have had time to examine it, as he was busy getting ready for his sleep over at his friends house. Both Raphael and his friend Jack had been friends for years and were in the same class at a local college. They had a group project due in a few days and had decided to work on it over night. Raphael had been preparing the materials he needed, as they were getting ready to finalize everything and put it into 'good'. Raphael still hadn't of opened the package, so he decided to take it with him to his friends house and he would open it there. Packing his school things into his back pack, and the package, along with a change of clothes into a duffel bag, he walked out the door, and down the street to Jacks house. When he got to Jack's house, Jack asked him about the package, he told him about how he didn't have time to open it. The two immediately went to work on their project, it was in it's final stages and all they had to do was to make 'good' copies of it. The work proceeded well, but was unfortunately tedious, and they were quickly starting to get 'burnt out' and needed a break. Jack got up stretch and went downstairs while Raphael used the facilities. Jack boiled up a pot of coffee for the two of them, and took several small chocolate bars from the huge package that he had. As the two of them drank the coffee and ate the chocolate bars, Jack was suddenly reminded of the package, they had forgotten about it while doing their work.

"So aren’t you going to open it?" , Jack asked. By now he was very curious as to the contents.

"I don’t know, I mean it's unmarked, who knows what could be inside?", Raphael responded.

"Only one way to find out" Jack said. Raphael agreed, and picked up the package and opened it. Inside were two shirts, a light blue one and a black one. Raphael looked at them.

"Shirts? Who are they from?" Jack asked.

"Your guess is a good as mine" Raphael said. The shirts seemed about the right size for both of them.

"Maybe you should try them on?" Jack suggested.

"Sure why not?" Raphael said. Taking the package, Raphael walked into the bathroom, to try on the blue shirt.

A minute later, Raphael walked out of the bathroom, with the shirt on.

"So what do you think?", he asked.

"I like it, it looks good.", Jack responded. Raphael giggled, his voice suddenly sounding different, much higher pitched then normal. Jack was surprised by what he heard.

"Are you okay? Your voice sounds different". Raphael didn't know what Jack was talking about.

"What do you mean my voice sounds….." suddenly realizing how different his voice sounded, Raphael clamped his mouth with his hands, the look on his pure shock.

"It sounds like a girls voice!", Jack responded. Raphael protested,

"What do you mean I sound like a girl! Why would you say such a thing?".

"I'm not joking, I wouldn't joke about something like that!" jack responded. Raphael was about to respond when his nose and nose started to feel strange, and started growing and pushing itself out. He gasped in shock as he felt it growing, becoming fury. His nose changed shape, becoming smaller and black, whiskers grew out from the muzzle. Raphael felt the muzzle, in shock. Jack looked at him, in shock of what had just happened to his friend, but couldn't deny that his face looked cute like this. Raphael was touching his muzzle, as Jack commented,

"This is crazy, your nose is black and huge, and you have fur and whiskers! Actually it looks kind of cute".

"Cute? Did you say cute! I'm not supposed to look cute!" Raphael responded. Realizing that all this started as soon as Raphael put the shirt on he started putting it together.

"Maybe not, but whoever send you that shirt wants you to look cute, this all started when you put it on!". Raphael looked at the shirt, confused how Jack could think this.

"It's my favorite shirt! How could it cause this?" he asked. Jack was confused,

"you just received it in the mail, how can it already be your favorite?". Raphael was confused,

"just got it? What do you mean? I wear it all of the time!". Taken by surprise by his friends sudden memory lapse, Jack watched in almost horror as fur grew all over the rest of his friends face, and his ears changed position, moving to the top of his head, becoming round and large. His hairs changed color, becoming blonde (the yellow kind), and shaping itself into a pony tail, his eyes become larger. His head looked very much like a cartoon character.

"Raphael, your face, its covered in fur, and you have a pony tail! You look like a cartoon character!" jack said, now very confused and shocked over what was happening to his friend. Raphael, shook his head slightly, and smiled

"of course I have a pony tail!". Jack scratched his head befuddled by what was happening to his friend,

"are you feeling okay? That shirts turning you into a cartoon animal or something!" as she finished the statement, fur started growing down Raphael's body, very light brown on his neck and chest and brown on his arms, when it reached his hands they reformed, and changed to become like a cartoon characters hand (3 fingers and a thumb). Jack was in total shock, this seemed to all be normal to his friend, the shirt was changing him and affecting his mind.

"Raphael! Don't you realize what's happening to you! Your becoming an animal, a girl animal at that!". Raphael, whose fur had now covered the entire upper half of his body, had started to shrink. He ran up to Jack and jumped on him, hugging him.

"Of course I'm an otter! What did you think I was?" he said. As he jumped on him, his pants, which had since become far too big for him fell off. Jack saw a tail starting to grow from his friends rear end, it as thick, furry and streamlined, just like an otter tail. Raphael's shirt seemed to shrink with him, and he continued to shrink while Jack was holding him, eventually shrinking down to the size of a little girl. Jack could see the fur starting to grow down his, or more so her legs, he could see that his friend was no longer a he, and was disturbed by how she didn't seemed bother by it at all.

"Raphael, that shirt! You need to take it off before it completely changes you!", Raphael looked confused,

"but I always wear it and it doesn't hurt me! What are you talking about?" he asked. Raphael watched as Raphael's tail completed it;s growth and as the fur grew all the way down her legs, and reshaping his feet, making them into a 3-toed shape with pad's on the bottom. Jack examined his friends toes, feeling how furry and warm they felt, Raphael ticked, giggling

"That tickles!" she said, as she jumped out of his arms and stood looking up at him.

Jack stood there looking at the cartooish looking female otter that his best friend had become, pondering what he should do next. He looked at the open package and saw the other shirt sitting on top of it and an idea struck him. He looked at Raphael and asked if he should try on the shirt. Raphael, very enthusiastically said

"yes!". Jake was concerned,

"but what if this changes me like your changed you?" he asked. Raphael walked up to him, licked her nose and said "you'll like it if it does!". Raphael thought about it, he had to admit, Jack looked very cute like this, perhaps someone sent him these shirts for a reason, maybe this was meant to happen. Even if it wasn't fate, his friend was now a cartoon-like female otter, the old saying of "In for a penny, in for a pound" struck him, and he decided to go for it. He quickly took his own shirt of and put the new one on. Raphael watched him, as if expecting something to happen. Raphael's face lit up with happiness as fur started to sprout all over Jack's body, which made him itchy. The fur on his body, was a dark brown, which became light brown on his chest and face. Raphael's expression became happier by the second as Jack started getting furrier. She happily announced to him that

"you're starting to look a lot like me!". Jack's pants ripped, as a long furry tail emerged from his rear end, it quickly grew as long as Raphael's had. Raphael quickly ran up to Jake saying

"neat!" as she held and petted his tail. His face started to feel strange and he felt it, asking

"what's happening to my face!".

"Your getting a muzzle silly!", Raphael responded. Jack's face quickly pulled out into a muzzle, just like Raphael's had, and his face became furry, with his ears moving up to the top of his head and becoming furry.

"I look a lot like you, except my furs a lot darker", Jack said, to which Raphael responded by clapping her paws. The changes to Jack's face completed, and he started to shrink, eventually ending up shrinking down to Raphael's size. His shirt seemed to shrink with him, but his pants did not and were far too big for him now so he stepped out of them. Normally he would have been embarrassed at being half naked like this, but it seemed that he had no need for modesty anymore.

As he looked himself over, Raphael joyfully tackled hugged him, very happy with his changes. Raphael's fur felt great against his, and he couldn't help but return the hug.

"So what are we supposed to do now?", he asked her. He thought for a second then answered his own question by asking her if she wanted to do the very thing their new species was known for,

"want to go swimming?". He suddenly realized that he didn't have any bathing suits for kids, and certainly not for otter kids! Looking at her reminded him of this fact. It didn't bother her at all as her response was simply asking

"so?". He looked at her, realizing that he was a boy otter and she was a girl otter and that since neither of them had any need for modesty anyone.

"I guess we don’t really need our clothes anymore, do we?" he asked her.

"Of course we don’t! Race ya!" she said, very excited, as she took of running. He took of his shirt and took off after her. She quickly echoed his action and took her own shirt off, throwing at him. He caught it, and held it up his nose, it smelled like honey. Seeing his doing such, she wasn't offended, but thought it was quite cute. Trying to get his attention, she said

"common slowpoke!", which worked as she dropped the shirt and resumed running after her. As he started to catch up with her, he asked her how they're going to explain this.

"Explain what? Were going for a swim?",

"no I mean, being otters", he responded.

"I dunno, I'm having too much fun to worry about that!" she responded as she reached the water. Looking himself over, and seeing Raphael playing the water, motioning for him to join her, he couldn't help but agree with her, and ran into the water himself.