The joint

Terry had the idea for the perfect new type of ‘joint’. Terry was known for selling marijuana at his school. He always had tricks for selling it and thus had never been caught. He was, however not an arrogant person. He knew that sooner or later he was going to get caught. He knew that he had to come up with a way to still be able to sell his ‘stuff’ without getting into a lot of trouble if he did get caught.

One day he came up with an interesting idea. His family had 4 cats and like all cats they loved catnip. He always saw how excited they got after simply playing with some catnip. He came up with an interesting idea. "If just a little bit gets them high, then imagine how good a joint with catnip in it would be if a person were to smoke it", he thought to himself. He got the package of catnip, and when no one was looking, made 6 joints with it. Carefully putting the joints into his coat pocket, he headed off to school.


Timothy was for the most part a good kid and a good student. While he did get into trouble on occasion, he did his best to stay out of it. Today was different though. Terry was a friend of his and he knew that he sold drugs, but he felt that Terry was a good person "at heart" so he never reported him.

He was almost to school when Terry ran up to him.

"Hi Terry", he said.

"Hey Tim. I got something new today" Terry said.

"What?" Timothy asked.

Terry reached into his coat pocket and picked out one of the joints.

"Not more of them!" Timothy said.

"No. This isn’t what you think. This is something different. It’s made from catnip." Terry said.

"Catnip?" Timothy said.

"Well cats like it, and it legal. So I figured, if even a bit of it worked for them, then image how much a joint of it would work for us!" Terry said.

"I don’t know, it sounds too easy," Timothy said.

"I guess there’s only one way to find out," Terry said.

Lifting a lighter from his pocket, Terry lit the joint and began to smoke it. Almost as soon as he started to smoke it, his ears started to look strange. Right before Timothy’s eyes, Terry’s ears became furry and pointy and moved to the top of his head. Timothy tried to say something, but Terry was completely lost in euphoria. "Wow, this stuff is incredible!" he said. As he took another puff, his face became furry with black fur growing all over it. His mouth grew out into a muzzle, with nose becoming small and whiskers growing from the sides of his muzzle.

"Terry! That thing is changing you! You have to stop smoking it!" Timothy said. But Terry was still totally lost in euphoria and took yet another puff.

As he took the puff, black fur grew all down his chest and down his arms. He took another puff and black fur grew on his hands. His fingers shrunk, becoming much shorter and thicker. His thumbs were absorbed into his hands, and pads grew on the bottoms of his hands. His fingernails grew much longer, growing into long sharp claws and becoming retractable. His clothes started to get loose. Normally he and Timothy were the same height, but now Timothy was quite a bit taller then him.

"Damn it Terry! Can’t you see what that thing is doing to you! Stop smoking it!" Timothy said, but Terry didn’t respond.

Terry took yet another puff of the joint. Black fur grew down his legs, something pushed at the back of his pants and Timothy watched as a long black tail grew out. Terry shrunk even more, shrinking so much, that his pants fell down his legs. He was so short that his shirt covered his entire body. He took one final puff, finishing off the joint and he shrunk more, shrinking down to the size of a normal cat. His legs and hips adjusted themselves, and he fell onto 4 feet. Standing on top of his clothes he looked up at Timothy in wonderment.

"Damn it Terry, I’d say that stuff was good, it turned you into a cat." Timothy said. Terry didn’t seem to notice his current situation and immediately walked over to Timothy, rubbing up against his legs and purring. Not knowing what else to do, Timothy picked up the cat and took him to school.

Walking into the office, he told the secretary that he had found a cat that had no tags on it while on his way to school. She told him that she’d call animal control and they would find the cat’s owner, Timothy said he’d volunteer to take the cat if it was a stray and had no owner.

As he walked out of the office and into the hall, Timothy thought to himself

"that’s what you get for experimenting with drugs," as he walked to his first class.

The end