The pet

Fred was working on his computer. His pet ferret was sitting in her cage watching him. She wanted to come out and to play with him. She pawed at the cage door and chattered at him, but he ignored her and continued to work on the computer. She started to get annoyed and starting pawing at the door, and looking at him. Somehow, she managed to get the door open. Fred was completely oblivious to this. Walking up to and standing under the table behind his computer chair she stared at him and started to make very strange and quiet noises.

Fred continued to work at his computer, typing away when he suddenly felt a cold breeze, followed by a feeling of warmth cover his body.

“That was weird” he said, and continued to work. His arms suddenly started to get itchy. He had started to scratch them when he saw it. What looked like fur was growing all over his arms. It was brown on his outer arms, and beige on his hands up to above his wrists and on his inner arms. Scratching feverishly, he said

“What the @&%$ is going on?”. The fur growth continued until he had a nice pelt of fur on his arms. His hands started feeling even stranger, and he watched as his smallest finger started to get smaller and smaller, eventually drawing itself into his hand. Small pads grew in on his hands, the nails on his remaining fingers grew into claws. His chest began to feel incredibly itchy, and he took his shirt off, to be able to itch it as best as he could. Beige fur was growing on his chest, his new claws were able to do a better job then his old finger nails could at scratching and helping to relive some of the itching. He itched, but fur got thicker and thicker, and spread to his sides and back. The itching spread to his legs. Taking off his jeans, he scrathed as best as he could. But no amount of scratching could stop the fur that had grown on the rest of his body from spreading to his legs. Quickly, beige fur grew on his inner thighs and brown fur grew on the rest of his legs and spreaded to his feet. His feet started to quiver, pad’s grew on the bottom of them, and his feet changed shape, toes merging and changing size and shape. His feet were soon changed into a 3 toed animal like shape with a claw at the end of each foot. He started to shrink, eventually shrinking to about twice the size of his ferret. Feeling a pushing sensation in the seat of his underwear which was now far to big for him, he watched as a tail pushed it’s way out, pushing the underwear down his furry legs somewhat. He kicked the underwear off, and watched his tail grow. Once it was fully grown in, it was about the length of one of his legs. It was brown with a beige tip at the end. He thought that his changes were completed, that was until his face started to feel incredibly warm. He didn’t have a mirror nearby, so he couldn’t see what was going on, but he could feel his face pulling out into a short muzzle, and could feel his ears moving to the top of his head. His face became incredibly itchy and he could tell that fur was growing on it. Reaching up a paw, he felt his face, his teeth felt incredibly sharp and nose felt small and cold. Feeling his ears, they were now furry and rounded. The changes to his face appeared to stop and it seemed as if whatever was going on, was done. Looking over his body as best as he could without a mirror, he realized that he looked like a humanoid ferret that was about twice the size of a ‘normal’ ferret. It was then that he realized that his ferret, a female ferret was standing beside him, looking at him lovingly.

Feeling embarrassed about seeing her look at him like that, he ‘covered himself’ as best as he could. It didn’t deter her, as she walked towards him and started crawling up his belly. Ending up on his back, as she chattered at him, and sniffed and scratched his fur, he thought

“I guess that’s what I get for ignoring her’. She jumped off of him, and he started to feel strange again. He began to shrink even more, and his bones shifted and his legs and arms resized themselves. Within a few minutes, he was no bigger then his ferret and was four footed. Seeing her react even more lovingly to him, he gulped. He ran out of the room, with her in pursuit and found the nearest mirror. Looking at his refection, he was a ferret, there was no indication he had ever been human. Seeing the two ferrets standing by the mirror as she walked into the room, his mother picked him up. He tried to tell her what had happening, but he couldn’t speak any more. But it wasn’t a problem as she knew exactly what was going on.

“You see Fred, this is what happens when you pay more attention to that computer then you do to her” (referring to his ferret).

“Well, you said you wanted a companion for her, looks like you have one”.

Taking the two ferrets downstairs, she put them back into the cage, which was fortunately big enough for two and went upstairs. Standing in the corner of the cage, Fred watched his former pet, and now cage mate walk towards him and warble happily. He didn’t know how or why, but he could suddenly understand her. He understood her chittering as wanting to show him arround the cage. He already knew his way arround the caget, but was finding himself wanting to be close to her, and was starting to find her musky scent more and more pleasant. It didn’t take her long to give him the tour, she showed him the hamok, the water bottle, the food and the litter box. The entire time she was rubbing up against him more and more. At first he was very uncomfortable with it, but the more she did it, the more he started to like it. As she finished the ‘tour’ she started to make new chittering noises towards him. He realised that he was becoming more and more comfortable being close to her, but he couldent figure out exactly why. Finally finishing making her sounds, she started to mvoe close to him, sniffed her and then stood in front of him, as if expecting him to do something. Seeing her do this, he strangley enough found himself enjoying it perhaps a bit too much. It didn’t take him long to realise why he was suddenly enjoyed being arround her so much and why she was doing what she was doing. He realised that he was beccoming attracted to her, and that she senced this and was expecting to mate with him. The thought of going though with such an act with her was very distrubing to him. This was his pet, his body may have been changed into a ferrets, but his mind was still a human’s and going through with such an act was immoral. She seemed to sence his apprenhention and again chittered, this time to say

“it’s okay, really, animal’s don’t worry about morals, that’s what humans worry about”. She was right about one thing, all this worrying was very human of him, and he wasent human, not anymore. She seemed okay with it, and his body certainly was okay with it. Pehaps holding onto these mroals was nothing more then denial. He could see that she was getting impatent and given his sudeen feelings for her he didn’t want to risk offending her. Slinking up to her, he sniffed her, taking in her musky odour. As a human he thought of that as a normal scent for a ferret, it didn’t bother him much, but he also wasent much ‘into’ it. But now it was driving him insane, only increasing his attraction for her. Instict starting to drive his actions and finally, he acted on it.

And hour later they snuggled up together in the hamok, both chattering hapiily.

“See, that wasn’t so bad, after a little while, you’ll realize how fun it can be to let go and to appreciate the simpler things in life, without all of those human inhibitions to stop you”. He couldent help but agree with her, curling up with all his fur felt great enough, but curling up next to another with all that fur felt great. He really was looking forward to spending time with her.

He had to admit, slinking though the house, and seeing everything from a new perspecitive was interesting to say the least. And it was a lot of fun chasing her arround the being chased by her. One the babies were born, helping to raise them was a lot of fun. He had been meaning to spend more time with her for quite some time before this all happened, while this wasent exactly the way he was planning on doing it, it was certainly a fun way to do it. Curling up with her and the babies, he felt a feeling of warmth and togetherness. Looking forward to spending lots of time with her, he went to sleep.