The pouch

Charlie was babysitting his younger brother David. He wasn’t doing a very good job of it, and he really didn’t care. All Charlie wanted to do was to watch TV or play PC games. He told David to sit down and watch TV, so he could go downstairs and play some games. He put on a documentary about kangaroo’s and once David was sitting down and watching it, he went downstairs.

Half an hour later, David walked down stairs and told Charlie that he though kangaroo’s were cool and wished he could ride in ones pouch. Charlie was right in the middle of a game and really wasn’t interested in listening to David. Pausing the game, he turned to him and said

“That’s never going to happen, now go back and watch TV or something I’m busy”.

“You’re so mean!” David said as he walked back upstairs. Resuming his game, Charlie continued to play.

The man had been watching the two of them.

“tsk tsk such incompetence. I think it’s time his brother wish was granted” he said to himself. Pulling out a small capsule from his pocket, he snuck into the house. David was watching TV. Walking super quiet, the man snuck up behind David, and opened the capsule and sprinkled its contents onto David’s head. He was so quiet in doing it that David didn’t even notice. Sneaking around the room, he managed to sneak down stairs without Charlie noticing. Getting another capsule out of his pocket, he made a noise which made Charlie go upstairs to see if David made it. While Charlie was upstairs, the man broke the capsule and sprinkled its contents onto the sandwich Charlie was eating. Waiting for Charlie to come back downstairs, the man hid.

Charlie sat back down, and resumed his game. Picking up his sandwich, he took several bits from it, quickly finishing it off.

10 minutes later, Charlie started to feel strange. His entire body was starting to itch. Scratching his arms helped a bit. Continuing to play his game, the itching started to get even worse. Standing up, he started to itch his arms some more when he saw something that startled him. Red fur was growing all over his arms.

“What the hell?” he said. Continuing to scratch his arms he saw the red fur quickly growing in and become much thicker, soon there was no skin visible. Touching the fur, it felt soft. The itching continued, this time on his chest. It got so bad that he took his shirt off. Red fur was growing all over his chest. As he scratched it, he noticed that his hands were starting to feel and look very strange. On both hands, his left and right most 2 fingers appeared to be merging. He could do nothing to stop it. Right before his eyes, his hands changed and he ended up with 3 large fingers on each hand. Claws grew from the tips of each finger, and red fur sprouted all over both hands. While he had been watching his hands change the fur growth on his chest had been busy. Looking at his chest in a mirror, it was now fully covered in a red pelt. Petting it, it felt soft. Suddenly feeling a sharp pain in his thighs and hips, he desperately clawed at his pants to try to get them off in hopes of reliving the pain. It didn’t help though, his now animal like hands and fingers couldn’t manipulate the zipper and button. Feeling a surging feeling in his thighs, he saw his pants rip and get torn all to heck. His thighs were now huge and were covered in the same red fur that had grown on his chest and arms. Feeling a puling feeling at the base of his spine, he watched as a long furry tail pushed it’s way out, taking what was left of his pants with it. Tears rolling down his face at the shock of what was happening to him, he was hopeful that the changes were done. He was not so lucky, his legs began to quiver and change shape. The pain was too much for him to stand (literally) and he ended up falling onto his back. Watching his legs change, they became far longer and changed into a shape and size suited for hopping. His feet elongated getting much longer, causing his socks to completely tear off. His feet, much like his hands changed, so that he only had 3 large toes, each with a claw at the end of it. The pain in his legs subsided and he stood up. He found with the weight of his tail, he stood slightly leaning forwards. Looking in the mirror, his body looked just like that of kangaroo. His head still looked human though. Suddenly feeling another surge of pain, he grabbed his abdomen. His insides ached horribly and he could feel his organs changing and shifting. The pain becoming too much to bear he mercifully passed out.

Walking up, Charlie was laying on his side. He felt very strange. Taking one look at his arms, he realized that what had happened was not a dream. He slowly stood up, regaining his balance and adjusting to his new center of gravity. Managing to get to a mirror, he looked at himself. While he was out, his head and face had changed. It was the face of kangaroo. He was a kangaroo.

“This is crazy” he said as he looked at himself in the mirror and examined himself. Something on his torso caught his eye. Examining it, he realized what it was, a pouch. He had a pouch.

“Wait a minute, only female kangaroo’s have a pouch, that means I’m a female!” he thought to himself, he had tried to speak but only animal like sounds came out. Examining himself, much to his horror he confirmed that he was indeed female. Wondering what do to next, he slowly climbed the stairs, a task made much more difficult in his new body.

“If the ceiling were high enough, I’d just hop up” he thought. Finally getting upstairs, he saw a small kangaroo standing by the TV. It hopped right up to him, and immediately jumped into his pouch. Instinctively he could tell that the roo was just a joey and that joey was his brother. Having nothing else he could think of doing, he opened his back door, and hopped out. The joey sat in his brothers pouch warbling happy. He had gotten his wish.

Satisfied that he had done what had to be done, the man snuck out of his house, and left, looking for his next task.