Deep Space Moreau

Three Years since the Failed Invasion of the Aliens.

Captain Weasly Cook sat down in the middle seat of the antique looking bridge as the view screen showed the streaking stars ahead. He rubbed a hand on his clean shaven chin as blue eyes stared out into the space ahead. The red uniform of command was neat and orderly with four gold pips indicating his rank. They were going to the planet Moreau, a planet that Star Fleet had quarantined for reasons that most command officers already knew about, you couldnít hide an entire ship of anthromorphic star fleet officers, nor could they hide that an entire colony world that had itís entire population turned into full blown animals from the Federations home world, that of Earth.

The Captain looked around his crew, the bridge might be small, but that served their purpose very well, they were meant for scouting, but he didnít look forward to the current mission. However, they all had sad looks on their faces, this would be the last mission of their ship before she is to be decommissioned... it being one of the last Miranda Class ships still in service of the Federation.

"Captain, we are approaching planet Moreau, we have the Ambrosia on sensors." His science officer stated, her feline tail, orange in color twitched from her skirt uniform, blue, cat ears and fur surrounding her brown hair... the fur is gold in color and she turned showing a small nose with whiskers and green eyes.

"Thank you MíRass. I will handle the coming confrontation... why we have to be the messenger I donít know, but if they scratches this paint, I will not be happy."

"Captain, I highly doubt that a scratch would blow up your precious ship." His Vulcan first officer stated, standing to the back of the bridge, his hands clasped behind the red uniform of command and standing as still as a statue. "Not even a Miranda Class ship has been known to fall apart due to a few dents." His voice seemed tired as if he was trying to show the logic against what was a running joke with the Captain.

"Now, now, Mr. Tevok... we can discuss this later... we have important orders to deliver to the Ambrosia, so we must keep the air of a working crew at the moment." He said this all with a smile and a small chuckle, showing that most people on board thought it as a joke.

The Captain soon was within hailing distance of the outpost, a science station more then a military one. However, any thoughts of it being a peaceful and not touched by any weapons were soon proved wrong with the floating weapons platforms around both the station and the planet. The platforms were Laser Platforms with the now standard Type X phaser banks. Photon Torpedoes and Quantum Torpedoes.... While those that were the closest to the station were authorized to use the new Transphasic Torpedoes.

He smiled as he nodded to an Asian American sitting at an almost outdated post. "Lt. Wu, open a channel to the Ambrosia, I will deliver the message.

The screen switched from the shooting stars to that of a humanoid Lion, sitting on a much bigger bridge and as if to be just silly, had his legs stretched out, but it could be that he was stretching at the moment. "Ah... Captain... Cook is it? What can I do for you?" He was letting out a load sound that could only be described as a strange purr, only it was a sound that could be only made by large cats.

"I see that you are pleased Captain Leon Strife, however, I have three admirals signing these orders, which are to return to the nearest Star Base, six five four for the Ambrosiaís normal look over, you are two years over due, and the admiralty wishes to put some new upgrades, I know that you and your crew have been spear heading this recovery effort to try and improve the cure, but I have three admirals on my back... Also, I was picked in lotto." He was trying to keep the lionís rage to minimum, having a Siamese feline in his own quarters meant that he knew the fickleness of cats.

Captain Strife however only sighed. "I was wondering how long I could stay out here before they recalled us for reevaluations and ship repairs... we all are trying to figure out what and who disappeared here, we are already mapped out about fifty percent of were the old crews are located, but it seems that some areas are more shielded then others."

"Understood, now get out of here so you can get back here, personally, I donít like taking my ship out this far, I might lose her and her crew."

Captain Strife looked at the other captain. "The Miranda class is not cursed Captain... if that is what you are alluding to. Thank you and take good care of this place, if I find out you have not; I will personally hunt you and your ship down for a test of strength." He then cut the communication and the Ambrosia left the system.

Captain Cook leaned back in his chair and looked at the once barren planet, now looking much like Planet Earth; he would review all the protocol surrounding the planet and what they had found out since he last was updated two weeks ago.

Lt. Wu turned around a concerned look on his face. "Captain, someone is messing with the Translator, it seems that we are getting an upgrade for this system only." He looked a little miffed that someone was messing with his controls.

"Do not worry Lt. Wu; we are only receiving the upgrade so that we can communicate with the inhabitants now. But I will tell them not to mess with your station without you knowing before hand."

"Captain, we are receiving a Xindi Aquatic ship carrying a pair of humpback whales from the Brama Colony... it seems their oceans are not so well suited for them." The Navigation officer said not only in a thick Irish accent, but also with a straight face. However, others looked at the Captain.

"Mr. Wu, Tell them that as long as they didnít take them from any Klingon ships they are allowed to proceed." He smirked before clearing his throat. "All joking aside, tell them that they can drop our friends in the Eastern Ocean... I think they will do fine there." The captain looked around, not two minutes in his assignments and he was taking care of more things that he would have liked.

"Commander Conway, I think you need some more command training, I shall leave you to handle half of the complaints that most likely will be coming in." His attention was focused on the Chief of Operations when he said that. He couldnít allow himself to be bogged down in paper work; they were supposed to be out patrolling as well.

Lt. Wu put his hand up to his ear and blinked. "Sir... we are receiving a message from the science station. They are requesting to talk with you over on the station, as well as an invite for dinner."

Captain Cook nodded his head. "Tell them I will be beaming over there very soon. Also, I accept their offer of dinner as well." He got up from his captainís chair and walked to the turbolift at the back of the bridge. As soon as he was inside the lift he took hold of one of the handles and spoke clearly. "Transporter Room one." The doors shut and the lift was off to deliver the Captain to his destination.

The space station was a medium sized station dedicated solely to the mystery of this planet. Having twenty decks total with all but five of them dedicated solely to science, it was a mile in length as well in a circular pattern. Captain Cook materialized back into existence on the pad of the Space Stationís main Transpoter room.

A Vulcan was standing behind the controls and with the same emotionless voice that almost any officer that is use to dealing with Vulcanís started introductions. "Welcome Captain to Moreau Station. The chief science officer is wanting to meet with you right away." He then began to walk to the door, but stops and looks at the spot next to the Captain, "May I ask why we only beamed aboard one member? I was told to expect two persons aboard."

Captain Cook blinked and right away tapped his com badge. "Lt. Wu... located and beam to me Captain Smith, it seems he was invited as well."

"Sorry Captain," Lt. Wu said in a calm voice. "I just assumed that since you take the cat with you onto stations, it wouldnít need to be said."

"That is okay Lt. we can sort it all now... just send him over."

"Aye sir..." MíRass spoke, taking over the duty and soon the blue mist of a transport cleared to show a miffed and irritated Feline. "Welcome aboard captainís." the Vulcan officer then walked them out of the room and into a white hallway with grey carpeting. They soon reached the end of the corridor and up to the turbolift.

The Vulcan entered, followed by Captain Cook, who was holding Captain Smith in his arms. They soon were in the turbolift and Cook out of habit moves to grab the handle that he uses on the turbolifts of his ship, making him really swat his hand against the wall of the lift.

The Vulcan didnít crack a smile but only spoke, "Crew Lounge." The lift then began to move in a downwards movement. "Captain, you should have remembered that most stations no longer use the hand controls of the early Federation ships. It will save you embarrassment while you visit." The lift had stopped moving down and now was heading left into the station. The rest of the trip was spent in silence.

The lift soon stopped and the door whooshed open. Allow the threesome to walk into the corridor. At the end of which was two doors with circle windows in them, with a white frosted image of the Star Fleet delta symbol. The Vulcan science officer continued his escort duty to the doors and the lounge. He stopped and stepped to the side. "Have a good meeting, I hope you know how to get back to the transporter, I shall leave you." He turned around and left the two in the hallway. Captain Cook looked down at Captain Smith. "Well, shall we find out why we were called here?"

They both entered the lounge and found it empty save for a lone person standing at the bank of windows, the beautiful planet visible to both Weasly and the person staring out the window, even at the angle he was watching. However, when the person heard the doors whoosh open she turned around on the spot and smiled. "Hey Wes, howís the Captain?" She smiled as she tugged at the grey white science jumpsuit that she was wearing.

Captain Cook stopped as he stared at her. "Emily? Is that really you?" He took a halting step forward before stopping. "What are you doing here? I thought you were working at the Daystar institute?"

She gave a giggle and gave that same half smile that he had used now himself. He couldnít help but think about a fox when he saw the eyes and mouth work together to make it look like she knew more then she lets on. "Oh really... do you think I would sit on a station away from this, when I was working on animal behavior?" She then moved forward herself and closed the gap herself. "It is good to see you again, I knew you would sooner or later come here... you always find me it seems."

Cook only looked into her eyes and smiled as well, almost losing himself in those deep green eyes of her. "I have a feeling you had a say on who guards you... maybe I can be a permanent relief duty ship... or at least join in." He said with a laugh and a look that said that he would stick around now he had found her again.

They were interrupted by the rather loud meow of Captain Smith. Emily right away laughed and began to scratch the feline behind the left ear. "Oh, Captain Smith, it is a pleasure to see you again, have you been keeping my husbandís ship lucky?" She laughed as the cat extended a paw and put it on her wrist, pushing it down and licked her hand a little, a motion of grooming to the cat.

"Hey, he still remembers who his mother lived with... that is good." He smiled as he looked at him. "If it wasnít for the Captain escaping and running into me, I would never have met you and we wouldnít have become joined." He was happy... yet, he knew that as a Captain, and during the war, families were split up to save them... and only now were they coming back together.

Emily looked around. "So... do you think we could catch a ride later this week? I would like to study some of the outer planets and asteroids... we were planning a science trip but with the Ambrosia gone, we will have to cut back... but we could at least scout out for the best location to start at."

Captain Cook laughed and with a large smile and a small kiss on the check, which prompted Captain Smith to move from Cookís left shoulder to that of Emilyís left shoulder and began to purr into her ear.

"Now my captain, shall we dine tonight, and tomorrow we can go scout for some place to start our outer rim research?" She indicated the window a little further down the lounge, and Captain Cook could see just the edge of his beloved Miranda Class. "So... how is my name sake coming along?"

Cook couldnít help but laugh. "The Emily Maria is doing very well, just had a refit, as well as some upgrades on the weapons systems, she is no where close to the Ambrosia, but she can pack a wallop or two." His eyes took a sad look for a second before brightening.

But Emily caught the look. "Sheís going to be decommissioned soon isnít she? Itís going to be tough losing another Miranda... but at least this one made it to the dry docks." She gave an empty smile.

Weasly only smiled as he sat down and looked at both of the important ladies of his life. "Thank you for this.... This may be the last time I get to see her in service from a window..." his voice trailed off.

Emily only rolled her eyes. "Well, if you are so full of wander-lust why not take her out and never return... and I can stay here where it is safe and sound... I still donít get you having to go explore the galaxy when you could be home helping me research."

"Then why didnít you take the job at the Daystrom institute? They would have helped you with your research. It is the dream of all the scientists to get there." Weasly shot back, smiling in his head because he could guess the answer.

Emilyís eyes narrowed before she saw the reason why... and the logic of bringing up a sore topic. "Oh... are you saying that I too wander around, only it is because I donít like being confide to a desk."

"See, and you came out here because you knew I would wind up in a danger zone most likely... you knew we would see each other after our commanders split us up." Weasly cried out with a silly look on his face. "I will make sure that I am stationed here now... now I know what your top secret location is." He gave a goofy smile and Emily only laughed.

"Of course, who do you think requested the replacement ship... you donít think I have a hand in what goes on around here? I am the head boss after all." Emily retorted giving Wes a good hearted slap on the shoulder.

They were interrupted by a hologram bringing out their food. Which was a replica of the first meal that they had on there first date. The rest of the evening was spent talking of the past and the future now that they could be in the same sector again.

Besides the Xindi ship dropping off the whales, Captain Cook could honestly say that this was by far much better. His wife was standing next to him on the cramped bridge, but everyone didnít mind, they were happy to see him smiling more and not worrying about his ship blowing up. They were at the moment, plotting and doing a more detailed scan of one of the outer rimed planet paths... which seemed to be a little too perfect at the moment.

Mr. McCollum blinked and looked at his sensors again, something wasnít right, he felt like he would see something, but then nothing again, and he figured it was some glitch with a computer. So he remained silent.

Out beyond the sensor buoys of the planetary system, a ship lurked hiding from them, watching them move and do maneuvers, this commander unlike the other one to move into Federation territory was watching his foe before he struck, he wanted to make sure that he could strike fast and without them knowing what would hit them. So he sat back and watched some more. He turned his head as a beep sounding from one of the side controls with anger in his eyes. "Shut that off, and recalibrate ourselves, we must remain hidden till we strike, like an asteroid worm on ships coming too close to its home." He loved surprises.

"Aye sir," Another of the species said, hidden in the shadows of the ship. "Also... we did get a report in, but it is saying that they have yet to locate our friend Mr. Ice after he decided to take our technology out for a joy ride. An entire ship lost to our scans just for a grudge."

Captain Cook was leaning forward, he couldnít place it, but something out their was unnerving him, they had said from their "new" friend that they used the virus for plans of an invasion... but then why had they not sent more ships? He didnít know why he was now worrying about it, but he looked down at a current read out, a picture of the planet behind it. He let out a smirk like laugh, quiet to all but MíRass. Maybe thatís why, so close to their experiment to taking over a sector... but, they donít know about our little secret. He thought to himself... he looked at his chronometer and blinked.

"Commander Conway, you have the bridge, I will be right back. Sorry Emily, but our captain needs to be feed." He got up and left the small bridge as the Commander took the command chair. Emily smiled and followed her husband to the back of the bridge. He entered the turbolift with Emily behind him, and they descended two decks. They then exited the turbolift and walked down the stark white hallways of the corridor. He soon reached a door with a black sign with white lettering with his name on it. He entered his security code and entered the room. At the moment it was black with only a dim glow from the distant star of the system. "Computer, lights to normal parameters and put on a track of Beethoven. As the music from his first symphony played, he went to the living room and up to one of the innovations onboard this ship, a replicator. He then ordered Data Formula five cat food in a blue bowl, and a white dish with water at room temperature. He then turned around and placed both bowls on the carpet. At that moment, from someplace in the quarters a Chocolate Seal Point Siamese Cat sutures up and begins to rub against the Captainís legs.

"Still like Beethoven? He can be rather hard on the ears at times." Emily said, laughter in her voice. "You should try Brahms sometime."

Weasly only laughed. "Very funny, but I still like Beethoven better." He then looked down to look at Captain Smith.

"Yes. I know you like your food, and it is good to see you, but we need to be still on guard, we are on the outer fringes of known space this time, so we donít know whatís out there." He talked to the cat if it could understand; all he got was a low mew before that feline began to eat. Captain Cook just look at the cat and smiled, he know wondered just what would happen out here, humans becoming animals, and aliens wishing to invade, afterwards... he laughed. Star Fleet wouldnít be cowed that easily by them.

He looked out his cabin window and at the stars outside, shining lights thousand or millions of light years away, all of them just the past of what happened in those stars. That was why he loved space... as he stared into space, he was seeing the past. He shook his head and turned to face his wife a smile on his face, as she joined him at the window. "No time for reflecting the past, I need to return to the bridge." She only nodded her head and moved to sit down in a chair at his desk, but not before he gave her a kiss.

He turned around and giving a back hand wave to Captain Smith exited his quarters and was soon walking back onto the bridge. He sat down and looked at the space. "Okay, letís head back to the Science station, I know they have torpedo turrets and laser turrets, but sometimes a human mind a star ship can help more then those platforms."

As the ship moved back to the station, the alien vessel that was watching them keep their distance... waiting for a single to come that would say that the war was a go ahead. But he was patient and not wanting to rushing anything at the moment. But some of the commanderís men were not so kind on waiting.

"What is taking so long? We see them... they have a weaker ship guarding right now... we should go in and take them now... then leave and move to another place..." The command deck was shrouded in darkness so no one could see who spoke out of like.

The commander only chuckled and laughed. "An interesting idea, hit and running, leaving derelict ships full of animals, they would recognize our calling card right away this time."

A laugh sounded. "Not if we take the animals with us and drop them off along our routes, they would never find their crews ever again."

"If I could have finished what I was saying in the first place." The commander interrupted. "The answer still is no, we must stick to the plan.... It will work this time, they may expect us... maybe even trying to reclaim the planet, but they would not expect a turn coat to give a full antidote, only to see their faces when it is really a timed release virus that will take an entire day to be completely done... and by then... imagine how many people it would have infected... and each person would carry it with them." He smiled.

However yet another voice added to the darkness, "If it was workable... right now, we only have a version 2 right now... it will take more time, but we must try this again, just remember our objective." This caused the others to fall silent.

Captain Cook was looking at the view screen, even though the chair was made to be comfortable, he felt more at ease if he leaned forward a little as if pushing the ship mentally to go faster to the next star. It was now down to a final week of patrols before the Ambrosia comes back to allow them to go back to guard duty around sector zero, zero one.

"Captain, we are receiving a call from the station." Mr. Wu called out as he watched the communication board with alert eyes.

"On screen Lt. Wu." Captain Cook said as he sat back in his chair, wondering what news would prompt a communication now... he didnít bother them, and they didnít bother him.

The screen replaced the field of stars with an Andorianís face whoís antenna twitched an a manner that said he was pleased with something. "Captain, I am pleased to inform you that we will be seeing more of your ship then we first thought... Star Fleet is behind a little on installing some new systems on the Ambrosia and so they will be delayed another five days more. Good day Captain. Also, tell our boss that she should spend more time at her station and not so much helping you patrol." Before he could say anything the transmission ended.

Captain Cook looked at the screen that moved from the Chief Assistant Scientist to the Federationís seal and finally back to the fields of stars. He smiled not showing his disappointment of going home soon. "Well, at least we can track the asteroids some more, who knows, we might be seeing some planet killer here being born or something." He was joking... he was nervous about being a Miranda Class ship near enemy territory, he had looked at the number of his ships were destroyed and the Miranda had a slightly higher percentage then any other ship to be destroyed in the dominion war. But then he smiled, the odds of a confrontation was almost zero at the moment.

However, Mr. McCollum spun around in his chair. "Captain, I have been tracking a ghost and I just got a positive reading finally.... We have company." He was worried, fear and horror on his face, the self conscience pat on his face and hands spoke volumes of what he had found.

Captain Cook looked from Mr. McCollum and to Kuna. "Kuna, raise shields, and bring all ships systems from standing Yellow alert to Red Alert... all men man your battle stations.... We have company." His face grim was sent into a unnatural scouwl as the bulkheads turned to a red color as the ship moved to a defensive attitude.

Captain Cook then spun his chair to face Mr. Wu. "Open a hailing channel to the Station... tell them we have a wolf in the woods and they better get the militia called out." He then looked back. Soon the planetary defenses will be up and fully powered and all they had to do, was give them a nice fox hunt.

Mr. Wu seemed shocked. "Captain, communication is cut from the station.... We are being jammed all around us.... Iíve lost contact with Star Fleet Command marker outside the system."

Mr. McCollum interrupted the chatter. "They spotted us... they are coming around for an intercept course... coming from above sir."

"Kuna... you are authorized on all authority to use whatever means you can... even Klingon tactics... just donít get us killed." He was talking to his exchange officer, a Klingon gunner from one of the bigger warships in the Klingon Empire.

"As you wish Captain." He said with a growl, upset that he would not die in this battle most likely. "I have pulled up weaknesses from the last encounter of a ship of this kind from the Ambrosiaís logs.... Forwarding them to the weapons roll bar, looks like today is a good day for a war." He then fell silent and concentrated on the task at hand.

"Captain Cook to all off duty security officers, you are to secure all major points of the ship, with extra care with life support, both the main and the auxiliary... we donít want any new fashions aboard this ship." He was still making a joke as they fired at the enemy vessel, only to have them break off, while launching a small support craft. While the main vessel headed to the station.

"Commander Andrews... I want you to change all access codes in case we still have spies on us... and see if you can get them to change it on the station."

He then pushed a button on his armrest as the ship shook from enemy fire, he slammed against his arm and the armrest and he could feel pain jolt through the arm. "Life support, in case our shields fail, I want the cure started being pumped into the ship right away... no waiting around." He smiled as the ship in front of them shook from yet another well placed laser blast from their forward phaser banks. "Okay... letís see if we can...." The ship exploded suddenly as sensor alarms started to blare.

"Captain... another mothership is coming in.... weapon platforms around the planet are falling, though the first ship is suffering extreme damage... I believe that they have improved the ships from last time." The ship shook from the new shipís arrival.

"Lt. Gillian, I want you to coordinate with Mr. Kuna.... Letís see if they will go on a merry old fox hunt." He then pushed the communication button again. "Engineering, get use repaired from those attacks, we must be on a constant monitoring of all the systems."

The new alien ship looked on as the small puny ship attacked on a strafing run before turning tail to flee, only to let lose two barrages of torpedoes and five Phaser shots from their rear weaponís roll bar, characteristic only to the Miranda class starship.

Of course the main attention that the other Mothership had was to try and give support to the other ship... which was fairing badly since they had found out where some of its weakness was located... The destroyer that was escorting the new Mothership almost right away itís weak point was discovered. It being three meters to the left of their starboard impulse reactor, a lucky shot from the last few shots from the fleeing Miranda

The alien vessel rocked from the last hits from the fleeing ship. "Fleeing the battle? How cowardice of them..." The commander stopped as the final reports were coming in. One report took him by shock. "What? But how could they have crippled our destroyer already? I will not underestimate them any further.... Prep the virus... I think I have discovered the ploy... letís show them that if they want to play cat and mouse... it will be they who will become the prey of the universe."

Kuna slammed his fist into his hip in rage. "I canít believe it. Those fools are not falling for it... we are just an annoying little ship." Kuna looked right into the burning eyes of the Captain.

"Little?" he asked in a deathly whisper. "I assure you Kuna, that this little ship is still considered the joint back bone of exploration, second now to the Nebula class ship... but we do have a few advantages...." He turned to face Mr. McCollum.

"Take us around an asteroid that can hide us, and letís pull our first little rabbit out of the hat." He smiled as he made a small hand signal for just what he meant.

"Aye sir... changing course to set coordinates... found a cave to even add to the illusion of where we might be hiding." Mr. McCollum said with a grin.

MíRass purred out in eagerness keeping her eyes on the small viewer in front of her. Her tail was twitching for some unseen event that was causing the air of anticipation to rise higher and higher. Meanwhile his first officer Mr. Tevok raised an Eyebrow while standing at casual attention, hand clasped behind his back and observed the bridge with indifferent eyes.

"Need I remind you Captain that the Nemeses treaty allows us use of the clock during times of desperation? I find it highly unlikely that they would perceive us as a risk at the moment." Mr. Tevok just stood their as if he had been reading out of some Encyclopedia.

Captain Cook looked at Mr. Tevok, "Okay, you might have a point there, but the moment we leave their jamming frequency we will become a higher target... as for the enemy itself... we know what weakness they have in their ships, and well can and will exploit them when they invade us again."

Emily had just now entered the bridge with three security officers behind her. She looked around fearfully as the view screen showed the alien vessel that was just sitting there now. "Are they..."

"Donít worry; I will make sure that they do not deliver you a fur coat... I rather replicate you one myself." Weasly Cook said with a smirk, he then looked at Kang and Lt. Gillian. "Letís make another pass over their top and draw them away from the station... I think they can handle one ship... but not two."

The Miranda Class ship banked slowly, around an asteroid and then moved once again at the enemy ship... only halfway around the asteroid, the enemy ship lost contact with the small Miranda Class ship, small compared to the size of there own ship.

"Commander, We just lost track of the enemy ship.... They were making another pass around for us and then... vanished." A person who from the sounds of his report was in charge of scans and what was outside the ship.

"Vanish?" The commander, the same one that had been waiting for this attack to commence asked in an amused tone of voice. "No one can just vanish in space... up the scan power; see if they are trying to hide in any of the asteroids at all."

"Aye Commander," The technician fell silent as he hunched over his controls to make sure he didnít miss anything. He was hoping that they were in the asteroid... soon his scanners picked up through the rock a rough outline of what must be a Miranda Class. "Sir, I found it, I found the ship.... They are hiding in a cavity within the Asteroid."

"Good, blow the entire thing to dust." The commander said with a yawn. "We shouldnít waste a good batch of a virus on a measly old ship when we can use it on other colony worlds."

The Command ship of the two ship attack force turned her bow to face the asteroid and with her guns hot, began to move forward. Soon the ship was firing breaking thrusters and slowed again.

"Weapons... target all our laser banks upon that chunk of rock and give it all you got till you vaporize everything in it." He smirked as he watched ten beams of crimson Jade beams of light pierce the blackness of space and lay into the asteroid, till it cracked open like an egg.... Before the cloud of dust could clear, ten balls of light launched and hit both chunks of rocks vaporizing everything.

"Confirmation... trace elements of the enemyís hull, we have taken care of the only means of communication of this region." Both the weapons and sonar officers said confirming their reports.

"Excellent, Communications continue to transmit allís okay reports through our captured satellites." The Commander said as he leaned back in his chair, while looking forward to finishing this project.