Series: Star Fleet's Bad Fur Day:

A Furry Discovery

A newly re-written and revamped version of the original story. You can still find the original story here.

When a significant number of Earths' animals are discovered living on a planet far from Earth, starfleet builds an outpost on the planet to study them. Unfortunately, the crew of the outpost is about to learn first hand how those animals arrived on the planet.

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Star Trek: Star Foxed

Star trek / Star fox crossover. A Federation ship is transported to the Lylat system, and strange mutations begin to happen to the crew.

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Star Trek: The Furry Generation

A new class of ship with a new crew encounters the people responsible for the transformations and learns of their plans.

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An unexpected change of course

A man and his pet otter are returning to the Sol system (ie our solar system) after making a delivery when they run into a storm that is really a test of a terrible new weapon. The result change their lives forever.

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Alpha Epsilon 3

When a colony is attacked with a completed version of the weapon, Mike and David are sent to clean things up.

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Deep Space Moreau

When the Ambrosa is recalled for service, and a new ship is placed to guard the Test Planet, it couldn't have happened at a worst time.

Guest Author: VT

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