Star trek: Morphuses

The USS Trinculo docked at starbase 74 to undergo refit and crew rotation. The ship was dwarfed by the massive starbase. Its crew had not had time for R&R since the end of the dominion war, so this was a welcome delay. Several of the crew members had planned on relaxing on the many facilities the base had, while several others decided to use the time to explore a planet that was close to the base and was mostly unexplored. It would provide them the opportunity to get some fresh air and get out of space for a while. The station has several dozen runabouts’ that were available.

The captain of the Trinculo, Captain Timothy Barns had decided to go on this trip. Lt.Cmdr Ikrit Tagomi , Ensign Trunks Soatome, his chief of security William King, his executive officer Bob Backburn, Ensign Jonathan Hermann, Joseph McKinley, David Spartan, Dr. Adelaide LeRosse, An admiral on the starbase, Admiral Steven and a personal friend of his, Gordon. decided to accompany him.

Captain Timothy Barns had been the captain of the Trinculo for 3 years. He saw the ship through the dominion war, his skill helped save the ship and it’s crew on many occasions. He's very knowledgeable about Earth and it’s past. He is a caring captain, and cares for all of his crew but he is also short tempered at times, but is not afraid to speak what is on his mind something which tends to get him in trouble. His past is somewhat mysterious as he never seems to want to talk about it.

Lt.Cmdr Ikrit Tagomi, Captain Barns’ science officer is a Vulcan who was a graduate who is a graduate of the Vulcan Science Academy and Starfleet is Barn’s seconds officer. Being a Vulcan, he is very logical. He’s tolerant of other races and their emotions, and while he feels that emotions are illogical, he doesn’t make it a point to say it.

Ensign Trunks Soatome is 20 years old a fresh graduate of Starfleet academy. He serves on the Trinculo as a bridge officer, normally taking the helm. He’s a fairly tall and strong man.

Chief of security William King is the chief of security on the Trinculo. He’s a human whose in his mid 30’s about is tall, nearly 6 feet. He’s a calm and collected person who exercises regularly and is in excellent shape. He prefers to think his way out of situations, rather then to fight, although is he adept in the use of phases and has excellent marksmanship.

Bob Backburn, the executive officer on board the Trinculo, is an Ocampin. He was discovered as an infant by a Starfleet admiral. It is unclear how he arrived at federation space. His telepathic and telekinetic abilities are exceptional. Even though his is only 3 years old, his abilities and intelligence have allowed him to raise the ranks quickly. He is in excellent shape.

Ensign Jonathan Hermann is Cardasian who joined Starfleet after the war. Starfleet accepted quite a few cardassians in the name of good relationship with the Cardassians, hoping they could at least start to heal the wounds the war created.

Ensign Joseph McKinley serves on board the Trinculo in engineering.

David Spartan is Captain Barn’s first officer. He’s six foot three, has long brown hair, is slightly muscular, and has dark eyes. He is 25 years old, kind and generous, very calm and intelligent especially when it comes to his work, but he also knows how to have a good time.

Dr. Adelaide LeRosse is a klingon that is somewhat pretty, VERY skinny, but also very irritable and short-tempered. A very short fuse for ignorance, even when she knows people aren't at fault.

The admirals friend, Gordon has known the admiral for quite some time. He lives on the starbase as a civilian scientist. He’s always had an interest in exploration so he’s very interested in the idea of going on the trip.

Normally runabout’s are meant for 2-4 people, so having 10 people onboard was going to be cramped, but since the trip would only take a few days, they decided it wouldn't be too bad and that they would sleep in shifts. The ship had 4 bed’s in the back, but quarters were tight. The Captain, Commander Spartan and Dr. LeRosse decided to take the first shift with. Ensign McKinley, Commander Blackburn, William King took the second shift and ensign Hermann, Commander Tagomi, Ensign Trunks Soatome and Admiral Steven took the 3rd shift. Besides the cockpit area, the runabout had the sleep area and a rest area for eating and reading etc. Every boarded the ship. The Captain, Spartan and LeRosse took their positions in the cockpit, with Spartan at the helm. McKinley, Blackburn and King sat in the side room, with book in hand for reading, while the rest slept in the back. Gordon would spend most his time in the side cabin, and observing in the cockpit.

The runabout’s engines powered up, and she left the docking bay of the base.

“We have cleared the starbase perimeter, ready for warp speed on your mark”, Spartan announced.

“Very well then commander, lay in a course for Turné 5 and engage at warp 7” The captain said. The little ships warp engines powered up, and in a flash of light it entered warp speed.

“Speed, warp 7. ETA to the Turné system, 52 hours and 6 minutes” Spartan announced.

McKinley, Blackburn and King sat in the cabin next to the cockpit. The stars in the cabins window streaked by as they talked amongst themselves.

“So what do we know about this planet?” McKinley asked.

“It’s class M, 25% bigger then Earth. Its gravity is slightly higher, but it’s nothing that should pose a significant problem. Our probes indicated that it has an unusually high amount of water, almost 90% of the surface. There are several edible plants on the surface. But we don’t know much about the wildlife, or exact details about the plant life. We are considering setting up a colony there, so we can use this opportunity to see if it’s feasible”.

“But this is a rest and relaxation mission first and foremost”, King added.

“Sounds fun”, McKinley said enthusiastically.

In the back cabin, ensign Hermann, Commander Tagomi, Ensign Trunks Soatome and Admiral Steven were trying to get to sleep. Hermann was talking to Soatome.

“I have heard strange rumors about the area around a system were going to pass by, the J’Tuguisa system.” He said.

“What kind of rumors?” Soatome responded.

“I have heard rumors of ships and their crews vanishing”.

“I wouldn’t believe everything you hear. The majority of rumors are just that, rumors”. The admiral held a padd and was quietly reading about the planet. The commander had since fallen asleep.

In the cockpit, Spartan, LeRosse and the Captain were well off topic, discussing their favorite holodeck programs.

“I’ve always liked the Mysterious holo-novels, and adventure programs. It’s fun to play in a world where magic and wizard and goblins exist”. Spartan said.

“I’ve always like the kalestenics programs, they are very invigorating, and are excellent exercise” LeRosse responded.

“Which ones your favorite?” Spartan.

“The battle of Ty’chigoa ; It starts off you alone, against an army of 200 warriors, armed with only a d’k tahg. After you slaughter them, you find a bat’leth and battle your way through the capital city of De’kor before you slaughter its leaders and claim it’s leadership”. Barns and Spartan couldn’t help but stare at her, almost in shock.

“But that program is only intended for more experiences warriors”, she added. The doors to the cockpit whizzed open and Gordon walked in.

“Hey, we were just discussing holodeck programs, so which ones your favorite”, Spartan asked.

“Holodeck programs? Let’s see, I don’t have a personal favorite. Although it is sometimes fun to play the holo recreations of popular late 20th and early 21st century games. They may be violent, but sometimes it’s a good way to get rid of tension.”. Every laughed.


They were about half way to their destination. The first shift was sleeping in the back While the 3rd shift was in the cockpit and the second shift in the side room.

Ensign Hermann, Commander Tagomi, Ensign Trunks Soatome and Admiral Steven were in the cockpit. Soatome was at the helm.

“What’s is our ETA?” the admiral asked.

“26 hours and 3 minutes. We are currently passing by the J’Tuguisa system. However, if we increase speed to warp 9, we could get there in 11 hours and 20 minutes, but it would be stressing the engines.” Soatome responded.

“What if we increased to warp 8?” the admiral asked. Pushing several buttons on the console, he responded that it would take 16 hours and 17 minutes.

“If I remember the specs on this class of runabout, it should be able to do warp 8 comfortably for up to 24 hours, so we should be safe.”

“Yes sir; Endeavor class runabout’s are capable of warp 8 up to 24 hours, warp 9 for 8 hours. Our current speed of warp 7 is a normal cruise speed though.”

“Very well then, increase to warp 8”. As the Soatome pressed the buttons on his console to increase to the speed of the little vessel, the tactical console, being manned by Commander Tagomi, sounded an alarm. Looking at the console, he typed in several commands. The console displayed disturbing information, which he relayed.

“Sensors are picking up a ship on an intercept course, their speed is..” he stopped for a few seconds, appearing stunned.

“incredible! They appear be to going at least 30,000 times our maximum speed.”. The admiral rushed over to the commander, looking at the display to see if the ship was anything he recognized.

“Why didn’t we detect them until now?”,

“At their velocity it was not until now that they entered our sensor range”, the commander responded. Turning to Ensign Hermann, who was manning the communications system, the admiral said to hail them. Entering the commands, Hermann awaited a response, but received none.

“They’re not responding sir.” He answered.

“Sir! They’re powering weapons!” Tagomi announced.

“Red alert! Ensign Soatome, lay in a course for the J’Tuguisa 5, the fifth planet of that system has a dense asteroid field around it, hopefully we can lose them in there!” the admiral said.

“Course laid in sir!”

“Engage at maximum warp”. The ensign entered the commands and the little ship rocked to the side as it changed course. The entire ship’s light level went dark as it’s shields and weapons systems went active. The red alert klaxons were lighting it up with each subsequent pulse. The doors to the cockpit swooshed open as the Captain, Commander Spartan and Dr. LeRosse entered.

“What’s going on?” the captain asked.

“We have detected an unknown vessel, they are moving at incredible speeds and have charged their weapons and are on an intercept course!” the Admiral announced.

“Dr. Set up an emergency triage center in the cabin, prepare for causalities” the captain said to LeRosse. The doctor, exited the room and made her way to the cabin, informing Ensign McKinley, Commander Blackburn, William King of the situation. Commander Blackburn went to the cockpit and took the communications system, asking Hermann to assist in the cabin, they needed their most experienced officers if they were going to get out of this situation.

“What is our ETA to J’Tuguisa 5?” The admiral asked of Ensign Soatome.

“3 minutes sir!” he responded.

“Sir! The unknown ship is gaining on us very quickly! By the time we get there they will be seconds away!”, Tagomi said.

“Is there anyway we can increase speed, even for a few minutes?” The admiral asked. Saotome said that they could increase their speed enough to decrease their ETA to 1 minute if they stressed the warp core as far as it would go, but they could not maintain that speed for more then a few minutes. The admiral noted that they would only need it for 1 minute so gave the go ahead. Soatome entered the appropriate commands and the ship doubled its speed.

“Warp core temperature at critical! Venting plasma through the nacelles should help to cool the engines, but more then a few minutes of that will damage the warp coils!” Soatome said "do it", the Admiral said. The ship entered the system, now shaking severely from the stress from going at a velocity substantially higher then it’s normal maximum speed would be, it's nacelles spewed plasma.

“Sir! We are approaching the planet!” Soatome said.

“Take us out of warp and go to full impulse!” The admiral ordered. The ship exited out of warp, racing towards the asteroid field surrounding the planet.

“The alien vessel will intercept us in 15 seconds!” Tagomi announced. Taking the ship towards the asteroid belt, Saotome used every tactic he knew maneuver around the asteroid hoping to confuse the ship long enough to get them to break out their pursuit. The ship suddenly rocked severely, alarms blazing all over the place, smoke from a burst value poured into the cockpit.

“Damage report!” the admiral yelled.

“ The ship has fired on us! They saw right through the asteroids! Shields are down to 15%! Warp engines are offline!” Tagomi responded.

“Take evasive action, and return fire!” The admiral ordered. Soatome pressed a series of commands into the console and the runabout strafed over the enemy ship, it’s phasers firing, following by a spread of it’s micro torpedoes.

“The ship has suffered only minor damage sir! They’re firing again!” Tagomi said, sounding very alarmed. The runabout rocked much more severely this time. Plasma spewed from its starboard nacelle. A fire had broken out in the cockpit. Everyone had been knocked to the floor. Lights flickered on and off. Cradling his arm, which had been hurt in the fall the Admiral asked for another damage report.

In the side cabin everyone picked themselves up. A fire burned from a ruptured conduit, and the lights had failed, the fire was the only light source. While no one had been seriously injured, most of them had several bruises.

“This isn’t going well!” Gordon said.

“There is nothing we can do about it! The best thing we do is to stay out of everyone’s way”, LeRoose responded, as the ship was once again rocked. Several crew members were knocked against the walls and fell to the ground.

Several of the consoles in the cockpit were smoldering, and several wires hung from the ceiling.

“Admiral! We will not survive another hit! Sensors indicate that the planet below can support life! The only logical course of action is to abandon ship, and to take as many supplies as possible!” Commander Tagomi said. The Admiral knew then he was defeated and agreed, pressing the proper sequences to abandon ship. The ship was coming around for another attack run, so they had to act quickly. Everyone onboard the ship, gathered as many emergency supplies as they could.

“We don’t have time to beam everyone down separately, we must increase the transporters annular confinement beam to it’s maximum!” Tagomi said.

“That’s a very risky maneuver!” Soatome said.

“It indeed is, but given out current situation we have little choice!” Tagomi responded. Typing the proper command’s as fast as she could, she watched as the enemy ship approached them, preparing to fire it’s weapons. Just as she saw it’s weapons reading to fire, she engaged the transporter. The enemy ships weapons struck the runabout, causing it to spin out of control towards it, seconds later it exploded right above the ship. The ship rocked from the explosion, apparently suffering significant damage from being so close to the explosion. Convinced that it had done its job, and because of the damage it had suffered, the ship left the system and engaged it’s warp engines.