Star Trek: Star Foxed

The room was dark, with only the light from the desktop computer illuminating the face of the man known only as “Ice” by his shipmates. Quickly pressing a combination of several buttons on the small console, he gave the instructions to the computer.

“Computer, open a secure channel to the following co-ordinates”, as he typed them into the console,

“use the following protocol, for sending the message, delete any records of this transmission”. The computer beeped as it executed the command. On the view screen an image appeared, the figure immediately speaking.

“Is this channel secure?” he asked.

“I assure you, there will be no record of it, it will not be possible to trace it to either of our locations”, Ice assures the figure.

“Good. We ready to proceed to with the plan. There is a nebula at the following co-ordinates, we will execute the plan at that location when are ready”. Ice watched as the co-ordinates appeared on his display.

“That is 2.85 light years from our current location, we can be there in about 17 of our hours”.

“Very well, then Mr. Ice. We will execute the plan in 18 hours.” The figure said as he cut the connection. Quickly pressing several other buttons on his console, Mr. Ice accessed the primary sensor array, preparing to set the plan into motion.


The bridge of the USS Midway, an Akira class ship commissioned 6 months ago, was alive with activity. Mr. Ice walked onto the bridge and took his station.

“What’s happening?” he asked.

“A few minutes ago we picked up a distress signal at 2.85 lights years from in the Yadsruh Nebula. A ship was apparently struck by a discharge and has taken heavy damage. Were the closest ship in range, and we have set a course to assist”, the Captain, Benjamin Jones explained. Mr. Ice typed several commands into his station, the operations station.

“It will take nearly 17 hours to get there, will we be able to make it in time?” he asked.

“They said that they should be okay until then. Their engines have taken heavy damage, they will likely need evacuation and any medical assistance we can offer”.

“I will inform sickbay to prepare for possible heavy causalities”, the 1st officer, Mr. Draven said. Mr. Ice’s plan was in motion, as he watched the crew prepare for the ‘rescue’ he began to prepare mentally for what was about to happen.

“Mr. Burton, lets go to yellow alert and put the ship and combat alert just in case this is a trap”, the Captain said.

“Aye sir”, the tactical officer responded.

“Mr. Saotome, begin a series of combat drills, just in case this is a trap, we should prepare for the worst if we get boarded. If its not we should still limit access to anyone who beams aboard, make the necessary preparations”. Everyone went into action, as the ship screamed towards it’s destination at it maximum speed.

Mr. Draven walked into the sickbay. The Chief medical officer, Dr. Demarchess approached him.

“How can I help you Commander?” she asked.

“We’ve picked up a distress signal from an unidentified ship. They say they’ve been damaged by a discharge in a nebula. They may have heavy casualties, we don’t know for sure. I think we should prepare for the worst.” He said.

“Yes sir. What is out ETA?” the doctor asked.

“About 17 hours” he responded.

“Very well, I will get everything ready.” She said as she walked over to a medical console, typing in several commands, which activated the entire medical bay. In non-emergency situations, most of the medical bay would be shut down to conserve power.

“I recommend converting cargo bay 2 to a triage center in case they have a large number of wounded” the doctor said.

“I’ll see to it that everything is prepared”, the 1st officer said.


Sean Burton walked into his quarters, his son adopted Caleb, a 13 year old walked towards up to him.

“You’re home later then normal”, he said, not in a annoyed tone but a concerned tone, he had a feeling something was happening and was worried about what it was.

“We received a distress call this morning, we can’t raise the ship that sent it and it’s inside a nebula. Were going to help them, but we have to take precautions just in case it’s a trap”, Sean responded.

“How long till we get there?” Caleb asked.

“Another 5 hours”.

“Do we still have time to try out that holodeck program you mentioned this morning?” Caleb asked.

“Sure, but first I think I’ll have something to eat. Want to go to the mess hall?” Sean responded,

“okay” Caleb, said.

Chief engineer Teringa at with Commander Galain and Greg Saotome.

“We still haven’t received any response from the ship, but we can see it on the sensors, their com system may be down, but something about this doesn’t seem right”, Galain said.

“I agree it could be a trap, but on the other hand maybe there is a legitimate reason they aren’t responding” Greg responded.

“Good point, I guess we’ll just have to wait and see what happens” Galain said.

The doors to the mess hall opened and Sean and Caleb walked in.

“Ill get us a table” Caleb said,

“What do you want?” Sean asked.

“Pizza and root beer of course” he said, giggling. Sean walked up to one of the replicators and made the order.

“3 slices of pepperoni pizza, a large root beer, one raktajino and a club sandwich with French fries.” Sean said. The computer beep and Caleb’s order materialized in the tray first, Sean took it out then his order materialized. He took it over to where Caleb was sitting, at a table with commander Draven was sitting, drinking a scotch and eating some kinds of salad with a bunch of meat in it. Sean sat down, giving Caleb his order.

“Thanks” Caleb said.

“Hey Sean, how are you”, Eric asked.

“Not bad, a bit tired, it’s been a long day. And you?”

“Pretty much the same.” Eric responded.

Benjamin Jones worked with Alleria Demarchess to prepare the cargo bay for whatever incoming casualties they were going to have. Dr. Demarchess checked each bed and monitoring station, making sure they were all in working order.

“Do we have any idea how many injured they have?” the doctor asked.

“No, we haven’t been able to raise them since. We are still picking them up on the sensors, their com system appears to be down”, Jones responded.

“I guess you can never be too prepared, I just hope we won’t need to use all of these facilities”.

“As do I, I’ll be on the bridge if you need me”, he said as we walked out of the cargo bay.


Sitting in the dark room, Ice secured the door. He walked over to the console, sitting on the chair on front of the monitor. The image of the figure again appeared on monitor.

“We will be at your position within the hour. I’m sending you our shield frequencies and deflector dish properties.” Ice said.

“Very well, when the attack begins, we will send out an unmanned fighter, when it reaches the following co-ordinates” (Ice’s computer beeps and displays the co-ordinates) it will emit a theta band tachyon pulse towards your deflector. At this point, counter the pulse with an inverse tacyhons pulse in the delta band. It will open up a rift, our ship will enter it first, in the rift we will emit a field that will pull yours into it.” The dark figure said.

“How can we be sure we will survive the trip though the rift?” Ice asked?

“If I recall, your ship is equipped with an ablative armor generator, I suggest using it” the figure said.

“Very well, I have to cut the transmission in the next 10 seconds or I’ll be detected” Ice said.

“Very well, we will see you there”, the figure said as he cut the transmission.


The Midway arrived at its destination, dropping out of warp just in front of the nebula the ship in distress was located in. The ship slowly entered the nebula, heading towards this ship that had sent the distress signal. The bridge crew was at their stations.

“Are we picking the ship up on sensors?” Captain Jones asked. Ice, stationed at the operations section, pressed several buttons on his console.

“I’m picking them ahead, range 561,000 km”.

“Life signs?” the captain asked.

“Interference from the nebula is making it impossible to tell for sure”, Ice responded.

“Very well, Mr. Burton, hail them.” The captain said. Mr. Burton pressed several buttons on his console, after several seconds there was no response.

“No response sir. I don’t understand their com system appears to be operational.” The tactical officer responded.

“Yellow alert. Lets try getting a little closer, helm; ¼ impulse” the captain ordered.

“Aye sir” Commander Galain answered.

“Mr. Ice, can you get any clearer readings from them?” the captain asked. The operations officer typed several more commands into his console, and a worried look appeared on his face.

“Captain, they’re moving, heading towards us. Their charging weapons!” he said.

“Red Alert, shields up, arm all weapons,” the Captain said. The ships bridge went dark, and the red alert klaxons sounded.

“All weapons ready sir”, Commander Burton said.

“They will enter weapons range in 10 seconds”, Ice said.

“On screen, maximum magnification” the captain said. The screen displayed the image of the ship.

“What the hell is it?” Mr. Burton said.

“It looks like something out of one of those old battle mech. games on the holodeck!” the helm officer said.

“Helm, take evasive maneuvers, pattern Epsilon 3!” the captain said. The Midway banked to the side as it prepared to circle around the ship.

“They’re in weapons range! They’re firing!” Mr. Burton said. The ship rocked as a blue pulse from several energy emitters on the enemy ship lighted up its shields.

“Ready aft photons, prepare to fire as soon as their behind us” the captain said as the ship was again rocked by a weapons discharge.

“I don’t understand it, our shields are far more then a match those discharges yet we have a hull breech on deck 6” Burton said. The ship cleared the enemy ship, the view of it on the aft display.

“Fire!” the captain, said. A mass of torpedoes launched from the aft torpedo launchers, screaming towards their target, striking, causing it to rock severely.

“We’ve done heavy damage to their aft emitters. They’re arming what appears to be a plasma cannon. They’re firing!” Mr. Burton said. The plasma discharge veered towards The Midway, striking it. The ship was rocked severely, as the plasma hit the hull. Several were damaged from the roof of the bridge as smoke poured out of a ruptured conduit.

“Hull breach, deck 2-5, heavy damage on those decks, deck 6 has lost life support. Casualty reports coming in, 15 wounded.” Ice said.

“That plasma discharge went through out shields like they weren’t even there. I don’t understand it; there’s no reason that out shields shouldn’t be effective! It’s as if they know our shields frequencies!” Burton said.

“Very well then, lower shields, deploy armor. Hopefully our armor will be more effective,” the captain ordered. Burton pressed several buttons on his console. The ships shields lower, and it’s ablative armor generators activated, covered the ship is a coating of the armor.

“Armor deployed”, he said.

“Come about, prepare to fire phasers and photons, maximum full spread.” the captain said.

“Captain, I have been able to get a scan of the life signs aboard the ship, the ship appears to be mostly automated, it only has a crew of 4!” Ice said.

“Very well then, prepare to fire all forwards weapons.” The captain said. Richard Galain pressed several buttons on the helm console and the ship jolted slightly as it came about, the enemy ship now on the forwards view screen.

“Weapons locked sir.” Burton said.

“FIRE!” the captain, said. A barrage of photon torpedoes flew from each of the forward tubes, the torpedoes raining down on the massive enemy ship, rocking it over and over again with explosions. The ships phasers fired, slicing the hull of the enemy ship opened. Seeing this the captain ordered Mr. Burton to cease-fire. They bridge crew watch as the explosion racked the ship.

“Captain, I’m detecting 5 much smaller vessels launching from the ship, they appear to be either escape pods, or fighters” Mr. Ice said.

“Prepare to tractor them into hangar bay 1” the Captain said. The enemy vessel continued to experience explosions all over it, large pieces of it exploding before the entire ship exploded in a massive fireball, the shockwave rocking The Midway slightly. Captain, those 5 small ships are coming right for us, one of them is emitting some kind of beam.

One of the fighters emitted a red beam, which hit the deflector of The Midway, which had been exposed, without the crew’s knowledge.

“What’s going on?” the captain asked.

“Unknown sir, it’s hitting out deflector with some kind of theta band tachyon pulse! I am uncertain how our deflector was exposed”.

“What is the pulse doing?” the captain asked.

“It appears to be attempting to create a feedback loop. Sir, I believe I have an idea, if we configuring the deflector to emit an inverse tacyhons pulse in the delta band, it should disrupt the ships beam, but it will most likely destroy it.” The Midway was sudden rocked by the effect of the beam.

“We have little choice, Engineering, prepare to fire an inverse tacyhons pulse in the delta band through the defector dish towards that ship.” The Captain said.

“Aye sir! It will take 30 seconds to charge it,” the chief engineer, Ren Teringa said.

“Captain, the 4 other fighters appear to keep keeping their distance, the ship firing the beam appears to be automated”, Sean Burton said, as the ship was again rocked.

“Can you target it with the phasers?” the captain asked.

“No sir, the effect that beam is creating is disrupting the targeting scanners” Burton responded.

“Engineering to bridge, the pulse is ready to fire.” Ren said.

“Fire!” the captain, said. The Midways deflector dish lit up and the pulse streamed from it, hitting the enemy fighter. Causing it to explode. As it exploded, an odd energy discharge appeared in its place.

“What is that?” the captain asked.

“It appears to be a massive distortion in space, and it’s growing at en exponential rate!” Ice said.

“Get us out of here!” the captain said. Richard Galain typed the commands into the helm, but each one resulted in an alarm sounding.

“The helms not responding!” he said.

“Go to manual control!” The Captain said. Richard typed several more commands into the console, but time was running out. The

“distortion is fluctuating! It appears to be forming into a wormhole! It’s pulling us in!” Ice said.

“Manual helm control enabled!” Richard Galain said.

“Full impulse!” the Captain ordered. The ship stared to shake wildly.

“Sir the pull from the wormhole is too strong, we’ll tear ourselves to pieces if we keep pulling against it like this”, Richard Galain said.

“Can we go to warp?” the Captain asked.

“No sir, the nebula is interfering with the warp engines! Were being pulled inside!” Ice said.

“All hands brace for impact!” the captain said.

The Midway was pulled into the wormhole. The wormhole was a deep blue color, with several distortions and energy discharges inside of it. The ship shook wildly.

“Hull stress is exceeding tolerance, at this rate the hull will breech in 90 seconds!” Sean Burton said. The ship shook wildly and several consoles sparked on the bridge, fortunately their operators were bale to jump clear.

“Captain, the wormhole is emitting a unknown form of radiation!” Ice said. The sounds of the pressure on the hull could be heard; it was a loud creaking sound.

“Main power is failing, switching to backup’s” Sean Burton said.

“Increase power to the structural integrity field! We have to hold the hull together!” the captain said. Another discharge struck the ship and then another, causing it to shake very violently, throwing several of the bridge crew from their seats. Sean picked himself up, and looked at this display. "Captain, were nearing the exit of the wormhole, but I’m detecting a massive buildup of energy! This is going to be rough!” Ice said.

“Everyone hold on!” the captain said. The ship flew towards the end of the wormhole and was struck by a massive discharge with caused it to spin wildly as it exited to wormhole, where it came to a dead stop, most of the lights in it, dark.


The beach was warm and beautiful; the sounds of waves and seagull’s cawing could be heard. Benjamin Jones stood at the edge of the beach, watching a cruise ship in the distance as it crossed over the horizon. The sand felt warm on his feet. The occasional waves that reached his feet were comforting. He heard a voice behind him,

“Captain? Are you alright?” as he turned around to see who was calling him, the world seemed to blink out. He suddenly found himself laying face up on the floor of the bridge of The Midway. It was dark and he had the taste of blood in his mouth. His vision was blurry.

“What happened?” he asked. Sean Burton stood over him, scanning him with a medical tricorder.

“Try not to move, you have a concussion and 2 broken ribs. We were hit hard when we exited the wormhole”. Sean injected him with a hypospray, which helped to dull his headache and clear his vision. Sean placed an arm on the captain’s back and helped him up and into his chair. Again scanning him with the tricorder, his expression was grim.

“Let’s hear it commander,” the captain said, cradling his chest.

“You really should rest captain.” Sean said.

“I’d say we have more important issues to worry about right now, report”, the captain said.

“It’s not good, that discharge disabled most of our power systems. Warp drive, impulse and even thrusters are all offline, main power is down, backup power is down, were on emergency power only. The hull breach on deck 6 has widened and is now on decks 5 through 8. Reports indicate at least 125 injuries, no fatalities, as of yet, thankfully all that emergency preparation we’ve done was able to save a lot of lives. We should be able to restart the power systems within the hour, but until then were dead in the water” Sean said. Sean’s console started to sounds an alarm. Quickly running over to it to found out what was going on, his expression grew very bleak.

“What is it?” The captain asked.

“Those 4 fighters, they just exited the wormhole and shut it down. Their heading right for us and are charging weapons” Sean responded.

“Weapons?” The captain asked. Sean’s console beeped with error messages.

“We have no power to shields or weapons. Armor systems are offline,” Sean said.

“Can you hail them?” The captain asked.

“They’re not responding” Sean said.

“Options?” the captain, said. The crew was silent. Again, Sean’s console beeped.

“Captain I’m picking up 4 smaller ships, they appear to be fighters. They’re going after the other ones!”

“Can we get a visual?” The captain asked.

“Ill try”, Sean said. He pressed several buttons and the screen displayed the image of what was happening. While it was fuzzy and had static, they were able to see the 4 incoming fighters attacking the other 4.

“Sir, their fighters are withdrawing. Were being hailed by the lead fighters of the new group,” Sean said.

“On screen” the captain said. The image was difficult to make out.

“Ill try to fix it” Sean said as he pressed several buttons. The image started to clear up and the image of what looked like a humanoid fox appeared on the screen.