Chapter 3

The battle raged, a small group of fighters fired on the midway while a large group went after the Cornerian fleet. The midway fired it’s phasers, striking two of the enemy fighters, destroying one and causing the second at careened out of control, smashing into the midways shields. 3 more fighters heading towards the ship, firing their blasters. The midway rocked to the side as the shots weapons struck it shields.

"Sir most of the fighters are going after the Cornerian fleet, we have 3 cruisers on an intercept course! They’re firing!" Sean said as the ship was again rocked.

"Lt. Powel tell our fighters to ago after the fighters attacking the Cornerian fleet, Mr. Burton read a volley of photons torpedoes, prepare to target all 3 cruisers" The captain said. Both went to action, both saying

"Aye sir" to indicate they had completed their task.

"Fire!" the captains. Torpedoes flew from each of the Midways forward tubes. The first volley struck one of the cruisers causing a massive explosion in its forward section. The ship turned around, pointing it’s left side towards the ship as the second volley stuck the seconds cruiser, destroying nearly half the ship and causing it to spin out of control and explode, the shockwave from the explosion destroying the first cruiser and shaking the midway. The 3rd volley screamed towards the 3rd cruiser, who used it blasters to destroy most of torpedoes, the remaining ones that struck it, rocking it severely.

"2 enemy cruisers destroyed, the 3rd has taken moderate damage! It’s returning fire!" Sean said as the ship was again rocked by weapons fire.

"Shields holding! 2 dozen more fighters are heading towards us!" he reported. "Ready photon launchers and phaser!" The captain said.

"ready!" Sean responded.

"Fire!" he said.

The midways phasers fired, each striking a fighters, 2 were destroyed the 3 third getting off one more shot before another phaser blast vaporized it.

Photon torpedoes streamed from the ships launched, flying towards the other attacking fighters, the explosion from one causing it to careen out of control into another.

"15 fighters destroyed, 4 disabled. The cruiser is coming around for another pass. It’s preparing to fire!" Sean said as the ship was rocked severely, causing a console on the bridge to spark.

"Shields down to 75% percent! Minor damage on deck 8!" he shouted as the ship was again rocked.

The wing of federation fighters flew towards the attacking enemy fighters, flying between cruisers and battle ships as they dodged blaster fire. 5 of them flew towards a group of 5 enemy fighters, the enemy fighters fired, disabling one of the federation fighters, the remaining federation fighters firing on the enemy fighters, destroying all of them. One of the fighters grabbed the disabled fighter with a tractor beam and beamed its occupants out, getting out of range just before it exploded.

"Sir! I’m picking up 4 more cruisers and a battle ship heading for the Midway " the co pilot said.

"Contact the Lead Cornerian cruiser, we’ll go after the battleship" the pilot said as they were rocked by weapons fire, causing a fire to erupt in the back of the small ship. The fire suppression system responded, putting the fire out.

"Sir! The lead Cornerian cruiser has taken heavy damage! We have to get those fighters off of them!" the co-pilot said.

"We have to get those fighters off of them!" the pilot said. The remaining federation fighters made their way towards the fighters attacking the cruiser, opening fire on them.

The midway was again rocked. This time a conduit opened up on the bridge spewing smoke from it.

"Shields down to 25%! Heavy damage on deck 6" Sean reported.

"Helm take us about, head between those cruiser, prepare to fire at will" the captain said as the ship was rocked by weapons fire. The midway flew between the attacking cruisers, and fired it phasers and torpedoes, splitting open the one of one of the vessel, causing it to explode in a massive fireball, the 3 remaining cruisers all concentrated their fire on the midway as she barraged them with torpedoes. 2 of the remaining cruisers were disable, plasma screwing from their engines, however they continues to fire on the midway, the remaining cruiser stayed behind the ship in hot pursuit, firing.

"Shields failing Captain! Hull breech on deck 12, emergency forcefields holding." Sean said.

"very well then deploy armor" The captain said as the ship was rocked severely, a large explosion going off on the bridge, sending debris and everyone flying. Sean picked himself up and cleared the dust away from his display to look at it.

"Shields have failed! Armor generators are offline! Captain I’m picking up transporter signature’s all over the ship! Were being boarded!" he said, as 3 figured materialized on front the bridge.

The first one opened fire towards the captain, who jumped out of the way and fired his blaster, striking the invader in the chest, causing him to fall back and onto his fact. Richard Galain immediately jumped up and jumped the second invader punching him until he was unconscious. The 3rd one fired at Sean, who dogged the shot. Mr. Kazama raised his phaser rifle and fired at the attacker, send him flying back against a bulkhead. 6 more attackers materialized on the bridge 3 at the front, 3 at the back. Mr. Kazama jumped on one of the ones at back roaring as he pounded him. Sean raises his phaser rifle firing at the second one as the 3rd one fought with s security officer. The Captain charged the middle attacker at the front of the ship, grabbing his Naginita, striking the attacker, knocking him on the ground. The attacker quickly went for his pistol, the Captain kicked it out of his hand, picking the man up with one hand and hitting him to knock him out with the other as the 2nd and 3rd fired on 2 security officers, striking the first one in the chest and the second on in the leg. Eric jumped one of the attacker, pounding him while Sean fired his phaser at the other one, before running over to the man who’d been struck in the chest as the ship was again heavily rocked by weapons fire. The security officer lay on the ground, he was in a lot of pain but he was alive. Sean scanned and him.

"The damage isn’t that extensive, just lay still and you’ll be okay" he said. The man nodded his hand. 3 more invaders beamed onto the bridge one running at Sean kicking him onto the floor and hitting him in the face several times. Sean kicked the man in the groin and reached for his combat knife.

"My eyes are already back enough thank you!" he said as he plunged the knife into the attackers leg, causing him to fall over in pain, the captain responded by firing his pistol at the attacker, knocking him out cold. 2 of the other attackers went for Sean, who the captain managed to sun one of them but the other jumped Sean and was about to hit with a knife when Mr. Kazama grabbed him and snapped his neck, before throwing the now lifeless invader to the floor.

Mr. Kazama helped Sean up, who hugged him, thanking him for saving his life. "My pleasure", he responded.

"You okay?" the captain asked.

"yes, thanks to Mr. Kazama" he said, Mr. Kazama smiling and nodding. Sean ran back to his post as the ship was again rocked by weapons fire.

"Sir! I have backup shields on, but I don’t know how long they’ll hold for!" he said as the ship was rocked again. The viewscreen was starting to get fuzzy, as the battle ship came into view.

"Report!" the captain said.

"We have boarding parties on decks 2, 3, 5, 7 and in engineering, but they seem to be contained! We have hull breeches on decks 5,8 and 12, emergency force fields are holding! 12 crewman have been injured, 4 seriously. However no fatalities. Sickbay is responding. 6 of our fighters have been destroyed, however their crews were able to be evacuated in time. 5 of the Cornerian cruisers have taken severe damage and are launching escape pods, of the remaining 12, 3 have taken heavy damage, 5 moderate, and 4 are in decent shape. Fox’s wings is still in decent shape and in engaging several of the fighters. We have managed to destroy 6 of their cruisers and have disabled 1 more. At least 45 of their fighters have been destroyed and 45 disabled. However nearly 90 are still intact. " Sean said.

"prepare to target that battleship!" the captain said as the immense ship neared them.

"Aye sir!" Sean said.

The midway flew towards the battleship.

"We are in weapons range sir! They’re firing!" Sean reported.

"Fire!" The captain ordered. A stream of torpedoes flew from the midways torpedoes turned as the battleship fired its massive weapons. The torpedoes struck the battle ship, causes a series of explosion across it, but it kept coming. The midway rocked heavily, causing more consoles on the bridge to explode, narrowly missing several people as the battleships weapons struck it. A fire reputed in the back of the midways bridge as several pieces of fallen debris and a fall beam from the roof impacted a console. Mr. Kazama dragged two security officers away from the fire.

"Their hurt pretty bad sir, we need to get them to sickbay!" he said.

"The battle ship is still with us sir, and I’m picking at least 30 of those remaining fighters heading our way. Our backup shields are down to 20 %" Sean reported.

"Get us away from that’s hip, take us back towards the Cornerian cruisers full impulse!" The captain ordered.

"Captain! Were being hailed by the lead Cornerian Cruiser!" Lt. Powel said.

"On screen!" the captain said.

The image of a very badly damage bridge with at least 2 fires burning on it appeared on the view screen.

"Captain we must retreat, we can’t much more of this!" the captain of the ship reported as his ship was rocked with weapons fire.

"Hang up Captain were coming back in your direction, if we cant take down that battle ship at least we can stop the fighters!" Captain Jones said.

"very well" The captain of the Cruiser said as he cut the connection.

Mr. Ice sat on the bridge of the battleship beside the admiral. "Admiral, the federation ship’s shields are nearly down again and we’ve impacted their hull in several places. It won’t be long now" an officer said.

"What about our fighters?" The admiral said.

"They’re under heavy fire sir, but they are holding their ground. Fox and damn his squadron are inflicting heavy losses on them though!" the officer said.

"Very well, prepare for a final assault on the federation ship, capture her, don’t destroy her. Order our troops on standby" the admiral said.

Smoke filled the cockpit of Fox’s Arwing. Peppy’s was to the right front of his and Slippy’s to his right. Falco’s was above his, smoke billowed from Falco’s ships’ right wing. The remaining 22 federation fighters had regrouped with them. 3 of them had to be evacuated do to damage. Fox’s Arwing rocked heavily and alarm’s blared. He looked at the display, it said ‘heavy damage’. He could see debris flying in front of him, debris from his right wing. 4 fighters flew towards fox’s fighter group. The same 4 that had caused all of this to happen. A call came in from the lead federation fighter

"Mr. McCloud, these 4 ships are what caused this in the first place!" the voice said.

"Their called the Star Wolf team. Very dangerous, they’ve been responsible for any number of atrocities, concentrate fire on them!" Fox ordered.

"aye sir!" the voice acknowledged.

Fox’s wings flew towards the 4 fighters, the 4 fighters firing on the group. One of the federation fighters took several heavy hits, plasma spewing from its port engine. Fox fired his blasters and it fired its phasers. The ship rocked from the blasts as its wingmen fired on fox’s wingmen. The federation fighter took several other hits, spinning out of control.

"Get them out of there!" fox ordered. A few seconds later another federation fighter informed them that they had the crew aboard, they were injured, but alive. The now unoccupied ship careened out of control, smashing into the star wolf fighter, causing both to split apart before they both erupted into a massive fireball.

"One down, 3 to go, concentrate fire on.." fox was cut off as his Arwings took a heavy hit, warning lights and alarms blazing. The three remaining Arwings flew in front of him firing on 2 of the 3 remaining star wolf teams while the 3 Remaining federation fighters in the wings attacked the other one. Peppy’s Arwing locked its Smart bomb into the center of the two attacking star wolf teams. His hands on the trigger, he said on simple phrase.

"Not on my watch!" as he fired the bomb. It detonated between the 2 fighters causing both of them to spin out of control, Falco and Slippy’s Arwings opened fire on them striking them again and again. Explosion erupted all across the ship until they both exploded in a massive fireball. The remaining star wolf fighter had taken heavy hits and was spewing plasma from both of its wings and it retreated towards the battleship.

Fox received a call from the Midway, asking for his status.

"We taking heavy hits here, we are engaging the remaining enemy fighters along with our remaining cruises" he responded.

"We will be in weapons range in 30 seconds, but we have that battle ship on our tail. Hang on" the captain responded. Fox acknowledged the message and send a message to the other fighters to attack the remaining enemy fighters.

On the bridge of the Midway, security crews cleared out the bodies of the injured and dead invaders. The 4 injured security officers were taken to sickbay, and 4 new officers took their place.

"Captain Jones to engineering, report", the captain said.

"We has a coolant leak down here, but we have it under control. Warp drive is offline, I recommend we divert power from it to the shields." Ren Teringa reported. "Make it so!" the Captain said.

On the view screen, the image of the fighters and remaining Cornerian cruisers battling each other raged.

"Captain! Were in weapons range" Sean said.

"Fire at will!" The captain ordered.

The Midway fired her phasers and Torpedoes at the fighters. The torpedoes flew from the ships tubes, impacting with the enemy fighters.

Enemy fighters were dropping like flies, but their sheer number was a serious problem. The Midway rocked again and again as groups of fighters fired on her. Her phasers were able to destroy several of them, but there were so many targets that it was impossible to stop them all. Consoles sparked as hit after hit impacted the ships shields.

"Shields are failing, and that battleship will be in transporter range in 30 seconds!" Sean said.

The ship rocked severely, and another explosion on the bridge sent everyone flying. Another fire, this time near the front of the bridge started with several beams falling, 2 nearly hitting the Captain. Wired fell from the ceiling, spewing smoke, the lights on the bridge started to fade. "Report!" the captain asked as he picked himself up, first kneeling down to feel for a pulse on Commander Draven’s neck, relived to see that he was only knocked out and not dead. He survived the damage on the bridge. The bridge was in ruins.

"All weapons are offline, engines are down! The remaining enemy fighters have broken off their attack and are heading for the battleship!" Sean responded. The image on the view screen flickered on and off, and was filled with static but the image of the battle ship approached was not hard to make out.

"Orders sir?" Sean asked.

"It’s over" The captain said. The bridge crew looked at him in shock.

"All hands, abandon ship." He said solemnly. The evacuation alarm sounded and the crew began making their way into the turbolifts. The Captain motioned for Sean and Richard to walk over to him. "Ill carry Mr. Draven, but first there is something we must do" he said to the two men looking at him.

On board the battle ship Mr. Ice smiled at his apparent victory. "Those are escape pods and fighters launching, they’re abandoning ship" he said, smiling. "Shall we target the escape pods or fighters?" an officer asked. The admiral looked at Ice who shook his head. "No, let me them go. Let them speak of what happened here. Prepare to board the ship and take control of her."

Mr. Ice, The admiral and 3 officers materialized on the bridge. "What a bloody mess" the admiral said, as he looked at the extreme damage the bridge had suffered. As they looked over the bridge, one of the officers noticed something strange displayed on one of the consoles. The admiral called Mr. Ice over. Displayed was a picture of the Midway, with a countdown on it, and the words auto destruct clearly displayed. The count down was counting down and only had 5 seconds to go. Looking up at the ceiling, Mr. Ice folded his arms and said "Well played Captain Jones" as the countdown reached 0.

Captain Jones watched from his fighter as a massive set of explosion ripped across the Midway, followed by a tremendous explosion which engulfed the ship, causing it to explode, the shockwave being so instance that they felt it despite their distance from it, the battleship, already damage, couldn’t hold up to the explosion and was destroyed along with most of the enemy fighters, the few that survived fleeing.


"Captain’s Log stardate 56649.3 with the midway destroyed along with the vast majority of the invading force and with Mr. Ice apparently dead we are faced with difficult decisions."

The fighters and escape pods carrying the crew of the Midway land on Corneria. Captain Jones, Commander Draven, Sean Burton, Mr. Kazama, Sean Burton and Richard Galain walk out of one of the fighters. Caleb, who is looking for Sean among the sea of people, sees him and runs up to Sean and hugs him.

"While we didn’t lose anyone in this battle, our ship was still lost. It seems that any connection to the Federation and any chance of getting home have been lost with it."

Several injured crewman are loaded onto stretcher as they are taken into medical vehicles

"The leaders of this planet have said that they will accept us, and there is a home here for anyone who wants to stay. I have left it up to each individual crewmember to decide what he or she wants to do. I have decided to remain here. Given that has happened to not only our ship but our bodies as well, it seems that we belong here more then anyone know. In the days since the battle I have become good friends with Fox and he has asked me to join the Star Fox Team, and offer I happily accepted."

Captain Jones is standing in a hangar with fox and co. his shakes each of their hands and salutes them as he gets into a Arwing.

"It seems that several crewmen have met females that live in the Capital city. Fox introduced Mr. Saotome to a friend of his, named ‘Katt Monroe`, like him she is a cat and a very attractive one. The two of them of taken to each other very well"

Greg Saotome and Katt hold hands, walking towards the beach before stopping and hugging and kissing.

"Mr. Burton met a female himself, a female otter who has a young daughter about Caleb’s new age. They seem happy together. He has told me that he will always be researching a way home, but so far seems happy here. He does want the people back home to know what happened to us, and has said he will never give up until he finds a way to get a signal back to Earth"

Sean talks to the female otter and she scritches him between the ears, as Caleb and her daughter play in the background.

"Dr. Demarchess has found an excellent way to put her medical skills to use. She has chosen to work at a medical facility in the tropical regions of the southern continent."

Alleria Demarchess is seen in an operating room working on a patient.

"Richard Galain, has decided to work with me on the Star Fox crew. His piloting skills will come in useful. His skills in repairing ships and buildings ships will also be extremely useful."

Richard Galain is seen working an Arwing, repairing battle damage and replacing parts.

"Mr. Kazama, quickly found a companion who seems very taken to him. He had since landed a job as a body guard for the Cornerian Government, where I hear he’s making quite an impression"

Mr. Kazama, dressed in a suit escorts several members of the Cornerian government into their vehicle, surveying the area before he gets in himself.

"Mr. Draven was able to secure a job with the Cornerian Defense force in hopes of some day finding a way to re-open the wormhole. His experience has proven very valuable and he has been able to tech them a lot of new evasive Maneuvers"

Eric is seen commanding a Cornerian cruiser, showing the helmsman some advanced new maneuvers.

"Mr. Wrath has chosen to work with me with Fox’s wing. He was very impressed with the way the Star Fox Team preformed in the battle and they were happy to accept another wingman."

Josh Wrath is seen shaking fox’s hand then getting into an Arwing and doing a training exercise with them.

"Mr. Teringa has taken a job at the Cornerian shipyards, his engineering skills have proven invaluable to them. He already has 3 new ship designs that have been approved"

Ren Teringa is seen holding up a ship design with several admirals looking on, looking very impressed.

"While what happened to us was certainly not expected, I think that we will be just fine. Perhaps some day we will find a way home, but until then I have a interesting new career to look forward to."

Captain Jones finished his log, saving it onto the computer. Behind him, Josh Wrath walked up to him. "Time to go, we are going on patrol in an hour" he said. Captain Jones smiled, and got up, walking with Josh.