Series: A Cornucopia of Coons:

The Shampoo

When a man uses raccoon shampoo in place of his shampoo, the results are more then he bargained for.

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Procyon Coffee

When a woman buys a special new brand of coffee from an odd vendor, she discovers just what he means by "it will keep you warm for a long time to come."

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A Tasty Treat

A man visiting the US goes to a mall and tries out a new brand of fruit juice.

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A Brush With Destiny

A teen decides to paint his body the color of a raccoon, only to discover there is more then just paint in the paint.

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Muzzle It

A young man is looking for a costume for a costume party, and he finds one that a bit more realistic then he was looking for.

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A furry Picnic

A young man takes his girl friend out on a date and their relationship takes an interesting turn.

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The Furry Family

The group steps it up a bit, this time it's an entire families turn to be changed.

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The Beginning

The creator of the serum joins the group.

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The Discovery of a Lifetime

The conclusion of the saga.

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