Raccoon Story Index:

Humanoid Raccoons

The Package
TF Type: Male to Coon Cub morph
Word Count: 1,154
When a young man gets more then he bargained for when he orders a pair of stuffed raccoons.

Something to Care About
TF Type: Male to cartoon raccoon
Word Count: 2,205

A teen who makes fun of his younger brothers TV watching gets an unusual new view on it.

TF Type:  Young adult male to racoon kid
The original version Word Count: 4,620
The edited version Word Count: 8,544

An experiment goes awry, with interesting consequences.

Mellowing out with Mushrooms
TF Type: Family to Trisker raccoons with Age Regression
Word Count: 2,572
A Husband, Wife and their son end up with magical mushrooms on a pizza order. The parents learn that perhaps, one need not always be serious.

Wake up to my new life
Rated PG-13 for some suggestive dialog and names of private parts
TF Type: Male to female raccoon morph
Word Count: 16,591
The first chapter of a story of a world where a virus has turned a third of the worlds population into female anthropomorphic animals, a young man that was spared its effects wakes up one day five years later to discover that it has now effected him as well.

A Clean Getaway (Formally "The Coon Shower")
TF Type: Male to coon kid
The original version Word Count: 794
The re-write Word Count: 8,109
When a young man wishes his worries away, it comes true in an interesting way.

The Party
TF Type: Young adult male to coon kid
Word Count: 3,783

A 20 year old male makes a wish for his birthday and it comes true.

The Spirits

TF Type:  Young male and female into raccoon morphs
Word Count: 2,026
2 raccoon spirits have some fun with a young man and woman.