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The Sale - Expanded Edition
TF Type: Teen to raccoon
Word Count: 21,872
After purchasing a raccoon statue from a garage sale, a teen discovers a whole new way of living. But, will he be able to let go of the freedom it offers him when the time comes?
This is an expanded version of the original]

A small measure for a small problem
TF Type: Man to raccoon
Word Count: 7,464
A man goes on a mission for his sister that involes a little more then just sneaking arround.

A Good Deal
TF Type: Adult female to raccoon
Word Count:  8,144
A Good Deal: A woman is turned nito a raccoon after trying on a necklace she discovered in an armoire she purchased. Her friends must race to find a cure before her humanity is completly lost.

Five year sentence
TF Type: Adult female to raccoon
Word Count: 2,654
Sentenced to five years for robbing a CEO's house, a woman is exposed to a very odd kind of "alternate sentencing."

No way José
TF Type: Adult male to female raccoon
Word Count: 4,344
A man finds a dead raccoon on the side of the road and decides to turn it into a hat, with unexpected results.

The Booster Shot
TF Type: Young male to Coon Cub
Word Count: 1,186
An accidental swapping of serums during a routine checkup has some surprising consequences for a young boy.

TF Type: Young male to Coon Cub
Word Count: 934
A family trip to the beach takes an unusual turn when a boy pricks himself on something in the sand.

The Coon Curse
TF Type: Young male to human sized raccoon
Word Count: 1,206
A young man discovers his family secret.

A Furry Trip
TF Type: Young male and female into raccoons
Word Count: 1,544

Two lovers go on the camping trip of their lives.

The Test
TF Type: Boy into raccoon
Word Count: 1,425
A student takes a test with a surprise question.

The Sale
TF Type: Male to raccoon
Word Count: 2,477

A young man buys a statue at a garage sale for a great deal, and he gets more then he bargained for. This was also my first story.

The Furry Formula
By Rascal Raccoon
TF Type: Male child to raccoon kit
Word Count: 1,856

When a kid tries our formula meant for raccoon kits, the results are far more then they expected.

The Park Ranger

TF Type: Adult male to raccoon
Word Count: 4,536
A park ranger is exposed to a secret compound with interesting results.

The Find
TF Type: Man to raccoon
Word Count: 12,422
Burnt out and wondering about the choices he's made in a life, a young man discovers a potential way to make some changes. Unbeknownst to him, changes are forthcoming.

A Lesson Learned
TF Type: Man to raccoon
Word Count: 8,482
Raccoons raiding his trash disturb a man unable to sleep. When he goes outside to confront them, he gets into far more trouble then he ever thought possible.

Past Tense
Rated pg-13 for some violent content
TF Type: Male kid to raccoon
Word Count: 17,854
Returning from a mission, two time travelers find their world drastically altered. They are taken into custody and must find out what has happened and restore history as they know it before it’s too late.

Strange new form
TF Type:
Word Count: 5,882
A test of a new engine promices to start a new era for humanity but when something goes wrong, strange new worlds arn't the only thing about to be explored.
Editied by: Trunks

Identity Crisis
TF Type: Male Kid to raccoon
Word Count: 5,486
A kid is slowly turning into a raccoon, his changes progressing each day, but is he losing his human form or re-gaining his raccoon form?

The Slippers
TF Type: Adult male to raccoon
Word Count: 4,174
A man buys a pair of 'limited edition' slippers from a mysterious vendor.

Caught In The Act
TF Type: Male to Coon
Word Count: 1,061
A young man steals from an old man. Thinking he's gotten away, the man teaches him otherwise

The Skin
TF Type: Young male to Coon Plushie
Word Count: 1,158
A destructive boy destroys a plushie. The punishment he receives is fitting.

The Facility
TF Type: Young male to raccoon morph and male raccoon into raccoon morph
Word Count: 1,356
A kid exploring an abandoned clinic finds something interesting.

The Move
TF Type: Male to raccoon
Word Count: 1,160
Depressed over summer coming to and end, a college student discovers something interesting.

The Warehouse
TF Type: Males to raccoons
The original version: Word Count: 2,431
The edited version: Word Count: 5,251
Two brothers go exploring an old abandoned warehouse and learn it's secret.

The Woods
TF Type: Cub scout pack to raccoons
Word Count: 2,778
A cub scount has an encounter with 2 raccoons in the woods with unexpected results.

The House
TF Type: 4,071 Teen males into raccoons
Word Count: Two friends visit a haunted house, and the ghosts entertain them, in more ways then one.

The Serum
TF Type:  Several humans into raccoons
Word Count: 3,259
An old Military plane carrying secret cargo runs into trouble with interesting results.